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Are you looking for quality Video Services in , New Jersey? Look no further than Home Video Studio for all your video service needs. We transfer old film, 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, Super 8 sound and 16mm sound. Home Video Studio uses state-of-the-art digital frame by frame transfer. Our home movie transfers are of the highest digital quality you can get. Now you can also get your home movie transfers on Gold archive DVD's.

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Thank you for choosing Home Video Studio for all your video production needs. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate your comments.
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Video Services Testimonials from our valued customers:

04/26/2013 Video Services
- Jesse Fornash from Long Beach, NJ
Just wanted to give you guys another shout out for the restoration you did on my VHS tapes that I thought Hurricane Sandy took away from me forever, but that you bought back to life, and put on DVD, assuring I'll be able to enjoy them for years to come! You once again in all honesty did the next best thing to saving my life, with all the hard work I put into making those tapes into what they were, and I'll never forget how sad I initially was when I thought they were lost forever, but also how happy I was when I found your company, and had hope after all! Even then I wasn't sure things would work out as great as they did, but you both met, and easily exceeded my expectations, and can never thank you enough for this as long as I live! I can't wait to bring you the home movies we had on video camera for you to repair, and convert before long too, and how excited I am about being able to watch them again for the first time in years, which ironically never would have been doable if not for Sandy, since I never would have found your company if not for that! Next time we may get a bad storm, I'll know to move all of that stuff upstairs high and dry, and don't you let me forget that either, no matter what! How I would have gotten through the tragedy of losing those tapes forever, I'll never know, but thankfully I won't have to worry about living with that possibility, thanks to you guys, and all the hard work you put into giving me back something that meant the world to me, and always will as long as I live! You truly are the greatest all the way!

12/22/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Doug Thaler from Marlboro, NJ
You restored some super 8 films for me in a rush a few weeks ago after my father suddenly passed away. I cannot thank you enough for rushing this during your busy holiday season for me. My mother had not seen those videos in over 45years. The memories are invaluable and in her own words reminded her why she fell in love with my father. In his passing many of our relatives were around that are in those videos of their wedding and around the house. Didn't know they had color video back then and they are certainly amazing to see my parents in their 20s. Thanks for bringing happiness to this somber occasion.

10/15/2010 Video Editing
- Eddie, Kelly and Julia Krieger from Belleville, NJ
We can't thank you enough for the fantastic work you did on our video. We've received so many compliments from everyone that saw our video. Thank you for helping us preserve on of the most memorable days of our lives.

10/12/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Jill DePeri from Lodi, NJ
Thank you for the work you did for my dad. I gave it to him on Saturday and he had a huge smile on his face. It's amazing how something so simple as converting old film to DVD can be such a treasure. Especially when it has been sitting in the basement collecting dust for so many years. Thanks Again!

10/08/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- John Cito from Hackensack, NJ
I am writing to express my sincere THANKS for the great job you did with converting my old home movies to DVD. In addition, I appreciate the time you took to educate and explain to me my different options as well as completing the job within the time frame we discussed. And yes, your video made my Mama cry! Thanks again for the great work.

10/05/2010 Photo Videos
- John De Silva from Little Falls, NJ
I want to thank you for the great job you did putting my old (and I mean old!) pictures on DVD. As you know, some of these pictures were over 55 years old. The quality was great, the music that you selected was wonderful and last but not least the price was terrific. I have sent 2 people to you already and they were both completely satisfied with everything you did. Keep up the great work!

10/03/2010 Video Editing
- Nadine and Avi Katz from Teaneck, NJ
What a great experience and end product! With Pete's help, we were able to craft a DVD invitation that was the most unique our family and friends had ever received. We were compared to Steven Spielberg and labeled creative and ingenious cinematographers. We highly recommend using Pete's services for all your video needs. He is the Best!

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