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Date: 08/27/2007

Title: "Sports Scholarship Videos Are Key To Getting College Money"

Press Release body:
Sports Scholarship Videos Are Key To Getting College Money Cleveland, OH  Getting a sports scholarship from a college or university is as competitive as the sport in which an athlete competes. With so many high school athletes vying for scholarships, it is critical that each athlete does everything he or she can do to market themselves and maximize their visibility and talents to college coaches. Tony Miklos owner of Home Video Studio  Brecksville specializes in creating sports scholarship videos to make each athlete look as desirable as possible to college recruiters. Miklos recognizes that there are thousands of college scholarship dollars available to quality athletes in several different sports. Title IX has also created more scholarship opportunities for female athletes, as well.  Getting collegiate coaches to notice you is critical, says Miklos. And there is no better method of getting noticed, than to send a sports highlight video to as many colleges and universities as you can. Sports Scholarship Videos Are Key To Getting College Money - 2 College scouts from the schools with the bigger sports budgets generally recruit the best athletes in the top sports. But there are many mid-size universities and colleges that do not necessarily have the scouts or recruiting budgets. Even if an athlete intends to walk on at a university or college, most schools require a highlights video. Home Video Studio  Brecksville custom creates sports scholarship videos for each athlete, including video footage, sports statistics, contact information, scholastic achievements, and a custom label imprinted directly on the DVD. The client can supply the footage for the video or Home Video Studio will film the athlete in action. We use the same video editing software that Hollywood studios use to create feature movies. On request, we will even encode and upload highlight videos to online video services such as You Tube, adds Miklos. A sports scholarship video will not necessarily get a young athlete a scholarship, but in todays competitive environment, it is a necessary tool to start the recruiting process. Home Video Studio recently produced a sports scholarship video for a local high school female tennis player and she received four college scholarship offers in the first month. Home Video Studio (HVS) is the United States leading video production services franchise with studios located across America, in Canada and one in Sweden. HVS provides at least 27 different types of professional video services. In addition to sports scholarship videos, HVS also does video to DVD transfers, photo/video montage keepsakes, home movie transfers, video editing and video production. Home Video Studio  Brecksville can be contacted at (440) 838-4336 or via e-mail at . You can also visit their website at

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