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Are you looking for quality Video Services in Newark, Ohio? Look no further than Home Video Studio for all your video service needs. We transfer old film, 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, Super 8 sound and 16mm sound. Home Video Studio uses state-of-the-art digital frame by frame transfer. Our home movie transfers are of the highest digital quality you can get. Now you can also get your home movie transfers on Gold archive DVD's.

Newark, Ohio - Video Services Testimonials

Thank you for choosing Home Video Studio for all your video production needs. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate your comments.
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Video Services Testimonials from our valued customers:

08/14/2017 Audio Tape Transfer
- Tricia Queen from Newark
Thank you John for providing such great and quick service transferring old cassette tapes to CDs. Your quick turnaround to an urgent request was greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

08/12/2017 Duplications
- Charlene M Noblick from Newark
I was so happy to walk in, have my questions answered and have my DVD copies in minutes. Professional, courteous service. I will be so happy to recommend your wonderful service.

07/20/2017 Video to DVD
- Tammy Johnson from Newark
Thanks for the great work and friendly service. The DVD quality was awesome!

07/15/2017 Duplications
- John Downey from Granville
I had a small but rush project for photos to be scanned and emailed to me for a Powerpoint presentation in New York City. John and Tammy came through for me BIG TIME! Within an hour the files were on my desktop. Thank you!

07/14/2017 Duplications
- Marlene Cook - Vermillion from Newark
I was very pleased with the service and quality of the work. Thanks much . It is nice to have friendly people to take care of our service that meant so much to us.

07/11/2017 Video to DVD
- Kim Kocher from Newark
We dropped her video off in just a few days later had the DVD back the quality was excellent and it brought back many memories for us. I would highly recommend this service to anyone

07/06/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- jon mccoy from zanesville
John and Tsmmy did a great job transferring my grandfathers old home movies to them made for my mom for mothers day and she loved them.great job you 2

07/01/2017 35mm slide transfer
- Jan Blanchette from Columbus
The variety of services that we presented to Home Video Studio included: Video to DVD Transfers, 35 mm slide transfer (over 300), Audio transfer to CDs, film transfer 8 mm to DVD, thumb drives, to name some of the work. Outstanding service, outstanding communication, very patient with our requests which involved a lot of a "little of this put with a little of that". EXCELLENT and I highly recommend Home VIdeo Studio. We presented them with challenges and we are so pleased with the service and cost. THANK YOU !!!

06/02/2017 Duplications
- Bonnie Miller from HEATH
I was very pleased with the service I received from John and Tammy. They were able to make me copies of my Mother-in-law's memorial slide show . Not only did I get enough for my three step-children,I got an extra one that I can share with another family member at no extra cost! The quality of the dvds as well as the cases is very nice and I received them in a timely manner. Thanks again and I will use them again in the future when needed as well as recommend them to my family and friends.

05/30/2017 Video to DVD
- Kara from Granville
Super fast turn around time for converting our VHS to DVD. Very professional finished product. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio. Thank you!

05/10/2017 Video to DVD
- Beth Wait from Granville
I am so thankful to have found Home Video Studio! We are just now digitizing our old films, and found that Home Video Studio could transfer any size or type of video we had. I appreciated the time they took to check the tapes before doing the video transfer, as I could have been charged full price for a tape that had just 4 minutes on it!!! I love the DVDs all together in the storage box they provided. Even in the middle of their move to their new store, they completed my large order in a very timely manner. I did not have to send anything through the mail as they are conveniently located in Newark. Thanks for helping with both video and some of my pictures!! John and Tammy were very knowledgeable, and could answer my questions about digitizing. I found the pricing competitive and reasonable. I am glad they will be opening with a store front soon!!

04/18/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- O. Chapman from Newark
Just wanted to let everyone know that I would highly recommend Home Video for all your transfer needs. The customer service was commendable. We all postpone what we really need to do by holding on to our memories whether they be Pictures, 8 millimeter films, VHS, Voice Tapes or DVD’s, whatever your transfer needs are because we are so worried that something may happen to our precious memories. But the trust is in John and Tammy that they will do the highest expertise work possible to bring them to life again, but the longer you put it off could be detrimental, because tapes get old and the sooner they are taken care of the better the quality. Home Video is very trustworthy and their work is impeccable. All the love and joy is breathtaking when you see your memories return. Don’t put it off, let John and Tammy bring life back into your childhood or your wedding and any special occasion you may need to transfer. I have told everyone how wonderful and professional they are and their prices are reasonable. I hope that that when you read this you will call them for all your transfers. Thank you so much John and Tammy, I have lots more to bring your way.

03/23/2017 Video to DVD
- Don Keating from Newcomerstown, OH
I had two VHS tapes, one in particular that I wanted to attempt to get transferred to DVD as it was almost all snowy and would not track. I was really concerned I'd never see the video again. And then a friend told me about your company. After leaving my valued tapes in John's hands, I picked up the VHS taped and DVD's two weeks later. When I arrived home I couldn't wait, I just had to see how they came out. All I can say is John's business is da bomb!!! If you have tapes you think are long gone, never fear, John is here!!! Call him!!! You will not regret it. On a scale of 1-10, a perfect 10! Thank you so much!

02/25/2017 35mm slide transfer
- Pam Jones from Newark
Thank you for providing this service. I had old 8 millimeter videos and 35mm slides from the early 60's and transferring these to DVd's was extremely valuable to our family. Quality work.

01/27/2017 35mm slide transfer
- Judy from Warsaw
We've had slides of our 1992 trip to the Holy Land and Egypt sitting in the closet for years with no way of viewing them. After seeing John and Tammy's ad on Facebook, I gave them a call and ended up taking our slides, as well as video and audio tapes to them for transfer. Not only did they do an excellent job and in a very timely manner, but their fees are very affordable. It was wonderful to finally be able to view the pictures of our Holy Land trip, which brought back many good memories. I highly recommend John and Tammy Montgomery's Home Video Studio in Newark, OH!

01/18/2017 Video to DVD
- Linda E. from Reynoldsburg
I was extremely pleased with the transfer of VHS to DVD of my father and the family birthday party. It is the only video of him and us as children and I wanted his grandsons/great grandchildren to see him young, happy and healthy since he died when I was a teenager. They were able to save the music that was corny, but had special meaning to my family. The turnaround time was quick and the price was extremely reasonable. It is now saved in a more stable format that we can all enjoy. I would recommend them to anyone. I am trying to convince my Mom to use your services to transfer her slide collection to DVD. She has her wedding to my father and many other family events stored on those slides. Maybe the savings coupon will help convince her to have it done professionally even though I found your rates to be very reasonable and the results were outstanding. Thanks for helping us preserve a treasured memory.

01/03/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Susan from Thornville
I recently took some old home movies from the 50's to you to have put on DVD. I had been wanting to do this for along time and when I saw your post on FaceBook I decided it was finally time! I am very pleased with the results ! Ah, the memories ! Seeing my Mom, Dad, my brother and myself as we were low those many Christmases ago was very special to me! I will be back to have more movies done. Thank you for making this a Christmas full of new and old memories.

12/26/2016 Video to DVD
- s tower from Thornville
WE are so pleased with the work they do. Excellent service and prices. Thank You

12/19/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Daling from Columbus
I really appreciated how friendly the staff is! While I was waiting for the VHS transfer to become a DVD, they made me feel welcome and provided a homely atmosphere, even offering something to drink. Not to mention, it only took about 15 minutes for the transfer to be complete so I didn't have to wait long. Another thing that I appreciated is the quality in the work itself. I came in with a 20+ year old VHS tape that was partly ate up by a VCR. I thought there was no hope of return! But they were able to save the majority of the tape and transfer it successfully. I recommend for everyone who has old cherished home videos to come here so that your memories can stay with you forever!

12/15/2016 Video to DVD
- Ashley from Newark
We've had tapes lay around for years. Some tape damage, and the fear of a vhs player damaging these even more. We will be able to finally watch these again. I look forward to this surprise on Christmas. We will share many laughs, and tears. Great customer service, very welcoming and personable. I will definitely be a repeat customer, and spread the word. Thanks again!

12/09/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Jennifer P from Pataskala
So happy with the results of our home movies to DVD. They look as they were taken yesterday! Highly recommend. Thank you for the service you provide.

11/16/2016 Video to DVD
- Margie Budd from Johnstown
I found several VHS precious one was for the birthday of my husband's grandmother who was 103 years old. The year was 1996. That same year she died. How can anyone not decide to have tapes transferred. The work these wonderful people do is wonderful. Thanks for a great job!

10/26/2016 Video to DVD
- Annette Brown from Zanesville
I have had smaller vhs tapes laying around for 20 yrs an after seeing on facebook about Home video studio I realized it was time to take the leap. Now im so happy after watching, laughing an few tears I can share with other family members. I highly recommend anyone thinking about doing anything like this to go to Home Video Studio an you will be so happy an smiling as you watch the memories on screen before you!!

10/25/2016 Video to DVD
- Kelly from Newark
What a feeling it is to know that your memories are safe! I have been putting this off for years. We tried to do it ourselves, but it was a never ending process that we just didn't have time for. Then I found out about Home Video Studio and I decided it was time to let the professionals take care of it for me! I was never so happy to get back the memories and be able to just watch them. I didn't have to search for a cable or a specific type of converter, I could just watch them! We spend money on eating out and spending time with family, why not spend money on preserving the memories that we make with our loved ones! Happy customer here and going back with more this week!

09/22/2016 Video to DVD
- Steph from Newark
A friend suggested Home Video Studio to me and I'm so glad that she did. I have stacks of VCR tapes from when my kids were little and so badly wanted to watch them but no longer have a VCR. I started with my wedding and our family's first Christmas and it was so fun to watch these again. I have a bunch of teenagers now and we really enjoyed sitting together watching when they were babies. I can't wait to get more of my old tapes transferred so we can watch them too! Great job Home Video Studio thank you so much!!

08/24/2016 Video to DVD
- Rochelle S. from Granville
I feel fortunate that John Montgomery was recommended to me. I had several old movie tapes that I wanted transferred to DVD discs. I would describe my experience as excellent and would not hesitate to use Home Video Studio again. John is very professional, and their prices are extremely fair. I highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone looking for this service.

08/23/2016 Video to DVD
- Sharon H. from Mount Vernon, OH
Through the years I tried to film the kids growing, from toddler times to more recent. Some of the 8 mm and Super 8 film had been put on videotape, I was so pleased to fine Home Video Studio to have them transfer them to DVD. They did a fine job and I am thrilled with the result.

08/02/2016 Photo Videos
- Helen Sage from Newark
I wanted to say a few words about my latest happy experience with Home Video Studio. I had pondered what to give my daughter for her soon-to-be 33rd birthday and came up with the idea of having a DVD made of pictures of her. My (now deceased)husband was a photographer, and we've accumulated a TON of pictures over the years...I literally have boxes upon boxes. Once again, I called John and we discussed my options. When I went in for the pre-final preview I was brought to tears for the next 15 minutes. They did a wonderful job and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to show it to my daughter, on August 7th. Helen Sage

07/08/2016 Video to DVD
- Janet Greene from Newark
Great work! It is such fun to be able to watch the vhs tape of our parents 50th anniversary from 1988 in a new dvd format. We ordered multiple copies to give as gifts to our children, who are now grown but who remember this event. I'm so pleased that we have a local business to provide this service.

07/05/2016 Home Movie Transfer
I couldn't be happier with the DVD you made from my husbands 8 mm films! They made his birthday! He had been wanting that done for about 20 years or more. Thank you as well for expediting the order to have it done in time. In addition, the 5x7 prints you made from the small square black & white photos are beautiful. The picture with his grandmother is the only one in existence. Thank you again!

07/01/2016 35mm slide transfer
- Jenifer Caltrider from Gahanna
I'm so thankful that I found you in time to have my old slides transferred to my flash drive. I was able to present my son a photo album of some of his baby pictures for his 50th birthday. The entire family also enjoyed looking at the photos, I have passed the word to many of my friends and family of your wonderful customer service, too. Hopefully, they'll contact you soon. Thanks, again, for going above and beyond to assist me.

04/18/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Rhonda Vitullo from Pickerington
We would like to thank you for taking very special moments and capturing them on video for us. We couldn't be more happy with the finish product and enjoyed watching them! We would recommend your service to anyone who is considering having this done.

04/08/2016 Video Services
- Kevin Steinbach, Archivist The Dawes Arboretum from Newark
The archives at The Dawes Arboretum had dozens of old 16mm film of home movies and other events digitized, and it all came out beautifully -- we are amazed at the clarity and color of the old film that is nearing 100 years old! John and Tammy are fantastic people and are talented at their craft. Additionally, as a non-profit, they worked with us and our budget to have so many films digitized. Thank you, Home Video Studio!

04/06/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Suzy Henry from Granville
I was so impressed with the service I received! Friendly, helpful, and very timely. I will use Home Video Studio again, as well as recommending it to my friends.

03/23/2016 Video to DVD
- Karen from Marysville
Thank you so much with converting the vhs tape to dvd. It was really quality work that you did. My dvds look so great. I am glad that we discovered you. Thanks again Karin.

03/06/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Nancy Crist from Alexandria
I had a lot of old 8mm tapes that I didn't know what to do with, but then I happened to see John and Tammy's ad on Facebook and the rest is history. My memories are now saved on DVD's to enjoy with my family. PRICELESS!!!

03/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- vince paumier from GRANVILLE
John did a very good job explaining what options are available and how the process works. When I started to watch some of our old movies including our wedding, it brought back a lot of happy memories. I recommend John and Tammy to anyone who is transferring old movies to newer technology.

02/02/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Loretta Little from New Albany
It was great to get some home movies transferred to DVDs. John did a great job and even surprised us with a nice collector case! As always, the service was prompt and enjoyable.

02/01/2016 Video to DVD
- Helen Sage from Newark
I am so happy that I discovered John and Tammy Montgomery's Home Video Studio. Near the end of 2015, I FINALLY upgraded to a new flat screen TV. However, my dilemma then was that I had no way of viewing my "VHS" tapes with all of the family memories anymore (which I could view on the VCR built right in the older TV --people in their 60's/70's can relate). Anyway, I made some inquiries and was given their name and number. I have had everything transferred to DVD's and have made several copies for family and friends. I am very pleased with their work and will be glad to recommend them to anyone - they have a state-of-the-art company set up right in their beautiful family home - give them a call! You'll be glad you did.

12/16/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Jay from Gambier
I am pleased with the quality of your transfer of 16 mm and 8 mm home movies to DVD. Some of these films were over 70 years old. It is good to know that these family images will be better preserved and more readily accessed in the new format.

12/03/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Sherry boyd from Somerset
John and Tammy were delightful to work with when transferring my 8mm films to DVDs. My tapes were 40 plus old. I was very happy with the quality of the tapes,price,and total service. My family has enjoyed rellvlng happy times. I highly recommend their service. Your memories will be preserved and safe with them. Thanks again John and Tammy. Sherry boyd

10/29/2015 Video to DVD
- Beth Buehler from Powell
Preserving our precious home videos has been on our "to do" list for years, but we were never quite sure how to tackle such a big project and do it the right way! Thank you John and Tammy for your excellent service and product! The DVDs are of great quality and they are so organized and easy for us to enjoy.

10/28/2015 Videotape to Cloud
- Anne Klauder from Granville
Transferring my children's old VHS and miniVHS memories to something more permanent has been on my "to do" list for about 10 years. I actually started the process with my old honeymoon slides at a place in Columbus and was NOT PLEASED. Slides were scanned upside down and the right -left orientation was incorrect. I became frustrated and gave up. I am SO HAPPY that John and Tammy are so close and do such great work. I just received my son's tapes that I transferred to the cloud, and John is working on my daughter's tapes currently. I have laughed and cried and I have only just touched the surface. When I see my Mom ( who now has Alzheimer's) with my son teaching him how to tie his shoelaces, it is just the most precious thing. Thank you for this incredible service. Oh, and I know I will need help editing all these tapes, and John has been so patient and will be helpful in answering my questions. So glad you are both here with this business!!!

10/09/2015 Video to DVD
- Dave Wallace from London Ohio
I am very happy with the DVDs. They provide good quality video and are very easy to use. It has been great fun watching the birthday parties and family gatherings. Your explanation of the options were very helpful. I was afraid since some of my tapes were thirty years old, that I may have lost some of the video. That is not a problem now. Thanks for all of your help. I highly recommend your service.

09/24/2015 35mm slide transfer
- Dan Pallante from Granville, OH
Your skilled slide and photo conversion turned out wonderfully, and I hope others will experience the same quality, turn-around, and level of service I have experienced. Two of my most important slides happened to be very challenging to capture from the proofs I provided you due to their age and darkness. Yet, the digital transformation of those slides turned out beautifully, and they have already been conveyed to those awaiting their conversion. Best of luck with your business, you can be sure I will return with more editing jobs.

08/09/2015 35mm slide transfer
- Cheri Weber from Newark
In 1960, with 6 children, we became a blended family. This past year our family has endured many changes due to the death of both our parents. As I have sorted through all the memories of the past 55 + years, I was reminded of how our parents sacrificed for all of us & also how they molded us into who we have become. They celebrated each of our lives & the next generations with pictures & slides. Thanks to the great work of John & Tammy, all those celebrations & memories were made into a new memory for each member of our family & their families. We're all so very grateful to their talents! Thank you!!

06/07/2015 Video to DVD
- Joyce Barrett from Canal Winchester
John's transfer and editing of 32 year old VHS tapes of our daughter was done quickly and professionally. The DVD is wonderful. We will be sharing it with our children, grandchildren and many others who were fortunate enough to have known our little one. We are forever thankful. Thank you, John and Tammy. Well done!

06/01/2015 Video to DVD
- Damion Santavicca from Newark
Very good production and customer service. I would completely recommend these guys to everyone in need of the services they offer. Very pleased :)

04/03/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Robert D. from New Albany
I just received my new DVDs in my Family Memories binder. I waited way too long to have this transfer made. John and Tammy were great to work with. From the first meeting to the delivery they showed concern for me and my Super 8s and VCR tapes. They delivered a high quality product in the time frame promised. The DVDs are very professional with scene breaks and quality audio and video.Very happy with the DVDs and the price. Great value. Thanks John and Tammy.

02/24/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Marge Gillespie from Granville
It was a pleasure to place another order with you. You are always accommodating and thoughtful, even delivering the large box of products to my car on a frigid, snowy day. My grown children and families requested the old 8mm movies be converted to DVDs for future gifts. Conversely, it is a great gift to me. Thanks for your considerate, trustworthy service.

01/21/2015 Video to DVD
- Rex Frizzell from Newark
Highly recommend. Service, quality, price, speed of delivery were very good. They were very friendly and informative which I really appreciated.

01/20/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Nora Brofford from Brownsville
Thank you ,John and Tammy for the great job you did with our movie films. We had odd size film cases from an old movie camera that was broken. I had not been able to see them for over ten years. Was thrilled to watch them.

- Tina Robinson from Newark
They were very helpful and explained everything at my appointment.

01/02/2015 Video Services
- Kim Lorhman from Pickerington
I had our family videos transferred with Home Video Services. We spent all day yesterday watching!!! It is, by far, the best gift I've ever given my family. My grown children were absolutely thrilled. I couldn't be happier with the quality and service! I highly recommend Home Video Services.

12/31/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Dan & Debbie from Granville
We are very pleased with the service that John and Tammy provided. The old movies were transferred to DVD and in time for Christmas as promised.

12/31/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- bill from nashport
Great quality work guys! I'm now glad i chose you're company to transfer my home movies.Very professional, I'll be back!

12/16/2014 Video to DVD
- Cara Rhodes from Granville
I can't say enough good things about my DVD I received. I had expected it to take 2 weeks, and after 3 days I was notified it was ready. Being able to select specific scenes is a really nice added bonus, one I never had with VHS. I will be bringing many more VHS tapes to be converted in the future.

12/08/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- John Bauman from Columbus
There's an old saying that goes something like this: If you want a job done right, go to an expert. And if you also want the job to be done by folks who quickly become friends as well, listen to someone who'll tell you that with no axes to grind. That'd be me on both counts. Luckily, I was given a recommendation to contact John and Tammy Montgomery, owners of Home Video Studio. Now, I'll pass the recommendation along. I had a project that involved digitally converting -- and saving -- 85 year-old 16 mm movie film. I simply explained what I needed, went to see them, and they made it happen. Whatever your video tasks or digital conversion needs, I've no doubt they'll do it for you. And get it right.

10/23/2014 Video to DVD
- Cheryl M. from Heath
I am so truly satisfied with the work that Home Video Studio did for me. I had 8 mm reels from over 45 years ago, so happy those have been preserved. I also had several VHS tapes that were transferred to DVDs. The moments on these are priceless.

09/23/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Liz Edwards from Utica
I had my parents 8mm home silent videos from the late 50's moved onto DVDs after being stored all these years. The last time I watched the films was back in the 60s and the quality of the pcitures was grainy and the color was distorted. My questions and concerns about how they would be transfered and the quality of the movies were all answered by John & Tammy, who are very friendly and professional people. The final results on the DVD was amazing. The choice of music that was added was wonderful. It took what I remember as being "boring" silent film of family gatherings and added a touch of entertainment and in apporpriate places a bit of humor. I even found the double exposure section to be awesome, as they said it would be, seeing it as being symbolic as how our memories of people and events blur together, but the love remains. Films that old have scenes of family members that included my great-grand parents. It was a true blessing to me to meet John & Tammy at the 2014 Hartford Fair. From that meeting I knew I had found a business that I could entrust to take care of my precious 8mm film. Thanks for the revival of memories past!

09/19/2014 Photo Videos
- Robin Wood from Centerburg
Wanted to let you know what a great job you both did. Loved my restored pictures and video, brought back a lot of people to life that have passed. Loved the quick service and time you took to put my old wedding pictures in order. Will highly recommend your services to all my friends and family. Thanks again.

- Jeff Monebrake from Galena, Ohio
We met John for the first time today. He was on time, professional, very thorough and he even laughed at my dumb jokes! We felt very comfortable letting him take some very important files and equipment with him. We trust that he will do a very nice job in helping us keep our memories safe and organized. We look forward to working with him on many projects.

09/03/2014 Video to DVD
- Tom from Pickerington
Thanks to John & Tammy for the great service and timeliness in creating our DVD's from tape. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for this type of service. Some of our tapes were 25+ years old and it was great seeing them again. Great family keepsakes. Thanks again!

07/20/2014 Video to DVD
- Larry Elovitz from Dublin
I recently used Home Video Studio to transfer some VHS tapes into DVD's. John and Tammy were terrific, they were professional, friendly, and very patient as I had a lot to go through. I was working on a gift for my parents so we could watch our family videos again that we hadn't seen in years. It was so great being able to watch everything and am very appreciative of all the hard work they did. Thanks again!

07/17/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Barb Ellison from Mount Vernon
John and Tammy transfered our family 8mm home movies from the 1950s to the 1970s to DVD. They did a rush job so I could surprise my siblings when we met for a family reunion. They were so wonderful to work with, the quality of the DVD is amazing and they kept me updated during the process. Watching the DVD with my family was the highlight of the reunion week-end. The cost of copies was so reasonable that I was able to give each family a copy as a gift. I will definately use them again to transfer our VHS tapes to DVD.

- ANN WAGERS from Newark
This order is for my own personal use. I had old DVD's of family that was put on little film reels. I needed them to be transferred to a disk. These were made in the 60's and 70's. So glad to find a place in the phone book that does this.

06/12/2014 Video to DVD
- Samantha Frizzell from Newark
Thanks again for the fast, friendly, and efficient service I received from Home Video Studios. The DVDs are great and are easy to navigate when watching on the television. I am so happy that you were able to convert the American DVD to pal region 2 so that my relatives in England can have this keepsake. I will definitely call upon this business for more service on upcoming keepsake DVD memories.

06/09/2014 Video to DVD
- Linda Dorsey-SESSOR from Heath
I recently used Home Video Services for the first time. John and Tammy made a DVD from my daughter's wedding VHS from 10 years ago, They even did a rush job for me so I could take it out to California with me as a special gift for their 10th anniversary. My four year old grandson loved watching Mommy and Daddy. It was a special treat for all of us. Thanks John and Tammy for a job well done!

06/04/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Brian Carter from Pickerington
Service was top notch and I would highly recommend Home Video studio for thier services. I has some old 8mm family film that was transferred onto CD and now i can share it with the family. John was very prompt in answering my questions and getting the job done in a time frame that allowed me to have it in time to give to my parents. Thanks again !

04/29/2014 Video to DVD
- Dolores day from Millersport
I did it! I got all the vcr tapes out of the drawer and took them to be put on DVDs. I had copies made for each of my daughters. John put them in a special case. Each DVD is titled and I highly recommend Home Video Studio! The grand kids are looking at the DVD of themselves and of us, it's been great! I was worried about letting go of the old tapes, but after meeting john and his wife, I knew they would take care of them. My brother-in- law was impressed and is having a 8mm reel made of his family also.

04/22/2014 Video to DVD
- Bill Settles from Heath
I have used John and Tammy's transfer service on two occasions--as of now! Very satisfied with the entire process from intake to final delivery; seamless! I'm still finding those lost treasures that need preserved for the future so I'm sure I will be visiting them again. If you have those old videos lying about, now is the time to get them transferred to media that will last. I'm glad I did...!

04/21/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Janet Whittington from Heath
I would recommend Home Video Studio to everyone. Thanks to them I was able to see old 8 mm films from back as early the the fifties of loved loves passed and childhood memories. They did a great job at taking 20-25 films and putting them on one DVD with beautiful back ground music. I recently lost my Father and have enjoyed watching the DVD with my mother and sharing memories with my Husband, Children, Nieces and Nephews. They did this at a very reasonable cost and I thank them for bringing my precious memories back to life.

03/17/2014 Video to DVD
- Dave Baker from Heath
We had a collection of several 8mm video reels of family movies taken in the 1950' s and needed to have them consolidated and preserved on DVD's. The films were delicate and faded. John and Tammy were most helpful in interpreting our needs and getting our 8mm reels converted. I was very surprised and pleased to see the quality of the old 8mm videos were actually enhanced through the conversion process. The finished product was truly amazing! I would highly recommend Home Video Studios for any video production needs. John and Tammy provide first class, professional service at a very reasonable price.

02/17/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Chris from Newark
The DVDs are great. We had 8mm reels, mini VHS, 8mm and super 8mm tapes. I had them done 3 years ago at a camera shop and the quality was less than desirable. Home Video Studio provided a quality service and a great product. I would definitely use their services again in the future. Thanks for the memories.

01/14/2014 Video to DVD
- David Gough from Newark
Tammy was very friendly, they both did a great job transferring some old 8mm to DVDs. Professional, quick, courteous. Will recommend you to friends. Thanks guys!

01/13/2014 Video Production
- Susan Ginise from Granville
Thank you for your care and flexibility working around Hope Farm Granville. You were easy and fun to be with and we enjoyed our entire experience. Thank you for a beautiful video production!! We will be back again!!

01/03/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Kathy Taynor from New Albany
We took some 8mm video tapes and some VHS tapes from when our kids were little to Home Video Studio to be duplicated as Christmas gifts for our daughter and son. They did an excellent job and put the DVDs in a case called Family Memories. We were very pleased with the DVD's and enjoyed the laughs and tears while viewing same. I would recommend this company to anyone for this process.

12/27/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Carolyn B. from Columbus
We just finished watching these films over the Christmas holiday. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed them. We can't stop watching them! Thank you so much for the quick service. We had these done in the past but they just weren't as good as the work done by Home Video Studio.

12/10/2013 Photo Videos
- Cindy George from Aberdeen, Idaho
As a new owner of Home Video Studio-Idaho, i had some questions, John came to my rescue. Taking me through the program, making everything very understandable, and clear.... Thank You John! for coming to my aid. I sure appreciated it!

12/10/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Terry Shaw from Coshocton
Thank you for doing a great job converting our 8mm films to disc. The quality is terrific.You have brought our past memories back to life! We will be returning to you to have more done.

10/24/2013 Video Production
- Mr. Gale l. Roth from Newark, Ohio
We recently shot video and pictures of a very special wedding. The Home Video Studio was recommended to us to develop all of this so that is who we entrusted for this very important job. Upon taking the video to the studio we discussed at length exactly how this was to be done at which time Mr. And Mrs. Montgomery suggested some very unique things that we would never have known or thought about. After discussing a price that seemed very reasonable to me they went ahead with the production. After receiving the video and pictures back we couldn't believe the totally awesome job that was done! We don't know how this could possibly have been done any better! We certainly recommend the Home Video Studio to anyone for any type of video service!

10/08/2013 Duplications
- Mary B. from Newark
Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did of transferring my three old tapes onto a CD especially since the tape in the oldest one, made in 1974, broke and you mended it in order to transfer it onto the CD. I have been looking a long time for someone to do this kind of work and finally found you. Will be calling soon to order more of the finished CD.

08/27/2013 Video Services
- Eschol Curl from Granville
I have now used Home Video Studio on two separate occasions, for transferring VHS tapes to DVDs and then later having multiple copies made for family members. These are family treasures that I would not have trusted with anyone. John and Tammy provided first class service, with a personal touch added. Their prices are reasonable and they are constantly providing discounts and incentives as they build their business. I recommend them highly with an 'unqualified' endorsement.

07/12/2013 Photo Videos
- Shannon Chiacchira from Newark
John and his team were courteous and delivered the job on time as promised. Their diligence saved me hours of time and their price was far more reasonable than any other quotes I had received. Home Video Studio hit a home run for our family - we will call on their services again!

06/10/2013 Video to DVD
- w. wilson from newark
I had a lot of important videos that I was afraid might start to destruct as they got older. I wanted to put them on something safer and have them accessible on my computer as well. I got a quote from John for the work. It was affordable. The work took longer for him than expected but he honored the quote anyway. He even added titles to each excerpt so I could easily find the materials. I was very pleased with the work, the price and John and Tammy were very easy to work with.

04/04/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Mary K. Nordheim from New Vienna. Ohio
If you truly want to be at ease about sending your family home movies to be put on DVD's, you have found them. They stay in contact with you through the whole process. I have used other companies and the quality was never there, believe me, what a big difference there is with their finished product. I'm not a professional movie taker, my kids will tell you that... The originals are returned to you also. Home Video Studio, Newark ,Oh. I wouldn't use anyone else....Sending years 2000/ 2013 soon...*****if ratings were stars, there wouldn't be room enough to truly rate them***** Mary K Nordheim

- john horner from marion
Quick response from professionals who knew what I wanted.

02/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- William Hunter from Pickerington
Dear John & Tammy, Thanks for the super service putting my old 8 mm films on disc. I have let several of my friends look at them and they can't believe they are from 1957. The pictures are very good. I can recommend your service to anyone who needs to preserve their family memories or anything else on old film. Until the next time thanks again.

02/23/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Linda Wilkins from Newark
I had my wedding videocassette tape made into a DVD. We hadn't been able to view it for several years because our VCR broke. The DVD was done in a timely fashion and is great! To top it off, John, Tammy, and Dexter their dog are very nice and friendly!

02/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Allison from Granville
John and Tammy transferred my husband's old wrestling videos to a DVD for a holiday gift. They were completed faster than expected and it was the first time I saw them! A fun gift for both of us. I returned to have a the first year of short videos taken by phone of our daughter made as a family keepsake. We will enjoy having these short clips of first crawling, walking, etc. moments and plan to make a similar DVD next year.

02/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Robert Daugherty from Glenford
John and Tammy, Thank you for turning our 8mm films into DVDs, we have really enjoyed them, our children and grandkids have too. Our kids never saw my father or my wife's mother, so that made them real special. We tell everyone they should do this. Thanks Again, The Daugherty's

01/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Jeff Baker from Mount Vernon
I can't thank John and Tammy enough for a job well done. I contacted them just before Christmas about transferring our wedding video onto DVD. My hope was to give it to my wife for Christmas. John and Tammy came through and had the DVD done in time and the quality was superb. Thanks again! Would highly recommend their services.

12/21/2012 Photo Videos
- Molly Butt from Granville
I took old family slides to have put on a DVD for my sisters birthday gift. What a great job John and Tammy did! They took care of the slides like they were their own, and we're very helpful with the lay out of the DVD. My sister was so happy with her gift. I will use these services again and recommend them to all! Thanks John and Tammy!

12/15/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Janis Colvin from Frankfort
I took my home movies to John and Tammy and I am very pleaased with my dvd's. John and tammy are very nice and I will be taking more home movies soon to be transfered. I also want to thank John for serving our great Country. Please support a small business.

12/11/2012 Video Editing
- Sanjiv Sharma from Mount Vernon
Great job done ny John. I will recommend it to anyone

11/23/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Steve Smith from Newark
I took a VHS Tape somewhere else to get transferred to DVD and they messed it up. After that happened I was afraid to trust anyplace else. Then I saw Home Video Studio's impressive display ad, but I wouldn't give them our family's most important, prized VHS tape just yet. I gave them another one and I was impressed at how well it viewed with no mistakes. So then we trusted them with our prized tape of my Mom and Dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Little did we know that there was 25 years of family film on the end of the tape, unbelievable. The results of John and Tammy's high tech equipment and skill in transferring and preserving of a VHS tape onto DVD was phenomenal. I can't tell you how relieved and super thrilled we were and how all the family will be too, with scene selections to boot. Sherri and I would trust them with any VHS tape transfer to DVD. We purchased 3 sets of our prized memories to share with family. They'll be getting a Thank You Christmas Card. We'll be back! -- Steve & Sherrie

11/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Dina Toyzan from Pickerington
I couldn't be happier with the job that John just completed for me and my family. My family and I sat down last night to start viewing the videos that he had transferred to DVD discs for me. The video we put on last night to watch brought tears to our eyes, we were laughing so hard. It was a video that I had never seen, as I'm a very busy mom and also work outside of the home. I wish I had gotten them transferred years ago. I wanted to make sure that we transferred the videos as soon as possible, as my oldest child is graduating this year, and I wanted to spend some very special time reliving wonderful moments. Thank You so much for your help!!! We'll share them with family this Thanksgiving and Christmas too.

09/28/2012 Video Services
- Joy DeLong from Newark
While searching for some items in my basement , I came across two large boxes of VHS tapes. Realizing when I saw them that I would like to have the memories they contained for ourselves and for our daughters and their families to easily view , I decided to try and find the easiest and most cost efficient way to have them transferred onto DVD's . Searching on my computer, I found a local place and began to e mail back and forth with the person who would do the work. John was easy to "talk" to and I liked what I heard about how the transfer would be done and the cost it would entail. Once the process was started John was very patient and sent me e mails as the job moved along so I knew where we were in the completion of the process. I know he took a lot of extra time making sure the DVD contained just what we wanted and needed for the future.( I had not been able to review the tapes so there was some information on the VHS tapes that was not needed and this was not copied.) This job entailed aproximately 38 VHS to DVD transfers. . When the job was completed and I picked up the DVD's , each DVD was put with the VHS tape it was transferred from, and the DVD was labeled with what it contained. I would definitely recommend this couple to anyone and will use them again in the future if the need arises. I was reluctant before I got to know John and Tammy to give this job to anyone because of the memories on the VHS tapes. With so many tapes I was concerned about the final amount it would cost. Both concerns were addressed in a very satisfactory way.. Ouir family can now enjoy these memories for years to come.

08/13/2012 Photo Videos
- Glenn & Dee White from Heath
Thank you Home Video Studio in Newark, Ohio for creating a wonderful family heriloom to be passed down from generation to generation. You were able to take the collection of photos and create a beautiful video complete with music. The story of our lives in photos came to life in the video. We appreciate the conscientious methods used to protect our precious original prints. We highly recommend Home Video Studio to create keepsake videos for all families.

08/05/2012 Video Services
- Linda Thornton from Newark, Ohio
I was looking for someone local to put a VHS tape on to a DVD. I was fortunate enough to stumble on this amazing company on the internet. Our friend was dying of cancer and only had a week or two to live and I had this movie that he was in 40 years ago and thought it might bring a little smile to his face. I called Home Video Studio and explained my situation to John, the owner. He said they really weren't open yet because all of his equipment had not been set up. I explained that there was a get together with our friend later that night and I knew John wouldn't be able to help me that day but I was hopeful to be able to get it by the early part of the next week. He said to bring it right over and he would see what he could. Several hours later he called to tell me it was ready for pick. I was over joyed at the thought that our friend would be able to watch the DVD while still being able to communicate. The DVD brought tears and joy to our friend. He died five days later. I will be forever grateful to John for literally dropping everything to do this for me, a complete stranger. Now I need to get several more copies for all of our friends children. I would highly recommend this company. The DVD copy was better than the original. Thank you

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