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Date: 03/04/2013

Title: "Home Video Studio - Anchorage Stays on Cutting Edge"

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February 28, 2013



Elisabetta Brollo

Home Video Studio - Anchorage

Telephone: (907) 240-2739


Home Video Studio - Anchorage Stays on Cutting Edge

Anchorage, AK - Have you noticed? Video is everywhere. From digital video displays in supermarket aisles to Facebook postings - from smart phones and webpage videos to the latest viral sensation on YouTube - video is the king of media in our age. Elisabetta Brollo knows this well and, as a Home Video Studio owner in Anchorage, she stands ready to help individuals, businesses, industry, government and organizations with all their video needs. Part of her dedication involves continuing education to keep up with the latest advancements in this ever-changing field.

That's why Brollo recently attended Home Video Studio's Advanced Training in Indianapolis, IN. Home Video Studio, recently named Entrepreneur magazine's #1 franchise in the Photography and Video Services category for the second year in a row, holds this training annually for all if its studios, which are located across the United States, Canada and Sweden. Experts in all phases of video descend upon this weeklong "video university" every February to teach the latest in video while attendees learn, both from experts and from each other.

"I make it my business to keep up with the changes, improvements and technology that's available. There's no better way to do this than to learn from the experts and exchange ideas with my Home Video Studio colleagues," says Brollo.

A highlight of this year's training was a comprehensive class on the Adobe Premier Pro video suite. Each Advanced Training week also includes a display of the latest in cameras, lenses and video equipment.

"I look forward to this every year," says Brollo. "The best part is taking what I've learned and putting it into practice. With video so prevalent in our world I want my customers to be able to trust me as their one source for video services, whether it's from beginning to end of their project, or if they just need a little help somewhere in between."

Brollo specializes in twenty-seven separate areas of video, including video to DVD transfers, Photo Video Keepsakes, home movie transfers, video duplication, video editing, sports and music scholarship videos and more. To contact Home Video Studio - Anchorage call Elisabetta Brollo at (907) 240-2739 or email at or go to


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