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Date: 06/12/2012

Title: "Home Video Studio, Erlanger, chosen for Studio of the Month of May, 2012"

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June 9, 2012


Deborah Williams

Home Video Studio  Erlanger




Home Video Studio, Erlanger, Selected as Studio of the Month

Erlanger, KY: Home Video Studio  Erlanger, an affiliate of the largest national network of home video studios, has recently been awarded Studio of the Month of May, 2012. This is an esteemed priviledge, especially since the Erlanger, KY Studio has only been open since November 2011. Studio owner, Deborah Williams, says it is truly an honor to have been selected Studio Owner of the Month.

Home Video Studio services include a wide range of video production and editing, but a large part of their business involves archiving home movies on film or video tapes. Williams advises everyone to search through your home immediately! Find all of those old 8 mm home movie films and old VHS tapes and get them transferred to DVD as soon as possible.

Williams knows what shes talking about. She has been rescuing hundreds of movies and tapes for Cincinnati area residents in her home-based video studio. Some of the films and tapes we see are already in very poor condition. And it would be a shame to lose those family histories when its so easy to move them all onto DVD.

Williams system not only transfers the movies and videos to DVD, but also allows you to add titles and even music thereby creating a memorable experience for generations to come. The DVDs, Williams adds, really are the gifts that keep on giving, generation after generation. Imagine your grandchildren or their grandchildren being able to watch and hear their grandparents or great-great grandparents long after they are gone! Or, just think about being able to relive your own childhood simply by popping in a disk that will preserve those memories into the next century!

For more information on transferring and preserving your home movie film, contact Deborah Williams at Home Video Studio  (859-525-0305).

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