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Date: 04/05/2012

Title: "Savers of the Family Archives"

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Preserve Your Family Memories before Disaster Strikes
Home Video Studio Introduces Savers of the Family Archives

(Erlanger, KY) - Many of us know all too well the devastating affects of natural disasters like hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods or fire. Often times peoples homes are destroyed and individual belongings are lost forever.

Dont wait for tragedy to happen to you and its too late to save your personal possessions. But are your effects in order? Are your photos labeled and categorized? What about other one-of-a-kind items? Take steps today before calamity strikes.

Let Home Video Studios Savers of the Family Archives safeguard and organize your familys photos, videos, films, mementos, and individual legal documents. Home Video Studio/Erlanger can copy these items for you onto more disaster-proof DVDs.

Think of it like purchasing insurance, but the difference is that no amount of money will be able to make up for the permanent loss of these items, says Robert Hanley, founder and president of Home Video Studio (HVS). HVS is the United States leading video production services franchise with studios located across America, two in Canada and one in Sweden.

Dont forget your digital photos. Thousands of images of family photos are no longer in albums on your bookshelf. Instead they are located on the hard drives of your home computers or laptops. But what if something happened to your computer; like the hard drive crashed or your laptop got stolen? How could you replace those lost memories?

As part of the Savers of the Family Archives service, Home Video Studio/Erlanger can also download all of your digital photo memory sticks onto your computers hard drive and then copy your photo files onto a DVD for you. In addition, they can make hard copies of all your digital photos, so youll have two ways to preserve your familys history for generations to come.

Stop by Home Video Studio located at 808 Fawn Drive, Erlanger, KY, to pick up a Savers of the Family Archives organizational checklist to help you get your personal effects in order to be copied. Your personal records inventory may include items like birth certificates, social security cards, marriage licenses, property titles, insurance policies and other important papers.

Once everything is copied on DVDs, these digital records can be preserved indefinitely and they are also simple to update, adds Deborah Williams, owner of Home Video Studio/Erlanger.  The value of preserving your irreplaceable keepsakes is priceless.

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