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Director/Producer(s): Roy & Trudy Wilson
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Date: 11/16/2010

Title: "New Home Video Business Opens in Byram!"

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If you're like most folks, you probably have dozens of old home video tapes in a closet, the attic, or on a bookshelf that you'd love to watch again, but you also have a problem - you threw out your old VCR years ago. Well, fear not! Roy and Trudy Wilson are ready to help you put your old videos, and even your old home movie film, onto crystal clear DVDs that you can watch on your TV. You can even make copies to share with your family and friends. "After years and years of holding regular jobs," Trudy says, "Roy and I are thrilled to be working for ourselves in our brand new Home Video Studio." The Wilsons opened their video studio doors recently and have been thrilled with the response from people in Byram and the Jackson metro area. "One of the first things I hear when people call," Trudy adds, "is, 'I'm so glad I found you here in town!' We offer a specialty line of over 30 video production services, working right here in our Home Video Studio." Among the unique services the Wilsons offer are: home movie film and video tape transfers to DVD, creating photo video keepsakes for special occasions, like birthdays, graduations, weddings, retirement celebrations, etc., and simply making DVD copies for your friends and family members. Wilson adds that the list of services they offer is extraordinary, and she encourages people to call with any questions regarding video production. "We want everyone to know," Trudy says, "that your precious videos are safe with us - we treat your home movies and videos as if they were our own." And, she adds that it's not too late to create the perfect holiday gift!

So, if you have old video tapes laying around that you would love to see again, or if you have a video project that you've been thinking about, give Roy and Trudy Wilson a call at 251-0691 in Byram. Or, contact them by email at:

Contact: Trudy Wilson, Co-Owner Home Video Studio 877-328-5177

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