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Are you looking for quality Video Services in Hampton Roads, Virginia? Look no further than Home Video Studio for all your video service needs. We transfer old film, 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, Super 8 sound and 16mm sound. Home Video Studio uses state-of-the-art digital frame by frame transfer. Our home movie transfers are of the highest digital quality you can get. Now you can also get your home movie transfers on Gold archive DVD's.

Hampton Roads, Virginia - Video Services Testimonials

Thank you for choosing Home Video Studio for all your video production needs. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate your comments.
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Video Services Testimonials from our valued customers:

10/09/2016 Videotape to Cloud
- Sonja from Chesapeake
I needed to have my 8mm videotape converted to a digital format and uploaded to the cloud. Arthur took care of it in less than 8 hours. The service was impeccable. I was very pleased. I highly recommend this business.

05/04/2016 Video to DVD
- Sandy from Chesapeake
Very quick service. My old VHS tape with very old family photos and a narration by my cousin were converted to a DVD. For me, the pictures are a priceless treasure and I am so glad to be able to view them once again. Mr. Bradshaw was very helpful and did a fine job. I would highly recommend his services.

11/12/2015 Video to DVD
- Robert from Norfolk
A nearby Home Video Studio located in Suffolk, VA was a professional and trustworthy experience. Their definitely skilled in helping you preserve your precious memories from any occasion for a lifetime. I highly recommend the outstanding custom video services offered! Keep doing what you're doing, Arthur Bradshaw.

09/22/2015 Video to DVD
- Karan from Virginia Beach
Thank you so much for transferring my VCR tapes to DVD!! When I got my package in the mail, I watched all of the DVD's that evening. I had forgotten how many things I taped over the years! You were so kind when I got lost heading out to Suffolk but you got me there and I was so happy that you took a great deal of time with me. I am now going through some old 8mm films for you transfer for me!!!

07/07/2015 Video Production
- W. Moore from Suffolk
Awesome! I wanted to help my pastor. Arthur took care of everything, from producing awesome video to getting the finished film to the pastor in a format he could use to upload to his class. There was never a doubt that it would be an awesome video and, or course, it was even beyond my imagination. Merely knowing Arthur was doing it was a blessing. I am disabled and very thankful that I did not need to get involved. Arthur handled everything, including getting the file to my pastor in a format he could use. I not only am pleased and would recommend his services, but will be looking for other events I can use Arthur to produce for me.

04/16/2015 Video to DVD
- Leann Bakht from Portsmouth
Arthur was a pleasure to work with. His extraordinary work enabled us to have VCR recordings edited to a DVD loop so that the video could be played during services for our mother's funeral. His thoughtfulness during this time meant much to our family. He went over and beyond our expectations.

01/19/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- John from Virginia Beach
Easy to work with and timely in response. Great to have these old videos in a new, more useful format.

12/15/2014 Video to DVD
- Darlene from Virginia Beach
I can't say enough good things about the service I got from Art Bradshaw. It was a great from the time I sat down to discuss what I wanted to the time I picked them up.

09/17/2014 Video to DVD
- P. Neely from Franklin
Not very often is an internet website the product of GREAT success. Home Video Studio is just that. I was very impressed and pleased with the timely expedient service, the remarkable quality and most importantly the professionalism of this company. This is a number 1 company and one that is highly recommended. I appreciate them and will use their services again and again.

08/27/2014 Video to DVD
- Jim Steil from Suffolk
Technology is a spectacular thing that most people have invested in over the years; some more heavily than others ($$$) - some more successfully than others. Because most people want to save and share their memories, photos, videos, and experiences with their friends and families, we continue to invest in technologies that support our ability to share. Sometimes, organizations want to save and share similar context and content for future activities and efforts; but, let’s face it, technology is expensive! Home Video Studio offers an opportunity to keep your memories, photos, videos, and experiences without those costly, continual technology investments. We had numerous VHS tapes that contained significant medical related training and information that we needed retained in a format that we could use. Not having the internal capability to view, transfer, copy, or other duplicate these VHS tapes to a DVD/CD presented a problem - Home Video Studio presented a timely, cost efficient solution to our dilemma! I recommend talking to the experts at Home Video Studio if you happen to be in a similar situation!

06/17/2014 Video to DVD
- Jessica Emond from Chesapeake
This was my first time working with Home Video Studio and I am truly impressed by the service I received. Arthur was always there to answer my calls and my questions. The prices were reasonable and my tape conversions were completed before I needed them. The professionalism and quality of the products was top notch. I will be calling Arthur again for my future projects.

02/19/2014 Video to DVD
- Jose and Mady from Chesapeake
Arthur worked with us to get best time to meet. We dropped off some old VHS tapes which included our wedding video. Transfer was done quickly and professionally. It is so amazing to finally have a digital copy of our wedding and other videos. We thought we would never be able to see those memories. Now we can share with our family. We highly recommend Arthur and his video service. Professional, friendly and high quality service.

02/10/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- VALERIE from Smithfield
Because Home Video Studio did such an outstanding job transferring my wedding VHS tape to DVD, I am now a repeat customer. They provide QUALITY service for a QUALITY product at a QUALITY price..... In a word QUALITY is what they do! Timely, efficiently and professionally.

01/31/2014 Video to DVD
- Lauren from Virginia Beach
Amazing job! I brought in some old VHS tapes that another company was unable to transfer to DVD because of mold. Home video studio was able to come up with a solution for me and saved my home videos! They were incredibly quick, honest, and easy to work with. I will be coming back with more tapes in the future.

01/25/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Colleen from Virginia Beach
THANK YOU! what great service! dvd's were finished earlier than promised. VERY satisfied and will use them again for ANY video type needs. thanks again!

12/18/2013 Video to DVD
- Beth Dippo from Smithfield, VA
Thanks for doing such quick & efficient work at a reasonable cost. I know my kids, nieces, nephews & their parents will enjoy them. (I trust their children will enjoy them, too, when they get older.)

12/11/2013 Video to DVD
- Judy from none
Thank you so much for the prompt and quality work! The cost was competitive. I would not trust anyone else to handle my requests.

10/14/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Wayla from Norfolk
Arthur was able to extract a sound recording that I needed from an old VHS tape and transfer it into a usable, digital audio format. The service was prompt, friendly, and very professional. Highly recommended!

09/24/2013 Video Services
- Julie Hess from Williamsburg
Just wanted to thank Home Video Studio for transferring our family videos! This was a gift for my parents 43rd anniversary and they loved them. All our memories from years past now easily accessible on DVD format is a treasure. Thanks for a job well done.

08/19/2013 Video Services
- Frank from Virginia Beach
I asked Arthur to transfer a number of video tapes to DVD; 2 old reel to reel tapes to a CD and transfer a 16 mm movie with reel to reel sound track to a DVD. All were completed in the agreed to time and I could not be more pleased with the results. I am comfortable recommending Arthur and plan to drop off the next bag of video tapes this week!!

08/15/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Karen from Gloucester Point
I would highly recommend Home Video Studio and Mr. Bradshaw to preserve your most memorable moments!! I had all the 8mm family home movies my father took of us from the 60's and 70’s transferred to DVD. Mr. Bradshaw was friendly, helpful and explained how the process worked and what my end product would be. I was more than satisfied with the results! My father passed in 2000, so these home movies meant everything to me, my mom, and brothers. I was able to have a complete set made for each family member, and I gave them out when we were all together for Mother’s Day. We watched the DVDs as a family, and it was a Mother’s Day we’ll never forget! Thank you Mr. Bradshaw for so beautifully preserving our family memories and for the care you took with our old 8mm tapes.

07/09/2013 Video Services
- Marie Moss from Chesapeake
Oh My Gosh!! I can't thank Home Video Studio enough. My siblings and I was in the process of giving my mother an 80th Birthday party when all of her grandchildren came up with idea of making a grandchildren video. They wanted to include the last video of my deceased daughter Roben in it. She was very special to my mother. The video was made in 1994 on a VHS tape. I knew I had to convert it to a disk, but didn't want the tape to be out of my possession. I did some research with the help of the internet looking for places that are local. Other places including Wal-Mart wanted me to leave the tape and they would send it off. I couldn't do it. My biggest fear was the tape getting damage, which would have been devastating for me. I saw Home Video Studio and notice the outstanding awards they have received and it was locally run and operated. I called and left a message. Surprisingly Arthur Bradshaw immediately called me back. I was surprised because it was a Saturday outside of the office hours. I explained to him why I called and what I wanted. He told me to come right over and he would take care of it that day. WOW!!! To say God works in mysteries ways is an understatement. It was truly a blessing!!! My husband and I stayed right there while he did the conversion. My nephew wanted me to send the DVD via Dropbox. Not being computer savvy, Mr. Bradshaw knew exactly what he was talking about and volunteer to send it to him for me. GOD IS SO GOOD!! I would definitely recommend Home Video Studio to others. Thank You Mr. Bradshaw, You made my day and my Mother's too!! God Bless You, Marie Moss

06/20/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Rick from Virginia Beach
Just picked up some old home movies that were over 40 years old. they are dark and dingy. Home Video Studio converted them to DVD and they looked so good I couldn't believe it. Just want everyone to know. Don't let your memories fade away!

04/22/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Martin from Chesapeake, Va
I had my families 8mm home movies from the 1960's-70's transferred to DVD. Arthur was friendly, helpful and explained the process perfectly. I was thoroughly satisfied with the results and my parents were very happy to have their old memories in a format they could watch easily!!

02/06/2013 Video Services
- Town of Eastville from Eastville
Arthur, You did a wonderful job for our Town project by transferring old VHS tapes to DVD & old photos to DVD! Now we can use our old photos and movies digitally!!! It will be a great help with our project. Thanks again. Town of Eastville, VA

01/07/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- L'Tanya from Portsmouth
Fast, courteous, and professional service! I was not comfortable mailing my video off to some online service that I had no experience with so finding a local service was very important to me. Arthur did a fantastic and surprisingly fast job with my video, even offering to expedite my request in time for Christmas! Thank you again for your wonderful service, I will not only use it again but have already recommended you to others.

12/24/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Trish Barker from Smithfield
I was just about to email you and thanks you again for the wonderful job you did with my old family 8mm movies. I watched the DVD as soon as I got home and was wonderfully amazed at how well you coordinated background music to the different movie events and how well these old movies look on my tv screen. I found myself laughing and smiling as I remembered each of those family vacations and holidays. My parents have no idea what happened to those old reels of film, won't they be so surprised when I give them these new dvd's to watch any time they want. I will definitely be coming back to see you with home movies on VHS that I have of my children and family. Thanks again for helping me share old family memories with our new generation of children.

12/08/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Eileen from Virginia Beach
I am so thankful I found Mr. Bradshaw! He preserved memories by converting approximately 300 old slides (around 50 yrs old) to a digital copy and also corrected/enhanced the picture. I can now share memories with loved ones. I also returned to have old VCR tapes converted to a DVD. I highly recommend Arthur! He takes great care in handling the originals, his attention to detail provides an exceptional product and his customer service is excellent!

11/11/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Cecilia from Williamsburg
It has been so wonderful to watch our precious 8mm video now on DVD thanks to Mr. Bradshaw!! Our camera had broken and we had gone years without viewing the footage. What a pleasure to travel memory lane now our kids are teens-how adorable they are as babes! We waited too long to contact him as he produced a fantastic product in a timely, professional manner-THANKS Authur!!

11/05/2012 Video to DVD
- Michelle Miller from Williamsburg
I highly recommend using this service. Mr. Bradshaw was extrememly helpful, allowing me to first borrow a projector to view ancient 8mm reels and check the content. He then explained the process and broke down the costs for the project, and was later accomodating and understanding when I had to change my order. The finished product exceeded expectations and now 60 year old memories are preserved and will be shared through future generations. Mr. Bradshaw is an honest and friendly professional that I look forward to going to again.

09/20/2012 Video Services
- Beverly from Suffolk
Home Video Studio assisted with the duplication of Videos needed for our business with speed and professionalism. We recommend highly and will utilize these and other video services in the future. Thank you!

05/11/2012 Photo Videos
- Theresa Sullivan from Chesapeake
20th Wedding Anniversary "The DVD was simply outstanding. The DVD was more than what we expected. Mr.Bradshaw from "Home Video Studio" did an outstnading job putting together an anniversary video for my husband. Home Video Studio far exceeded my expectations. My husband LOVED it. He was very touched, and he could not compliment enough the quality and attention-to-detail. The DVD also brought him to tears. I will definitely recommend you to others and would use you again& Thanks for everything!"

02/25/2012 Video to DVD
- Cathy Ogram from Norfolk, Va
Arthur was great to work with. He helped me archive the history of my career and performances. Now I have a library that I can go back and listen to, that documents my history. Plus, he is always professional and upbeat to work with.

02/23/2012 Video to DVD
- Mary Kay Hunt from Smithfield
Working with Mr. Bradshaw on the production of a DVD for my husbands 60th Birthday was a great experience. He is courteous, professional, and has a great knowledge of his field. He turned 60 years of memories into something we will treasure and share for many years to come. I am a 110% satisfied customer.

12/12/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Michelle from Hampton
I was referred to Arthur via another satisfied customer. His work is top notch; he is professional and courteous. I will use his services again and will recommend him to all of my family and friends.

01/26/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- tracie from chesapeake
I had home movies transferred for my parents for Christmas. They turned out wonderful. Easy to work with & high quality work. Would certainly use them again & recommend to others - in fact I have!

12/31/2010 Video Editing
- Belinda Suire from Hampton
I cant thank you enough for the quality video editing that you were able to complete in such a short time over the holiday season. I received outstanding and friendly customer service beyond my expectation. I will most certainly seek and recommend Mr. Bradshaws video services in the future. Another 100% satisfied customer.

12/11/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Lynn from Newport News
I was very pleased with my 8mm movies being made into a DVD! The quality of the work was great. Mr. Bradshaw was prompt and efficient. I will use Home Video Studio again for any photo or video services I may need. Definitely 100% customer satisfaction!!

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