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Director/Producer(s): Richard & Mary Lopez
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Are you looking for quality Video Services in Glendale, Arizona? Look no further than Home Video Studio for all your video service needs. We transfer old film, 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, Super 8 sound and 16mm sound. Home Video Studio uses state-of-the-art digital frame by frame transfer. Our home movie transfers are of the highest digital quality you can get. Now you can also get your home movie transfers on Gold archive DVD's.

Glendale, Arizona - Video Services Testimonials

Thank you for choosing Home Video Studio for all your video production needs. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate your comments.
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Video Services Testimonials from our valued customers:

07/15/2017 Audio Tape Transfer
- Jim And Wendy A from AZ
I brought in a cassette from 1983 and despite the condition they were able to create a CD of very good quality for me. I also brought in 2 VHS tapes from 1993 that weren't in very good condition and they were able to create a high quality DVD. The prices were very affordable and the finished product was first-rate. The tapes and CD were ready within a week. Definitely plan on using them again. Thanks guys!

06/28/2017 Video Services
- MJC from AZ
It's GREAT to talk to someone who knows exactly what I'm talking about & Richard got the job done ASAP

05/29/2017 Audio Tape Transfer
- Jorge Esquivias from AZ
Great service. Friendly, professional and on time delivery of product. Great technologically advanced equipment, clean and reliable. Stop searching, this is the place you need. I had cassette transferred into CD and it was a great outcome. These folks know their stuff!

05/12/2017 Video Services
- bigjohnof406 from AZ
Well, we all want things cheaper, but really the price was as expected and fair. Service is friendly and quick.

05/12/2017 Video to DVD
- Diane S from AZ
My husband and I are so very satisfied with the service and results from this company. The price, time and results from transferring our VHS to DVD were beyond our expectations. The front of the DVD even had a photo on the top of it featuring our hands as my husband put my wedding band on my finger. We would recommend them 100%.

05/11/2017 Video Services
- Tiffany from AZ
I want to say thank you so very much for your services. I needed evidential pictures and videos for a court case and the gentleman got it done for me right away even though he was extremely busy. Best experience I've ever had...I can't thank you enough!!

04/09/2017 Video Services
- Michael Treitler from AZ
I needed to convert a VHS to a disc. Home Video Studio came up on a Google search. Richard was courteous and understood exactly what I wanted. He was able to do the job in less time than he originally quoted which was a real plus. I would recommend him to anyone who needed any type of video service

03/29/2017 Video Services
- Donald T from AZ
Richard did exactly what I asked, and completed the work in a timely way. Very professional

02/21/2017 Video to DVD
- Booklyn McClure from az
I used this company to have my moms wedding video transferred onto a DVD as a gift to her. They were very quick with getting it back to me and the pricing is great. I will absolutely be using them in the future!!

02/16/2017 Video Services
- Dave G. from AZ
Excellent Service and the quality of the work was also excellent.

02/07/2017 35mm slide transfer
- Fay Giordano from AZ
He is always very professional , helpful and completes the projects ahead of his promised delivery date. I've no hesitation in recommending Home Video Studio in Glendale.

02/02/2017 Video Services
- Gene from AZ
They did a great job and great price.

01/18/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Robert M from AZ
This was a very good company to work with. Fast friendly and professional. I highly recommend their services for film transferring. R.M.

01/17/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Desi G from Buckeye
Thank you Richard & Mary. You have my full support in giving you a well deserved, high recommendation for the excellent workmanship and timely fashion you completed and delivered my video. Thank you Again!!

01/12/2017 Audio Tape Transfer
- Rick B from AZ
I found this company on the internet and took a chance on them. I asked for a CD to be made from a cassette. The product was delivered faster than promised. I listened and commented that I would like less bass in the CD. Richard, the owner, redid the CD with less bass and sent it to me. I am impressed with this company on their the follow thru and follow up. Thanks Richard.

01/11/2017 Video Services
- John from AZ
Richard is very professional and pleasant to work with

01/05/2017 Video Services
- Timur T from AZ
Home Video Studio (Glendale, AZ) is a fantastic company. They were true professionals and masters of their craft. I highly recommend anyone and everyone to use their services. Truly, the company is a perfect 10/10.

01/05/2017 Video to DVD
- Bato T from AZ
My family and I wanted to convert our VHS and 8 mm tapes to DVD. Our experience with Richard was fantastic. Richard was professional and friendly from beginning to end. We highly recommend anyone use his services. I was impressed how he carefully he handled our family records - he proved on countless occasions that he truly cares about his clients and their priceless family heirlooms.

01/05/2017 Video to DVD
- Carole from AZ
Richard Lopez did a great job of transferring three very old VHS tapes to DVDs. The picture and sound were excellent on all. Service was very fast even at a busy time of year. I will be having him transfer two more soon

12/28/2016 Video Services
- Bob P from AZ
Very professional, friendly, reasonable pricing and quick turnaround.

12/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Laura K from AZ
Very customer service oriented business. Had a miscommunication regarding the context I wanted transferred from old Super 8 to DVD and Richard was very accommodating to fix the problem and remake the DVD's to make an end product that matched my mind's eye. Would highly recommend this business.

12/18/2016 Video Services
- Pat H from AZ
Service was excellent. Product was completed on time and Home Video Studio was very fair with their pricing. We would definitely recommend their services to anyone.

11/27/2016 Video Services
- Al A from AZ
I found them to be very nice people to deal with. They saved me a trip by mailing the product to me.

11/24/2016 Video Services
- Norris Barker from AZ
Your service was excellent the last time Richard did work for me. He is always professional and I will continue to return. His personality and accommodating my needs was much appreciated! Norris Barker

11/09/2016 Video to DVD
- Stephani Carter from Prescott
When my husband passed away, I found many 8mm video cassette tapes of when he was growing up. The only way I could watch them was on an old video camera. The video camera heads were so dirty that it showed a lot of static and no sound when I played them. I was terrified that they were ruined because they were from the 90s and have been in storage. I found Home Video Studio online and hoped and prayed they had the technology to play the videos clearly and turn them into DVDs. Arriving at the studio I was welcomed with professionalism and kindness right away. Richard was very caring and knew how important these tapes were to me and my mother-in-law. I gave him the tapes and he put them into a player. As soon as he pushed play, I burst into tears. I could see my beautiful husband as a young man. I could see him move and hear his voice. Richard was able to put all the video tapes onto DVD. They were broken into chapters and the DVD was really easy to use to find different clips. Home Video Studio will continue to have my business in the future as I find more tapes that I wish to turn into DVDs. The quality of his work is flawless and I give my highest recommendation to Home Video Studio. The time it takes to make the DVDs and the price is very reasonable for the quality of work. Anyone I can recommend to go to Home Video Studio, I will. Thank you for everything, Richard and Mary. I am truly and forever grateful.

11/01/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Zarafa from AZ
Belatedly, many thanks for your courteous and attentive service . . . as well as the great patience and attention to detail it took to digitally reproduce -- among other things -- vinyl recordings from the 1940's, plus recordings of my old 60's quartet. These are jobs I had been meaning to have done for years and I'm so glad I found you and now have no further concerns, either, about certain valued cassette-taped presentations disintegrating from age -- because they are now MP 3's. For others who wish to preserve precious memories, I found this studio by doing an internet search and discovered this elegant and professional studio. Owner Richard was entirely perceptive about understanding exactly what I wanted; and he "gets" the emotional component involved in helping you preserve these memories. No hesitation in recommending.

10/27/2016 Video Services
- Bob C from AZ
Professional service, fast and accurate

10/27/2016 Video to DVD
- Tom E from AZ
Used once for converting 8mm movies to DVD and again for a VHS tape to DVD. Excellent results with both. Our family was very pleased with the DVD's of old family movies that they received as gifts.

10/02/2016 Video to DVD
- Lea F. from AZ
I have used Home Video Studios on two occasions to transfer video from SD cards to DVDs. Richard always does a great job! It's so nice to have home movies preserved on DVDs. Work is always done in a timely manner with a perfect result. And most recently, they also edited wedding footage for me, including adding music and enhancing sound, and it turned out beautifully. I know the bride and groom will enjoy it. Will definitely keep using them for my video needs and highly recommend them!

09/30/2016 Video to DVD
- M B. from Lake Havasu City
We have had Richard copy from VHS to DVD and we're very impressed with the quality of his work and how quickly he completed and returned the tapes and DVDs. All for a very reasonable price!, very pleased

09/24/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Marian Reed from AZ
I was more than impressed with the finished product when I had old film reels transferred to a DVD conversion. Service was prompt and I was thrilled with the finished product. Would highly recommend this company.

09/10/2016 Video to DVD
- Donna Paschall from Casa Grande
We were looking for a 'professional ' and 'someone we could trust' to transfer home videos to DVD disks. We found both... and more... when we stepped into Richard and Mary's studio!! We have entrusted them with vintage reel-to-reel movies, as well, and have been extremely pleased with all the work they have done!!! Their prices are reasonable, too! I wouldn't consider going anywhere else!!!

09/09/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Recaptured from az
We realized our 8mm and Super 8 movies of our daughters when they were young were just sitting on a shelf and would probably never be seen again. We decided to surprise our girls and give them a DVD of the movies. We put them in chronological order and gave them to Richard at Home Video Studio. When we picked up the DVD's he made for us, we promptly put one in our DVD player. We were absolutely delighted with the work Richard did for us. Since there was no sound, he added wonderful music in the background. It truly took us back to when the movies were taken. Our girls are going to love them when we give them to them this Christmas.

09/02/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Greg M from AZ
Richard converted a 4" reel to reel tape from back in 1964 and transferred it into a very legible audio CD. The quality was excellent.

08/22/2016 Video Services
- Bob from AZ
Great job, professional and courteous service. There's no doubt I'll use Richard and his Home Video Studio again.

08/10/2016 Video Services
- Sandra Minkler from AZ
This company is very helpful and professional. They provide so many services to those who wish to preserve important life memories and they do an excellent and timely job.

07/21/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- J Lachase from Az
Fast turn around, professional service. 50+ year old cassette tape now safe forever.

07/19/2016 Photo Videos
- James Head from AZ
Professional service with responsive and outstanding results. Richard is very creative and responsive with timely and outstanding results. We will enjoy the DVD he produced for many years. Thank you Home Video Studio.

07/14/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Julia Hoon from Mesa
Richard and Mary Lopez transferred many 8mm home movies to DVDs for us. They did such a good job. It is wonderful to look at videos from many years ago - like 50 years ago. The DVDs were very well organized when they returned them to us. We are very pleased. Also we had them transfer hundreds of slides to DVDs. What a joy it was to see pictures we did not even remember that we had. Again, they were well organized so it is easy to find the pictures we want to see. Richard and Mary Lopez do a great job!!!

07/14/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Cheryl Atwell from Peoria
Home Video Studio turned 40 year old cassettes into a wonderful personal history on CD. Some tapes from the summer of 1976 were damaged, others hardly audible. But, Richard worked his magic on that personal journal and continued this professional approach on a Super 8 mm home movie made that same summer. Richard adjusted bad lighting on some footage and did an awesome job synching the music (Aerosmith) with a goofy movie from 1976. The DVD case was so professional. Wow. Just an outstanding job.

07/02/2016 Video to DVD
- Brett Tolich from AZ
Very professional, personal, and quality service. Richard converted multiple types of media into DVD's, artistically labeled the discs, and returned them in a multi-dvd case. He went above and beyond in trying to save a corrupted disc for me, which allowed me to personally see his talent at work. Prices were comparable to any around and the personal touch he adds will impress you. It feels good to have all our memories safe. Do not hesitate in calling Home Video Studio for anything you might need.

06/28/2016 Video Services
- Cathy C. from AZ
Great experience, priceless to watch videos of those who have passed, and babies who are now teenagers and unrecognizable! Richard did a fantastic job organizing my mess, and transferring it all on CDs promptly and less than original estimate. Thank you!

06/28/2016 Video Services
- Janice Konderik from AZ
Very professional and experienced!! Best creative and professional DVD for family and life events!! We were very impressed and pleased with the final product. Thank you for creating a DVD with wonderful memories.

06/28/2016 Video Services
- Bill DeRose from AZ
I've used Home Video Studio several times in the past year in conjunction with my investigation business. The prompt, courteous service I get when I bring them my video to be transferred to DVD and downloaded on line to "Dropbox" is great for me and my clients. They are conveniently located in Glendale off 67th Ave. near the 101 Loop. I would recommend their services to the professional and novice for all their video needs.

06/10/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Michele Schaan from AZ
Great service, friendly, and prompt.

06/07/2016 Video to DVD
- Mark and Donna from Glendale
Richard was very welcoming and understanding of our needs including transferring over 30 vhs tapes to DVD along with some 8 mm repair work as well as transfer to DVD, He was even able to transfer a U-Matic tape as well. The scope and ability of his work seems to have no limits and his pricing is fair and reasonable. We highly recommend his services and company. We are elated to be able to have our old footage preserved for many years to come!

06/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Gary Broad from Yuma
I would like to highly recommend this service and company. They have great communication and will work with you to have things done your way. I had some very old tapes...40 years OLD, that came out great. It sure comes out better than trying to do it yourself.

06/01/2016 Video to DVD
- Katie from az
The Home Video Studio rescued an ancient VHS tape for which I no longer had a player. I appreciated not losing those memories Thank you, Richard.

06/01/2016 Video to DVD
- Jim from AZ
I had a box of 2435 year old VHS tape's that I want to save for my children I struggled getting them converted and placed on my computer and copied into DVD format I did however have two tapes that I was not able to copy and these were forwarded by US mail with poppy converted and returned to me in 48 hours Obviously I am very very satisfied with the service that was provided and the job that was done at my request

05/24/2016 Video to DVD
- Pauline Gura from Az
I had a very old VHS tape and found the Home Video Studio - Glendale who said they could convert it to DVD. I brought it in and on the second day I received a call my order was ready. They are in a good location and easy to find. I could not be more happy with the results, the speed and the priceing.

05/02/2016 Video to DVD
- Jessic Merrow from AZ
I have a plastic tub full of VHS tapes that were not playing back correctly. Lots of static and double images. I thought I had lost all my childhood videos! Dunno what they did, but they brought the tape back to life and put it on a DVD. The quality is as good as it ever was. Super happy. :)

04/28/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Ralph Hey from AZ
I was looking for a service to transfer an old & damaged 8 track audio tape. Called & set up a an appointment. I was able get right in . I was more than impressed with Richard and his operation. I was completely comfortable asking all my questions. He was very through as he explained what he could do to in meet my needs. I was very confident my project was in good hands.

04/27/2016 Video Services
- Byron from AZ
It is rare, in our "Me First" society, to find someone who made ever effort to put the customer first. Perhaps I am just a product of my generation but I really appreciated the service Richard and Mary Lopez provided. They carefully explained what they would do, what it would cost and how long it would take. And, they kept their promise. Thank you both and I have recommended you to two of my friends.

04/27/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Pat Fairchild from AZ
I have been very satisfied and pleased by the professional manner with rapid and quality results. I certainly recommend them.

04/26/2016 Video Services
- Kara Jasper from az
Great service, great product

04/26/2016 Video to DVD
- Terry from AZ
Service was excellent and the final product was awesome. Highly recommended!

04/25/2016 Video Services
- Amy Meeker from AZ
It was such a easy process,they were quick,they responded to my e-mails and phone call. It was such a great experience,it was a fast turn around time and they did a great job,great price.

04/22/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- CA. from AZ
We had an old audio demo tape of my Grandfather's (he was an actor, news anchor and narrator) and didn't know what was on it due to it being on an old tape reel and I wanted to get it transferred to a CD to give to my Mom for Mother's Day.....Richard did a great job and in a very timely manner! He was great to work with and very professional. He even gave me an additional copy! Thanks to him we can listen to my Grandpa's lovely voice for generations to come! Thanks Richard!

04/08/2016 Video Services
- Johan B. from AZ
Richard provided professional & excellent service transferring old VHS video to DVD, & making copies of other DVDs. I'm confident to refer this business for your audio/visual projects.

03/31/2016 Video Services
- Pat from AZ
business is in a home but is very very professional. owner appears very knowledgeable and services done in a very timely manner

03/29/2016 Video Services
- Big J from az
Richard did a nice job and quick turn around

03/29/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Harriett from AZ
Mr. Lopez was very accommodating and explained everything very thoroughly. His estimated completion of our request was done earlier than expected and was very happy with that.

03/29/2016 Video Services
- Bato T from AZ
"Although I consider myself being familiar with video conversion process, I learned a lot from Richard while he was explaining the equipment which will be used for conversion and their capabilities. I cannot express how thrilled I was with the quality that the conversions of 40 years old 8mm video came out in. "

03/24/2016 Video Editing
- Terry Biagi from AZ
Just a quick note to say that we were totally satisfied and very impressed with the video product received from Richard Lopez and Home Video Studio in Glendale, AZ. It was a tough job to blend armature videos from a DSLR and Mini DVD, maintain a consistent audio, and blend in some music. All done seamlessly.

03/05/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Candido Ocampo from AZ
They do an amazing work. Good edit, fast respond, fast duplicate, good quality and good price. I would recommend this to anyone.

02/27/2016 Video to DVD
- Bill from Az
"I took in a precious family video on VHS that had orginally been transferred from the 8mm film back in the 70's. The tape would not work as the tape had stuck together. They fixed the tape and were able to transfer it to DVD and make copies for my brother and sister. Highly recommend them to take care of your family memories as well. "

02/23/2016 Video Services
- Carol from AZ
I used Home Video Service twice to make a CD and later a DVD, and I was very satisfied both times with the quality of the work and the price. Richard was very friendly and helpful.

02/19/2016 35mm slide transfer
- Kathy M. from AZ
Extraordinary response time. Sent it on Monday and I think my project was back in my mailbox by Friday. Converted old slides to .jpg photos. THANK YOU very much. Richard was very professional and very customer oriented. Kathy M. Gilbert AZ

02/13/2016 Video to DVD
- Burtwmarty from AZ
"I had Hi 8 film transferred to dvd on two separate occasions. My experiences with home video studio were very satisfactory. They answered my e-mails promptly with all the info I requested. Their turn around time was very fast, & their quality of work excellent. I would recommend them highly to my best friends."

02/11/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Tony from Cuyahoga Fall, OH
Richard is not only a great technician, tranfering a 52 year old 8mm wedding tape to DVD, but also a caring person. We needed it done on very short notice to have ot time for my mothers memorial service and he came thru for us. The quality of the DVD exceeded our expectations. I will recomend him not only for the quality of his work but also because he cares about your families cherished memories.

02/11/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Anne Duke from CA
Richard and Mary Lopez turned my box of 40+ ancient film cassettes into two DVD's in just a few weeks at a reasonable price. I am very pleased with the personal attention that my special editing request was given. I have already recommended Home Video Studio to others.

02/11/2016 Video Services
- Jim from TX
"I found Richard to be extremely fair and straight forward. He fixed a broken tape and transferred it to a disc. He also created a disc from a 16 year old 8MP video tape. He even did the tape fix before charging me, stating that if he could not fix it, he would not charge me. Quality of work and the end product is excellent."

01/23/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Larry from Clark
"I found Rich to be very professional with an abundance of good people skills. He finished my request in a very timely fashion. He also explain everything to me that I needed to know. I would certainly refer him to all!

01/16/2016 Audio Tape Transfer
- Freda B from AZ
I took some 40 + year old cassettes tapes to be transferred to CD's, Richard did an excellent job in a very timely manner and I would definitely recommend his studio.

01/13/2016 Video Services
- D. Deever from Az
Home Video Studio reproduced all my cassette family films onto DVD's. The work was done efficiently and quickly. The customer service was excellent. I continue to use them.

01/12/2016 Video Services
- Tamra from AZ
"Courteous, timely, willing to discuss options. Good overall experience."

01/12/2016 Video Services
- Tom K from Az
"The service was prompt, very satisfactory, & cordial."

12/26/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Robin from Peoria
I can't thank Richard enough for the amazing job he did of transferring our home movies (8mm) and VHS tapes over to DVD !! It was a big job ( 22 reels ) and 2 VHS tapes and everything was delivered early too !! I LOVED being able to give each of my adult kids the DVD's of memories that they can now share with their own kids. The quality of the movies that he transferred over was excellent!! The home movie reels were almost 36 years old ...AMAZING !! Thanks again !!

12/21/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- Clayton from AZ
Richard Lopez treated me with respect and expedited the order so I could have it for Christmas.

12/18/2015 Video to DVD
- Linda McDonough from AZ
"This company came to me as a recommendation from someone and I'm very pleased that I called. The DVDs turned out great and the service was excellent. I'm considering returning to have some 8mm films converted to DVD as well."

12/15/2015 Video to DVD
- Earl from AZ
Experience was what I expected, except the office is in a residential home. Professional service at the price I was quoted, and done on time. I will be sure to use them again.

12/07/2015 Video Services
- Gary from az
"Quality equipment, professional service, and great prices. The only place I will go for future projects!"

11/26/2015 Video Services
- Ed S from AZ
Rich Lopez was the expert and knew exactly what we wanted. He took the time and patience to explain everything. Excellent service!

11/25/2015 Video Services
- Janean from AZ
Richard produced excellent DVDs from my 36 year-old sound/movie film. He also edited VHS tapes I had and then transferred the content to DVDs for me. He completed the project and had them ready for me way ahead of the promised date. Great work! Thank you.

11/21/2015 Video to DVD
- Emilio Lacal from AZ
I gave Richard at Home Video Studio 30 years of old family videos. It was quite an extensive order. My experience with this company and Richard himself was exceptional. All videos are numbered and of good quality on DVD's. My order was ready a week before promised. I recommend Home Video Studio wholeheartedly.

11/18/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- Lora L from AZ
We lived in Japan for a year in 1963 when I was 5. My dad bought battery operated transistor tape recorders for us and our family in California so we could record messages to each other on 3" reel to reel tapes. We found the tapes when my sisters and I went through my Mom's belongings after she passed. I wasn't sure what was on there but I was hoping something good. I took them to Home Video Studio and Richard transferred them to a CD. He went to a lot of trouble adjusting the speed as he went, to try to have the voices sound normal. What an excellent job he did! Many voices from the past - aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins and my dad who passed away when I was 18. What a treasure. My cousins and remaining family are planning a reunion so we can all listen. Hats off to Richard for having respect for and taking such good care of these irreplaceable tapes and memories. Excellent work - I highly recommend this company.

11/14/2015 Video Services
- Marlene from AZ
Everything about my experience with home video studio service with Richard was A+ all around. It was above and beyond what my highest expectations would have been.

11/11/2015 Video Editing
- Ed B from Phoenix
very satisfied with dvd and will continue to use their services and recommend to others

10/28/2015 Video Services
- Kandy F from AZ
needed dvd copies ASAP to go into the mail the same day. Mr Lopez was very nice & helpful and did the work right away for a very reasonable price. Will use again.

10/10/2015 Video Services
- Carlos Gaglio from AZ
very friendly and very good service.

09/19/2015 Video Services
- Kelly S from AZ
technically excellent professionally excellent friendliness excellent helpfulness excellent completion on or before promised I already have and will continue to recommend your service to my friends and acquaintances.

09/13/2015 35mm slide transfer
- Bob B from Sun City West
Thank you to Richard and Marry for assisting on two projects. They first digitized over 800 35mm color slides on a very tight schedule several years ago. The slides were from the 1960s to the 1980's. This year they made up a video program using about 300 of the slides that I selected to be used at presentations at conventions.

09/11/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- George from phoenix
Ive had many tapes and cassetts transferred from my collection and always happy with the results. Richard is very accommodating and thourogh.

09/10/2015 Video Services
- Helen B from AZ
Thank you Richard, you were referred to us by Susie Meese, and I will most definitely refer you if anyone I know is looking for the services you provide! It has been a pleasure to work with you...your service is fast, efficient, accurate and courteous! Thank you again. Helen Breunlin

09/02/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Chris C from Peoria
My parents have a large collection of family home movies on 8mm which were collecting dust in their basement. We heard about Home Video Studio from a friend so we called and talked with Richard. He was friendly, professional and answered all of questions. So much we trusted him with our family treasures and are very happy with the result. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone needing their services. We plan to have HVS convert other movies in the near future.

08/31/2015 Video Services
- V from AZ
Thank you home video services, you do excellent work and I will continue to be a dedicated customer

08/24/2015 Video Services
- Derek from Az
Rich was great and understood my video needs and was able to quickly create my family DVD.

08/24/2015 Video to DVD
- Sharon A. from AZ
Great service and super quick! I was late getting my wedding video transferred to dvd for my anniversary and they helped me out with rushed service. It was an old low quality video and they made it pretty decent. Thanks guys!

08/19/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- Joy Campbell from AZ
Home video studios did a great job transferring an old vinyl record to a more usable CD for us. A treasured recording from the 1970's, we are glad to be able to listen to it again. Their office was easy to locate near Arrowhead Mall but without without traffic hassles. Everything was handled professionally and quickly.

08/18/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Lee Rowen from AZ
Dear Mary and Richard, I thank you for your prompt and excellent production of my old 1930's & 1940's films. It is amazing that you got that much from the films. It was very enjoyable seeing faces and places I hadn't seen in years. My father always said that my mother had a habit of cutting off the top of his head but looking at the pictures that he took showed body parts so mother wasn't so bad after all. The picture I loved the most was my maternal Grandfather and Grandmother, my mother, with my Great Grandmother holding me as a baby. There we had 4 generations together. I'll try to get some of the other film off to you soon. Sincerely, Lee Rowen

08/15/2015 Video Services
- Chris W from AZ
I highly recommend Home Video Studio! I have used their services twice, and they did a superb job both times! They truely care for their quality of work and for their customers!

08/10/2015 Video to DVD
- Michelle Hamilton from avondale
Thank you for doing such a great job on our family cd's, that was outstanding work. They turned out so good, now we have our memories on cd's forever. Thank you for getting this done for me. Michelle

07/20/2015 Video Services
- Sharon b. from AZ
Price is good and they get it done at a timely manner! I have dealt with them twice, friendly and does what you want! Highly recommended!!!

07/09/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Lita Herd from Az
I was extremely pleased with the professional and friendly service. I asked for my order to be expedited and they turned my order around extremely fast. I am very pleased with this company and have recommended to my friends.

06/27/2015 Video to DVD
- Dr. Dan K from Phoenix
Our experience with exceeded our expectations with prompt, expeditious and courteous service. We highly recommend their services. Respectfully, Dr Dan Koontz, Host of Healthy House Call radio show

06/21/2015 Video to DVD
- Kevin from Peoria
Very happy with my experience. Richard was able to transfer 4 VHS and 1 Hi-8 tape to DVD's over an afternoon. All turned out very well considering the quality and age of the tapes. I will recommend to others, and will take my future business back to them.

06/13/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Jenna H. from Surprise
I was extremely happy with my experience! My family had given me an old 8mm video tape and asked to get it transferred to digital ... so with help from my friend google I was led to reach out to Home Video Studio. Richard was very helpful, and I was able to bring the tape in the day I called, and received the digital version within a few days. The more mature members of my family were grinning from ear-to-ear to view the contents of the tape overseas in England ... and for me, it was just so fantastic to see a video of my deceased great-grandma, who I was very close to growing up ... and my dads 70's flowing locks made an appearance! Thank you so much for your help Richard, and I would most definitely recommend the services of Home Video Studio.

06/12/2015 Video Services
- John S. from Surprise
Richard was fast , friendly and knowledgeable. He also helped me with my computer issues. A real Pro. Highly recommend. John S.

06/11/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- Brian Johns from Maricopa
Took an old cassette tape there and they transferred it to a CD and saved a family memory. Thank you so much!

05/18/2015 Video Services
- Joe Skoczen from AZ
I had a DVD transferred to MP4 so I may post on you tube. The finished product was ready before promised; Richard was very knowledgeable and did a fantastic job!

05/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Ginny from Surprise
We had wedding videos from a 8mm and from my phone. Richard did a excellent job editing the two together without a skip in the ministers voice. We also had VHS made into DVDS. Will be going back to have more done.

05/08/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Mark from Buckeye
I recently took some vhs tapes to have converted to dvds. They were done as promised, looked great and i was very impressed with all of Richards equipment. i will continue to use Home Video Studio for any future work.

05/04/2015 Video to DVD
- D Hicks from AZ
The service was fast and on time as promised. Very professional and informative. Definitely will be using them in the near future.

04/24/2015 Video Services
- Sandy L. from AZ
Awesome job on our video! Everyone loved it!

04/09/2015 Video to DVD
- Mike E from AZ
I spoke with Richard. He was very nice and professional. I had a 30 year old VHS that had my grandparents 50 year anniversary on it. It had several issues. Including tracking fading sound and even a television program accidently added on it. It took only one week and when I got my DVD copies back. Richard had totally cleaned the footage up and made it a fantastic video to watch. Fantastic service at a great price!! Thanks Richard you guys are the best! Sincerely, Mike Edwards

04/09/2015 Video Services
- Gary M from AZ
Very flexible with required schedule, prompt service

04/08/2015 Photo Videos
- Carmin V. from AZ
Richard does an amazing job. You get exactly what you want, plus his expertise of creating a beautiful video of memories. This is the second video Richard has done for me. Professional, listens to your needs, will fix if it is not what you wanted, and timely in getting the project back to you are just a few things you get from his services plus so much more. I would HIGHLY recommend his services to anyone.

04/06/2015 Video Editing
- Sturger W. from AZ
Family was here for Easter yesterday - - played the DVD you made of Brian's guitar concert. The "outtakes" at the end of the concert were a huge hit! Worth every penny of the entire project. Your addition of the guitar music to the soundtrack over the "outtakes" was fantabulous. Also, now have a very happy Son-in-Law! Thanks so much for your professional adaptation of my raw recording. Sturger

03/29/2015 Video Services
- Michael Y from AZ
Excellent service, great communication and quick turnaround time! Highly recommended!

03/27/2015 Photo Videos
- Josie from Az
I was very satisfied with the service I received from, they where very professional, their work was done on time. I would recommend them to others. Josie

03/14/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- Aron C from AZ
I had 2 challenging projects. The first to copy a number of 50 year old 3" reel to reel audio tapes recorded at 1 7/8 ips to CDs. The second to copy a large number of 30+ year old slides to a DVD. Home Video Studio did great work on both projects, the results were outstanding, on time and at a reasonable price. Definitely a business to recommend and to work with you on your video projects.

03/08/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- Jane Jones from AZ
I am very happy with this company and how quickly they transfered our tape into cd's. Thank you

03/01/2015 Video Services
- Larry S. from AZ
Quality caring work in a timely fashion at a fair price.

02/26/2015 Video to DVD
- Chuck B from AZ
Great setup in his home office/suite. Has equipment to do it all!! Very professional and very good at what they do!! Got my cassettes copied to DVDs in less than a week. Excellent service!! Will definitely use again and highly recommend.

02/11/2015 Video to DVD
- Sidonia from AZ
The entire transaction was very easy and my DVD was returned promptly.

02/04/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- Christy P, from AZ
I had a couple of audio cassettes from the 80s which had meant a lot to my family but were no longer available. I wanted to have my copies (used, but in good condition) made into CDs as a surprise gift to my sons who had recently mentioned how they wished there were CDs available of those particular cassettes. I contacted Home Video Studio for information/pricing and less than 2 weeks later I received copies for them and myself in the mail. The sound quality was EXCELLENT! I will be using this service in the future and can recommend their work without reservation.

01/18/2015 Video Services
- Scott Meyers from AZ
I have used this Business a number of times now to have family moments and memories preserved. In each case I received personalized service and outstanding results. I can count on HVS getting the job done right. Why take a chance on anywhere else?

01/15/2015 Duplications
- Sam Johnson from Chandler
They had copied a 33 record to a CD for me in the past. The next 33 I had was a rare direct press that belonged to the recording musician. I did not want to ship it or mail it for fear it would get hot in the Phoenix weather and warp the record. I drove it up to them – about 65 miles. Richard and I spoke for a few minutes about what I wanted done and realizing that I would have to come back to pick up the record Richard suggested doing it while I waited. It was refreshing being the customer and having the vendor care about what would be good for me even though it was not convenient for him. That has been lost in business – But NOT here. I was able to drop the 33 record and the 2 CD’s I had made for the musician off to him on my way home. Thank you Richard and Mary. REst assured when I need something they do Richard will get my business. They are Great people and they do great work.

01/13/2015 Video Services
- Misty Seagle from AZ
I have used Home Video Studio multiple times for the past several years. They have made DVD's from several older versions of mine. The DVD's have been great quality and they have great customer service.

01/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Barb Y. from AZ
Great people to work with! Richard took our "60 year old" Home Movie film and converted it to DVDs. They turned out great! Now they can be viewed and the memories preserved forever! He also has converted some VHS and snapshots to DVD for us.

12/23/2014 Video to DVD
- Debi Elder from AZ
I found Home Video Studios to be fast and effective. They did a wonderful job and completed it quickly during the busy Christmas season. I plan to take more tapes to them after the 1st of the year. I already recommended them to a neighbor!

12/16/2014 Video Services
- Barb B from Peoria
Richard was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Because I went in with old v r tapes we previewed them first to see what I wanted to do with them. I decided to go with CDs for all four and was excited to have them ready bey Christmas. He even called with a question and kept me abreast of the progress. I am very pleased with the outcome and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.

12/10/2014 Video Services
- Barb B from AZ
Richard was helpful and recommended things that were helpful.

12/09/2014 Video to DVD
- Laura Anderson from AZ
It came out better than I expected, grouped discs by years without me having to label them. Was well worth the price.

12/05/2014 Video Services
- Chris E. from AZ
As I passed through the aether into existence, the Creator of All sprinkled me with three or four specks of historian dust. Not enough to make history a complete passion, but enough to make me the person in my family people think of as the genealogy freak, and enough so I can bore you with tons of local details and history rather than interesting stuff like Miley Cyrus' latest bid for attention and universal love. I've won a cash award for preserving oral history, am a Contributing Correspondent to the Historical Marker Database,, and I have restored history and family connections to a shattered family who lost track of details after various members hit the party trail, abandoning all. When I found out one of my neighbors was of a pioneering Albuquerque family (1648, not 1848), a cavalryman before the Second World War, a pilot by the Korean War, and the second Hispanic officer in the Army Air Corps/US Air Force, the Historian Dust tingle kicked in and I decided to do a Library of Congress Veterans History Project oral interview with my neighbor. You can do a Library of Congress Veterans History Project oral interview if you wish, but that is another yelp* for another year. I ended up with about two hours of material using 20 gigabytes of disk space. That's four DVDs. And my result did not start running immediately upon insertion into a DVD player. It required file system and media player knowledge I have too much going on in life to master video conversion, editing and DVD production. Got Memories in Tempe converted 40 hours of Super 8 home movies for me two years ago. They would not touch digital files. They recommended Home Video Studio. Richard is a quiet, humble man whose hobby turned into a vocation. The inner Richard may well be a former engineer quivering with joy at the chance to plunge into the Pool of Geekdom to retrieve your analog or digital memories and bring them to you modern and shiny, ready for the next step in technology, saving the past for another generation. I was greeted by a sharp dressed man, polished loafers, razor-pressed chino slacks, Home Video Studio logo'd polo shirt, recent haircut. A serious pro. His work environment was all about production. Organized, neat, exemplary. He has equipment to convert nearly any format of magnetic tape to digital sound track or digital video. Reel-to-reel, cassette, Beta, Betamax, VHS, VHS 8mm. I don't know if he can convert 8 track music to digital. Richard can convert all forms of home movies, duplicate videos and DVDs, convert slides and negative to digital. He has a small video studio with green and other screens for legal and sports scholarship video, lectures and other studio video production work. He also has sophisticated software for video editing and production work. To summarize, Richard and his team are professionals who can handle a wide manner of image and sound conversions, editing services, and general video production. Richard can do

12/02/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- H. Baird from Glendale
Excellent job converting 45 year old reel to reel movies to DVD!!!!! What a joy to have these precious family memories preserved for future generations!!!

12/02/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- H. B from AZ
So thrilled to have old reel to reel home movies that hadn't been viewed in 45 years transferred to DVD.

11/29/2014 Video to DVD
- Kathy H. from AZ
We were very happy with the DVDs that were made from "very old" video tapes. We requested a quick turn around and were provided the DVDs within a week's time frame. Thanks to Home Video Studio my entire family had great entertainment at Thanksgiving.

11/21/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Lorran Meares from Tucson
Dear Richard, THANKS for the great super-8 to video transfer service. Sorry if the footage was unedited and even suffered from improper exposure in places, but your color/exposure corrections helped a great deal and the time you took to create fades between individual reels made everything look much better. I'll be sending more work your way in the future, and it's good to have you so close by. Thanks again, Lorran Meares Tucson, AZ

11/20/2014 Video Editing
- Mark Keil from Phoenix
Working with Richard was easy, comfortable, and his knowledge and equipment are second to none in making a video!

11/04/2014 Video Services
- Marilyn Wessel from AZ
Home Video Studio in Glendale is a business I would highly recommend! They were very professional and very accommodating with my busy schedule. They were easy to find also. Loved what they produced for me. The quality was excellent.

10/30/2014 Video to DVD
- Denise C. from Glendale
I brought in a VHS tape of our wedding in 1991 to be converted to a DVD. It was just a couple of days before my anniversary and not only did Richard convert it as a rush order but he did a special label for the DVD as a surprise without charging. I also brought in 35 mm slides of my parent's 1952 wedding that he put on a flash drive so that I could add other photos to it to make my own DVD. I was very satisfied with everything!! He has a very nice home studio!! Denise Casper Glendale, Arizona

10/30/2014 Video Services
- Denise Casper from Az
I was extremely happy with the service I received from Richard at Home Video Studio!!

10/29/2014 Video Services
- Ted from AR
I found Richard to be professional and prepared. His lab appears fully equipped for any type of video project. I am a first time movie maker and did my own editing via iMovie. I took my project to Home Video Studios to simply burn some DVDs. I quickly learned that to make a nice final package required more effort than originally thought. But Richard walked me through the steps and in short order I had a final packaged product I was proud to send to family. Circumstances made me late for every appointment but Richard still fit me into his schedule anyway. I will use Home Video Studios for future projects.

10/17/2014 Video Production
Thank you for a great job on converting some old vinyl records to C/D's. GREAT JOB. Thanks again.

10/15/2014 Video to DVD
- Harvey Brian from AZ
They did a great job for me on an old tape (41 years old). The work was done and finished as promised. Very professional.

10/05/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Joyce H. from AZ
Home Video Studio has always done great work for me. The work is always done promptly and I know I can trust my films to them.

09/11/2014 Video to DVD
- Charles G from AZ
We had a Video Cassette recording dated in 1994 and wanted it copied to a DVD. We found Home Video Studio on an internet search. The business had good reviews and we contacted Richard via telephone. He was very courteous and we made an appointment for the next day drop off of the cassette. We received the DVD copy in about 3 days. The service and finished DVD were excellent quality and we could not be happier.

09/09/2014 Duplications
- Kerstin from Surprise
Richard helped me transfer a priceless interview I had with my grandma from cassette tape to CD so it would be better archived. He was professional and understood the importance of my project, even if small. I was happy with the end result. I will be bringing more things to them.

09/06/2014 Video to DVD
- Vince K. from AZ
Thank you homevideostudio for taking the time with me while going through video selections, your work is great and I can't wait to get my other videos transfered to disc

09/06/2014 Video Services
- Steve W. from AZ
I found Richard to be very very professional and the pricing was very reasonable.I would HIGHLY recommend Home Video to others.

08/25/2014 Video to DVD
- Marcus Dash from Montana
Excellent quality work. Quick turn-around. Used twice with similar results.

08/23/2014 Video Services
- Lenore G. from AZ
Hi Richard, You were very kind to spend the time and effort with me yesterday, and I thank you sincerely. I certainly will refer others to you if the occasion arises, and I am happy that you are there. I was impressed with your expertise. Please know that I take a personal interest in any and all expectant parents. Therefore, I ask you to refer others to me if it seems appropriate. With appreciation, Lenore

08/18/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Mary K from AZ
I believe Richard did a wonderful job of transferring our Super 8 film to dvd. The different styles of music that he applied was a nice touch too. I also thought he was very timely in getting it all done. Very nice surprise for my family to see nearly 40 year old film on dvd.

08/04/2014 Video Services
- Evelyn Driver from AZ
The Home Video Studio in Glendale is a very professional and efficient company. I was impressed with their office. They are committed and enthusiastic about their work. I look forward to having them do more videos for me.

07/30/2014 Video to DVD
- Cara S from Tucson
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Lopez, Loved the DVD you created for me. I will be forwarding it to a family member back in PA. Thanks again, great work. I will recommend you for future business. Regards,

07/26/2014 Video Services
- Scott from AK
I appreciate for helping out my 84 yr. old dad find some memories. thank you scott

07/24/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Jay G from AZ
The professionalism was impressive; Richard a good face of the business; equipment impressive. I thought it was a tad pricey, but the quality and the service were great.

07/24/2014 Video Production
- Kelley Greenburg from Sun City
Richrd & Mary Lopez are complete professionals from first meeting to the completed project. Their attention to details, on the spot editting, suggestions to make the end product more effective to our end users, was a very enlighening experience. We are completely satisfied with every aspect of our business experience together. We will spread the word and use their services many times over. Thank You So Much Home Video Studio!!! Kelley Greenburg & Sylvia Bailey "Girl's Nite Out" - Sun City, AZ

07/16/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Chuck R. from Phoenix
I highly recommend Home Video Studio in Glendale, AZ. Working with Richard to transfer 24 years worth of family treasures from various formats to DVD format was truly a pleasure. I enjoyed his knowledge, professionalism, and getting to know him so much that I kept bringing more and more work to him. Richard has all of the equipment needed for all your transfer services: tape, 8mm, all camcorder types, photos and slides to DVD/Blu-ray/HD. He also does event filming and will use him next event we have. Give him a try, you will not be disappointed. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Let Richard create your family treasures, you won't be disappointed!

07/15/2014 Video Services
- Rosie Haltigan from AZ
I couldn't be happier with the service I got. Great work and fast turn around time.

07/15/2014 Video to DVD
- Joseph O'Neill from Az
Thanks for the fast turnaround. I found your website on google. It was the most professional site with the best visuals and description of your services I could find. As the card I enclosed with my order indicated, I am a voice actor, working mostly on audio books. If you have any need for voice-over work, I'd be delighted to compete for it.

07/09/2014 Video Production
- Jennifer Payne from Peoria
We had a video slide show done for our Dad's retirement. We came in with over 300 pictures and lots of ideas! Richard listened to our ideas and made the most amazing, touching DVD that was just perfect! Richard was so kind to work with! We will use hime again!

06/19/2014 Video to DVD
- Dave Ryan from AZ
I needed to get a VHS tape converted to DVD very quickly and Richard did a fantastic job. The DVD worked great and the price was VERY reasonable.

06/19/2014 Video to DVD
- Beth Hoban from AZ
Friendly, Informative but the best is Speedy!

06/19/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Alan Castello from AZ
We had some old 40-50 year old family films that home video studio in glendale put on DVD's for us. What a fantastic job they did we can't thank them enough.

06/17/2014 Video Services
- Jerry R. from MI
We got a cassette tape of our Mom's funeral with all the beautiful solos. Then, I realized that most of our friends & family no longer have cassette tape players. What to do? Our Sunland Mortuary suggested that I call Home Video Studio. I spoke with Richard and he assured me that he could convert our tape to an MP3 sound track. He worked quickly and for less than $22 he set up a MP3 file on a CD disk. He also broke it into 5 parts so I could easy send email attachments. I was very pleased with the fast, economical, and courteous service. I highly recommend Home Video Studios which is a national chain. Jerry Roslund

06/16/2014 Video Services
- Sam J from AZ
Richard did an absolutely fantastic job converting the LP to a CD. Even the picture is great on the CD. If I have anything else that needs doing that Richard does he will certainly get it.

05/30/2014 Duplications
- mark johnson from phoenix
wonderful to find a service where treasured audio on cassette can be preserved on digital before degradation

05/15/2014 Video to DVD
- Kay Schmidt from Glendale
Richard transferred all of our old VHS home videos to DVD for us. The job was completed about a month ago. We are thrilled with the job he did for us. The videos were family videos for the past 27 years and we are so glad to finally have them transferred to DVD. We have been watching them with our grown children over the last month and they have brought us so much joy to see them again. Richard had them ready in less than a week. They were very well organized and labeled. It was so nice to be able to drop off the VHS tapes and to be able to meet Richard rather than having to mail them someplace and not knowing who would be doing the work. We highly recommend Richard and his Home Video Studio.

04/30/2014 Video to DVD
- Happy C from AZ
It was a great experience! I dropped off my tape on Tuesday & my order was ready the next day. Quality was great considering the tape was from 1988. I highly recommend Home Video Studio.

04/12/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- John from Glendale
Richard is very professional. I felt good about leaving our precious home videos in his possession. He did a great job!

04/12/2014 Video Services
- Norma Apodaca from AZ
Service was timely, professional and good value for money. Will use Home Video Studios again and highly recommend them.

04/10/2014 Video to DVD
- Terry from AZ
I needed a VCR recording of my father singing, transferred to a DVD, for his funeral. Richard was so very helpful to complete the DVD in one day as needed. He was very professional and patient to transfer only certain sections of our VCR recording. I would highly recommend Home Video.

04/08/2014 Video Services
- Elizabeth Johnson from AZ
I was extremely pleased with Home Video Studio's service from the first phone call I placed. Richard and Mary are both friendly and professional in their manner. The work was completed quickly, and the product was perfect....exactly what I wanted. I have already recommended them to a family member, and will continue to recommend them to family and friends in the future.

03/27/2014 Duplications
- Roy from Az
The CD they did for us turned out awesome, better then we imagined. Would definitely use them again.

03/26/2014 Video Services
- Roy from AZ
Hi Richard We were very happy with your product and should we need more and / or know of anyone needing your services we will definitely recommend you. Thanks Roy & Rhonda

03/26/2014 Video Services
- William F from Az
Outstanding customer service, polite, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

03/21/2014 Video to DVD
- Jacki F from AZ
I am so glad that my friends knew about Richard and his work. I had mentioned that I wanted to have some special family VHS videos put on DVD's and two of them recommended Richard. He did a great job and even finished the DVD's ahead of what he told me.

03/13/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- Ellen Conklin from Escondido, Ca
Thank you so much for your help and expertise transferring our home movies to dvds. Your service was quick, prices were not as bad as I expected and dealing with you was a pleasure ! The whole process was easy and everything worked out perfectly ! We really appreciate it ! Thank you !!!

03/08/2014 Video Services
- Byron from Az
Hello Richard, Thank you for your follow up message. My wife Sandye and I really appreciate your consideration and you fulfilling our request and to have our video produced and ready sooner than you committed to. We will definitely return for your video services. The Ethier's Byron & Sandye

03/02/2014 Video Editing
- The A from AZ
I had 8 mm movies of some friends that I wanted scanned and restored. The film was shot around 1967. I also wanted to add appropriate music and some additional slides and photographs. I sent Richard my movies/ideas/slides and he generated an excellent video for me. He correctly interpreted my instructions and added a few embellishments I hadn't considered. I am very pleased with the results.

03/02/2014 Video to DVD
- none from Az
Richard Lopez is a classy guy with classy equipment. He can resurrect your worst VHS recordings!

02/26/2014 Video to DVD
- Sam from AZ
They got it on Friday and shipped it on Saturday. It can't get any better than that.

02/24/2014 Video to DVD
- Ursula from Az
Hello Richard, Thank you so much for the DVD, and your prompt and efficient delivery service. I was a delightfully surprised to note that you edited information out I was hoping for. The quality of the DVD is excellent and clear. Your professional service is impressive and beyond my highest expectations. I look forward to continue working with you on the next project. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

02/18/2014 Video to DVD
- Mike & K from AZ
We have used Home Video Studios in Glendale, Arizona on two occasions and have been extremely happy with their professionalism and quality of their service. Their pricing is very reasonable. We plan to use them again in the near future.

02/18/2014 Video to DVD
- Laurel from AZ
i am extremely happy with the product i received and the help i received when i had a question after my service.

02/15/2014 Video Services
- Chic S. from Az
Five Star's across the board. Professional, cordial, and superior product. Price was "spot on".

02/03/2014 Video to DVD
- Dick from AZ
Richard is very professional,the 8MM to DVD transfers he did for me are excellent and ready sooner than I expected. This is the place for updating of old videos etc. Would and will recommend them to anyone.

02/02/2014 Video Services
- Doug/Nancy from AZ
Service was outstanding, finished product better than expected.We are totally satisfied. Doug/Nancy.

01/30/2014 Video to DVD
- Fred C. from AZ
Great service. Great product. Will be glad and happy to recommend to others. Keep up the great work. Thanks, Richard.

01/24/2014 Video Services
- Erin from Az
We shoot video of our pastor's sermons for the church website. The ports (USB & firewire) on our camera stopped working and we had nine mini DVDs to download for computer editing. Found Home Video Studio online, called Richard and he had some great ideas. The price was reasonable and the turn-around time was incredible! Very professional service that I would definitely use again and highly recommend to anyone who needs help with old technology like we had! Thanks to Richard and Mary Lopez, Home Video Studio, for helping us solve our backlogged video problem!

01/19/2014 Video Services
- Joe from AZ
Richard was very helpful with the transferring of some seminar speaker cassette tapes to CD. The audio quality is excellent. I would recommend them to my friends.

01/14/2014 Home Movie Transfer
- G.B. from Az
My daughter made first contact to have a broken video tape repaired/restored and was very concerned because it was all we had of our first ten or so years as a family! When she received the first products she was so happy and drove to my home to get it to me. I to was impressed by the dvd until I tried to make copies for my kids. I was unable for some technical reason to copy the cd then when I went to copy the tape I found that it was broken. I called richard and within three days I had four additional copies I could pass to my kids. I was very impressed with the professionalism and attitude of Richard and his company and wish other organizations could take heed to a true American Company attitude as expressed by Richard.

01/11/2014 Video Services
- Genie from AZ
This was definitely a great experience! I had some very old tapes made into CD's and was very happy with the professional and speedy way it was handled. I would definitely recommend Home Video Studio!

12/20/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- David L. from Surprise
Very pleased with the pricing and service for our project of transferring audio recordings from a large tape reel to CDs and mp3 files. Highly recommended!

12/20/2013 Video to DVD
- Dawn H. from AZ
I was hesitant about going to a private home, but pleasantly surprised at the office/studio and professionalism there. Also happy with how quickly they completed my project since it was a week before Christmas. Thanks!

12/13/2013 Video to DVD
- Lindsay from Az
I wanted to get my in-laws wedding video from **** transferred from VHS to DVD and was very nervous about bringing it to just anyone and sending it out in the mail was just not an option. After some research I found home video studio and decided to give them a try since they were local. I am very happy that I did! Very good communication and excellent job on the DVD! The price was unbeatable and the service was fast and easy. Highly recommended and will use them again!

12/11/2013 Video Services
- Wolfgang Lessing from AZ
I really appreciate the service I have received from your Home Video Studio. You returned my video and DVD in 2 business days. Thank you and I will contact you again with other projects.

12/08/2013 Video to DVD
- Teri from AZ
They were amazing! For the same service somewhere else I would have paid a lot more! The service was great and they had my videos ready within 2 hours! Awesome! :) So grateful and I am already busy recommending their service!

12/06/2013 Video Editing
- Mildred Edwards from AZ
I was more than pleased with the level of professionaliam and the end product from this transaction. Mr. Lopez was always available for input and accomodating

12/06/2013 Video Services
- Tom from AZ
I had several tapes and was not sure of the content I was looking to digitize.Richard helped me to quickly look at them to find what I wanted. As it turned out, there was only one that I was able to use. He immediately digitized it for me and the cost was low. Everything about the experience was exceptional. Highly recommended!

12/01/2013 Duplications
- George from phoenix
getting my husbands music organized from cassettes to CDs hasbrought him great pleasure and deven discovered some songs he didnt know he had. A wonderful job!

11/25/2013 Video Services
- Misty from AZ
I have used Home Video Studio two times now to convert old VHS to DVD. Their service and communication was great.

11/13/2013 Video to DVD
- B.W. from Scottsdale
Richard delivers as promised. Very well done. I would gladly refer anyone I come in contact with that needs the services his firm renders.

11/01/2013 Video Production
- Michelle from OH
Everything from the start was very professional. They found their way to the location (a field that was hard to find on google maps!) and on time. Very pleasant experience. I would recommend them to anyone.

10/23/2013 Video Services
- Edith Jenkins from AZ
I called Richard asking about converting a VHS tape to a CD. This was a very special tape since it captured my parents' 50th anniversary celebration 22 years ago. My dad passed away in **** and my mom had just passed away. I was leaving to go to Michigan for the funeral the following day and was hoping I could get a CD made to share with my family. Richard took care of the conversion from VHS to CD immediately and was very professional and understanding. I was able to take the CD's with me to Michigan. I would recommend him to everyone who needs any of the services he provides.

10/23/2013 Video Services
- Marilyn Olinger from AZ
I have worked with Richard Lopez for more than 2 years and couldn't be more satisfied with the product and service. Using Home Video Studio for business purposes, I find it refreshing that Richard is so good about meeting his commitments on time. Now a days that seems to be worth a great deal.

10/18/2013 Video Services
- Stan Carr from none
I have now used the services of Home Video Services twice. Once with a large order, and once with a small order. Both orders were handled in a prompt, professional Manner. I was offered a refund when I made a mistake in my payment. I never would have known.... I recommend this service highly

10/03/2013 Video Services
- Debbie from Glendale
Richard and Mary I was extremely pleased with the turnaround time you provided with converting my cassette to CD, and especially appreciative of the fact that you did not charge a "rush" fee. My dear friend passed away suddenly recently and this cassette contained memories of him. Thank you SO much. Debbie

09/19/2013 Video Services
- Starlit from Az
Hi Richard, I just wanted to thank you for your service and tell you how much I love my CD’s. I cried so much on the way home listening to my mom’s voice that I haven’t heard for 31 years that I probably shouldn’t have been driving. What a treasure I have found, thanks to you. I can’t wait to share them with my Dad and brother. I may call you and bring by one more of my Grandmother’s preaching because the one I gave you was not what I thought it was. It seemed more to be her testimonial rather than one of her sermons. One of her sermons is what I really wanted to hear. She was quite the fiery preacher. Thanks again for your awesome service. I will certainly pass it on.

08/29/2013 Video Services
- Heidi from Az
I had two video cassettes that I was unable to watch on my VCR due to the age and deterioration. I took them to to home video studio and he was able to save them by converting them to DVDS. Not only did he preserve them on DVD, but he was able to restore footage I thought was lost! These cassettes are very special to me because they have family members who have since passed on, and it was a wonderful thing to see and hear them again on the DVD! Thanks so much for your excellent work!

08/28/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- John from Az
Richard, I can't thank you enough for the great job you did on my reel to reel transfer to CD you brought back memories that could not have a price put on them and thank you for the service and turn around on my little project that was huge to me. Thank You !!!

08/19/2013 Video Services
- John from AZ
Our company needed an old VHS tape to be converted to a DVD and Richard saw me the same day and had the converted product ready the next morning! Richard and Mary are extremely polite, courteous and helpful. I would recommend Home Video Studio for any conversion need AND they have a photography studio complete with green-screen abilities!

08/17/2013 Video Services
- Larry G. from AZ
Your service was quick and the cost was quite affordable. When you‚re on a fixed income, every penny counts... I will recommend Home Video Studio‚s to anyone that would be in need of your services. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

08/17/2013 Video Services
- Clipart Mountain from AZ
I appreciated the fact that I could personally drop off my VHS tapes and did not have to mail them out of town to be worked on. Thank you so very much for being in my area!

08/16/2013 Video Services
- Bill Erickson from AZ
Had done business with Richard before and needed some extra DVD's and he had them on record and had them done within 1 day of telephoning him. Excellent service and I would recommend them to anyone.

08/14/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Fred Corbus from AZ
After having my analog tape converted to a CD by another firm in California which turned out to be a disaster, upon personally meeting Richard I immediately felt confident his outfit could do a fantastic job. I was right!

08/11/2013 Video Services
- Trisha Carver from Glendale
Thank you for the amazing video! We played it at our 15 year anniversary party and there was not a dry eye in the room! It was so well done and a true keepsake. With much appreciation, Ben & Trisha Carver

07/18/2013 Video Services
- Hackenberg from Az
The whole process was explained to me and I had 4 hours of 8mm film transferred to digital (DVD). It was a surprise for my husband and he was very happy with the results.

07/16/2013 Video Services
- Kaio ahhing from none
Very satisfying service for me and the product was very well copied or converted, I definitely will use this again when the need arises and will recommend this to all my contacts if they desire the services provided by Homevideo.

07/16/2013 Video Services
- Michael Ostapuk from Az
I had an old Sony Beta Max tape of my daughter's dance recital when she was 4 years old in ****. I found lots of VHS businesses that did conversions to DVDs, but had no leads locating one that could handle Beta. Finally, I found Home Video Studio online, talked to Richard, and got same day service from Richard who was willing to accommodate my schedule. Richard was professional throughout the process. I was thrilled to find someone who could handle a Beta Max! Michael Ostapuk

07/08/2013 Video Services
- Chuck W. from Anthem
"Home Video Studio Inc. helped us by converting a collection of 1950's reel to reel recordings to digital CD. They are very professional, the recordings were of great quality and we actually got our recordings a couple days prior to the deadline. I would definitely recommend Richard and HVS Inc. and will continue using the service myself." Chuck W. - Anthem, AZ

06/10/2013 Video Editing
- Greenbrier Elementary from Glendale
Our school, Greenbrier Elementary, needed a descriptive video explaining our excellence as a Core Knowledge focused school. Richard really came through for us. He put together a true representation of our quality staff, students, and school. Greenbrier is the only school in the Deer Valley Unified School District with the focus on Core Knowledge learning. With the help of Home Video Studio and Richard, our school will continue to thrive. Thanks again! GREENBRIER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Check out the video at

05/22/2013 Video Services
- ukes4me from AZ
very fast service and the dvd turned out perfect. if i have any other work to be done, will come back. i have also recommended the service to my friends. thx

05/20/2013 Video Services
- Barry from AZ
Everything promised for the price was delivered. They converted an old VHS tape to a usable DVD of a graduation keepsake. Thanks Home Video Studio.

03/13/2013 Video Services
- Celso from AZ
I will not hesitate to recommend Home Video Studio. Richard was very professional, courteous and exhibited willingness to help. He has vast technical knowledge and tells you what is is. No lies or sales pitch. I was very pleased with the way he enhanced the **** video of our wedding that was recorded in an old Betamax tape, which he downloaded into a DVD disc.

03/07/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- John & Arlene from CO
Thanks so much for your help on our old, old home movie reels. We were so pleased that you were able to work with our time schedule, as we were just visiting your area for a short time. Our family is certainly enjoying the DVD's you made. Thanks!

03/04/2013 Video Services
- Bob from AZ
I was very impressed with the professionalism, capability, and timely response to my recent purchase. The information and details associated with the service were presented in an open and honest manner and produced the results I expected.

02/28/2013 Video Services
- Geoff Scott from AZ
Great customer service. I brought in around 70 tapes. Two were broken and I had no idea if each tape was full or only had two minutes worth of video. They explained the pricing, offered different options, fixed the broken tapes and only charged me partial for tapes that were less than half full. It took just over a week. We are very pleased. Price, Quality and Quick turnaround were why I chose homevideostudio and I am glad I did.

02/26/2013 Video Services
- R.M. from AZ
Fast service. Really nice customer interaction. Completely satisfied.

02/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Carol from Sun City
I am very pleased with the transfer of my 8mm movies to DVD. It has been many years since I saw these and they came out very good. I enjoyed working with Richard very much. Very customer service oriented and I received my DVD earlier than expected. I will use them again and have recommended to family and friends.

02/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Carol from AZ
I was very pleased with the DVD I received with my 8mm movies transferred. The turn-around time was great. I received it earlier than expected. I enjoyed working with Richard & Mary. I will definitely use them again. I am in the process of locating other movies to be transferred. I am also recommending them to my friends and family.

02/23/2013 Video Services
- Ron Wesley from AZ
Richard was great and professional in every way. The work was done to my total satisfaction and the price was reasonable. I will return if I have similar projects.

02/14/2013 Photo Videos
- Nancy K from Phoenix
Their service and products were outstanding. They were very polite, prompt and reliable. We are recommending them to our friends and family.

02/14/2013 Video Services
- Robby from Glendale
I got everything I needed from Home Video Studio. Great service and well worth the money. Thanks again.

02/14/2013 Video Services
- Peggy from Scottsdale
We were completely satisfied with our videos. They were completed in a timely manner and in a completely professional manner.

02/14/2013 Video Services
- Renee from Glendale
My experience was really good. I had a video to dvd project and they had my dvd ready when they said they would right on time. They were very nice to work with. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio for any projects

02/14/2013 Video Services
- Steve Throneberry from Glendale
The video I needed copied on to dvd was over 10 years old and not of the greatest quality. The transfer to dvd was better than I could have hoped. A great job and most appreciated.

02/14/2013 Video Services
- Wetdog from Arizona
Outstanding! Great people to deal with, and fast service.

02/05/2013 Video to DVD
- MARYBETH from Peoria
We are so very glad to have found Richard and Mary Lopez and Home Video Studio. We think they are the best! Their immediate responsiveness, cooperation, dedication and thoughtfulness to get the job done with what we needed is so very much appreciative. You will be very pleased with establishing a business relationship with this company. You will not be disappointed.

01/24/2013 Video to DVD
- Jim Dilettoso from Peoria AZ
My experience with Richard Lopez was/is very positive. It is a nice place, good people, quality product, good prices. That the whole enchilada. I recommend working with Richard and Mary Lopez Jim Dilettoso Producer/Director

01/23/2013 Duplications
- Carl from Glendale
I needed to get two copies of two video discs. Richard did the job professionally and quickly (within an hour) and very reasonably priced (less than $10/disc). His service was excellent, and I strongly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone who needs such services.

01/22/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Susie B. from Glendale
We were in a real time crunch to have a vhs tape transferred over to a dvd for a 50th wedding anniversary party. I was on the phone all morning calling different places that I knew did this type of work. No one could help - we were looking at 3 - 4 weeks minimum. In desperation, I looked on the internet trying to find out if there were some instructions that could guide me through doing it myself. That's when I found Home Video Studio! I called immediately & after talking to Richard, I headed over to their office. Not only did he get the job done for me within the same day but the price was extremely reasonable. Their company is very professional & the dvd turned out great! They offer a ton of services & I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone for video production needs. Thanks, Susie B. in Glendale, AZ

01/16/2013 Video Editing
- Jim Deemer from Glendale AZ
Wonderful sevice, Richard was so helpful editing my video and putting it on Youtube. I also feel the cost was very reasonable. I will refer others and use this service again.

01/12/2013 Video Services
- Kathy Riazi from Phoenix
Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did making my three old cassette tapes into a CD. The cassettes had my dear old dad singing and playing his guitar and I cherish them deeply. With them on a CD I don't worry that the tape will break. The sound is a lot better as well! Thank you for the excellent service, it was a pleasure meeting you, and I definitely will recommend you to my family and friends. Kathy

01/10/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Bill Erickson from Surprise
We discovered that we had a an old VHS tape from 1990 of our daughter who passed away in 2006 of breast cancer. We could no longer play the tape because we don't have a tape player anymore. We took the tape to Richard and he made a DVD of it for us. We viewed it this afternoon and found that he had did a wonderful job transferring it over. We are going to bring several more tapes over to him to get the same thing done with them.

01/09/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Kim from Phoenix
The folks at Home Video Studio are great to work with. They are professional, yet small business oriented and care about each and every client. My VHS to DVD and cassette tape to CD transfer went so smoothly and the work was completed before the promised deadline. Great job!

01/04/2013 Video to DVD
- Sharon from Scottsdale
Could not have been more pleased with Richard or their service. Needed something transfered from VCR to DVD for a Christmas present and they did it in record time. DVD is fantastic and it was a WOW as a gift this Christmas. Thank you so much your great service.

01/03/2013 Duplications
- Pat Taylor from Sun City, AZ
I am so glad I found this Home Video Studio.service. They were so cordial and helpful on the phone and in person. They did a great job on a very special VHS tape made in 1997. I was in a bit of a rush for the new DVD and they had it done in 3 days. Thank you so much Richard and Mary. I would definately use your services again and encourage others to also. Success to you in 2013 Pat Taylor

12/24/2012 Video Services
- Special from Us to You!
Video to Dvd Conversion

12/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Marie from Arizona
I was very pleased with the professional, prompt and quality service. The Lopezes, were wonderful to work with, courteous & efficient. I would and do recomend them and will use them again myself.

12/06/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Christine E from Phoenix
I was very impressed with the service provided, they were friendly, professional, timely and did exactly what I asked. I will be returning to them for my future needs.

12/04/2012 Duplications
- Ahmad from Phoenix
Richard and Mary Lopez were professional from start to finish. The work was done in a timely fashion and the quality was nothing short of excellent. Thank you both and... To your journey!

12/01/2012 Video to DVD
- Marilyn from Sun City West
Richard was GREAT! Due to holidays we advised we were not in that much of a hurry so he could enjoy holidays with his family, but he did the transfer of 13 of our old videos onto cds in a most professional manner. These old videos over 20 years ago. We are more than pleased with the professionism and prompt service. It was a pleasure meeting him and I would recommend him to anyone who wants to have their personal memories restored/it's going to be a great gift to our daughter and memories for her of all her championship figure skating competitions. Maybe something she'll hand down to her children some day. So happy we could rely on Richard as old tapes fading away. Thank you, Richard!

11/18/2012 Video to DVD
- Ron Eggleston from Phoenix
Our experiences with Richard Lopez' s services have been excellent. Richard is very knowledgable and skilled...he has been very professional, personable and reasonable in our dealings with him. I would recommend Richard to any of my family or friends.

11/04/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Rose from Phoenix
professional services completed in a timely manner.

10/23/2012 Duplications
- Neil Steinhoff from Phoenix
Perfect duplication from a record. Very professional and very fast.

10/15/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Clinton from Phoenix
And... I took the VHS tapes to Richard in the afternoon...and the DVD was done about an hour later! :)

10/15/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Clinton from Phoenix
I found this service via internet search, and was very pleased to find that the price for what I needed done was FAR less than what most others wanted (about half). I was also pleased to be greeted in Richard's office (a converted residence in north Phoenix) with courtesy and professionalism, which is all too rare in these last days... Richard went above and beyond what I payed him for. He transferred my movies from VHS to DVD, and even made me a special disk besides that which was formatted differently so that I could upload it to my youtube channel. And, when I was having difficulty uploading it a few days later, I called him, and he changed the format, and uploaded it for me! Excellent price. Excellent service. Five stars. That's real. Thank you, Richard! May God bless you and your business for the work you have done for me, in Jesus' name.

09/12/2012 Video Services
- Julie from Rio Verde
We had a bunch of music cassetts that Richard and Mary transfered to a thumb drive. Now we have hours of the type of music that we like to listen to in the car. Old foggy stuff. It was all done in a very timely manner. Would use them again if the occasion arrises.

09/05/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- gil garcia from goodyear
The service at the Home Video Studio exceeded my expectations. I needed a job done on short notice with quick turnaround and got it, with quality to boot. Thanks again to Richard and Mary! Sincerely, Gil Garcia

08/30/2012 Duplications
- S.L.Pringle from Sun City West
great service, friendly, on time and good product! plus, a good price.

08/03/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Arlene from Glendale
I had some 35mm slides converted to jpeg. Richard and Mary Lopez were friendly...great customer service. I received my order in a timely manner. I am a satisfied customer.

07/16/2012 Video to DVD
- Tom from Waddell
Ricahrd did a bang up job for me quickly and hope to use his services again soon for other transfers from Video to digital format... thank you so much!! Tom Smyth

07/11/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Harvey from sun city
They did a great job I can now see my wedding the modern way, on a disk, Thanks again Harvey & Deb

07/11/2012 Video to DVD
- Sarah Jones from Phoenix
Our business needed to update a H.R. Compliance VHS videotape to DVD. I worked with Mr. Richard Lopez and he was very helpful and courteous. We mailed the tape to their office in Glendale and the updated DVD arrived back to us as promised. The finished product is excellent. Thank you to Home Video Studio for a wonderful experience!

07/11/2012 Video Services
- Sandy from Glendale
I had an old exercise cassette that was just perfect for at home physical therapy and within 4 days Richard and Mary had me back in the current century exercising away with a new CD. They are conveniently located and easy to find. Thanks, and my body thanks you

06/09/2012 Video to DVD
- Jean from Sun City
I had about 6 VHS tapes of family pictures from the 1950's onward along with tapes of my dearly departed grandmother and mother. Richard was able to transfer all the tapes to DVD's and I can play them just like a movie on my TV. I also had 2 audio tapes of my grandmother's funeral and a cherished telephone message from her telling me "she loved me and goodbye". I now can listen to that tape clearly again by using my TV. The quality of service was awesome and I am very thankful to have cherished memories on DVD to pass on to my family someday. I'm thinking of having additonal work done with his great professional movie equipment. I plan on talking or singing to my children and having Richard tape the whole thing one of these days because his fees are so resonable. Its good to know a guy like Richard and have the Home Video Studio almost next door.

06/03/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Don from Glendale
Took some old super 8 films and made a great project, including music!! Thanks for a terrific service!

05/29/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Gene Moan from Flagstaff
We took our very old 8mm home movies to Richard and Mary in the hopes that something could be salvaged. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. Memories from over thirty years ago came alive on a truly professional DVD set to music. We showed the DVD at a family reunion with our five children who were astonished to see their parents on their wedding day! Richard and Mary also made a copy of the DVD for each of our children at a very reasonable cost. Now everyone in our family can treasure memories of family. Thank you Richard and Mary for the fine professional work that you did it making this possible for us. Gene and Margaret Moan Flagstaff, Arizona

05/07/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Martha from Phoenix
After reading some great reviews of Home Video Studio, I knew I could trust them to do professional work even on the rush-job I needed done. Unfortunately I didn't realize I would spend over an hour in traffic to drop off my vhs and another hour to pick it up the next day. The job was important and the time investment was worth it to me, but when Richard asked how far I had driven (what a great customer service question!), he told me he'd bump my project up the schedule and he'd have it ready in 30 minutes. It was so thoughtful of him to offer and made a huge difference in my schedule that week. He definitely provided a value far better than what I had hoped for.

03/18/2012 Video Services
- Cynthia & Jerry from Phoenix
Richard copied several VHS tapes to DVD's for us in 2011 and then 2012 developed a DVD from actual photographs of our recently deceased Golden Retriever. The photographs played to two songs of our choice and included beautiful photographic scenes chosen by Richard to assist in the flow of the video. The end result in both cases has been a professional product at a reasonable price. We are very pleased and will return in the future with other projects and will also tell all of our friends and family about this wonderful service.

02/17/2012 Video to DVD
- Hung Nguyen from Glendale
Great Price and Great service.

12/30/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Thelma from Phoenix
Richard cheerfully and promptly redid my discs when I told him about a particular problem.

12/17/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Ray from Glendale
I broke a VHS tape and tried to fix it. Big mistake. I took the pieces and irreplaceable video to Richard, and one day later, voila!!! Tape is again useable and I have all of it on DVD, for less than $50. A bargain, and the DVD is professional, chapters and all. Use their service and you won't be disappointed.

11/05/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Nola D from Glendale
We had home movies with several requests for different portions to transferred to DVDs for different people-not an easy task & they were done early & very well. Highly recommend this service to others.

11/02/2011 Video to DVD
- mia from laveen
Richard and mary Did a great job ! contacted them to transfer movies from VHS to DVD. was pleasantly surprise that the Job was done way ahead of schedule! the price , service,and quality is beyond what i had expected Totally Satisfied!!

10/26/2011 Video Editing
- Dennis Del Valle from Glendale
We appreciate for your prompt and professional service! Our entire staff are very impressed with your work. You've turned something from mediocre to wonderful products! We would love to recommend you to any of our families and friends!

10/25/2011 Sports Scholalship
- Karah from rIRbfYTdWgiSHRJ
I wtaned to spend a minute to thank you for this.

10/15/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Bob B from Glendale
Thanks for your prompt and expert efforts in transferring those old VHS tapes to DVD. We have enjoyed looking at them and find viewing the DVDs much more convenient than the VCR. ( The "stars" of the recordings are now in high school and college.) In just a few months we shall place the DVDs under our daughter's Christmas tree.

10/14/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Tom F from North Mankato, MN
Richard, Even though my order was quite large at more than 60 videos to transfer to DVD, I was very pleased with the speed at which you got my order done, also with the quality of the product and the very nice packaging of 8 DVDs in each easy to use hard cover package to make sure that my DVDs are safe from damage, as well as the cost. I have recommended your service already and will happily do so in the future. I will have need to use your service again, I failed to have a few things transferred that need to be. Thanks again, Tom

10/13/2011 Video Production
- James B from Glendale, AZ
Richard, Thank you for the great customer service and professional video editing and production with our project. I was so pleased by your patience with all of my questions, and your persistence to get the job done in a timely manner. You maintained the highest level of quality from start to finish. You have definitely met and surpassed our expectations. See you on our next project! James B

10/09/2011 Duplications
- David & Sandy Rivero from Sun City

10/02/2011 Duplications
- Sharon T from Scottsdale
Home video studio did a vary professional job for me. Would readily use their expertise again. Highly recommend !!!

08/15/2011 Video Services
- Susan L from Glendale, AZ
Richard came to my rescue the first time when I had only one copy of a video which included a short video of my mother baking bread; I needed someone to make a duplication in-house so that I had no worries of the precious video being lost. Richard did a great job in record time. Most recently, I took my own Movie Maker video in parts to allow Richard to put onto one DVD. He was able to add a professional menu, in addition to creating a custom DVD cover for my sister's 50th wedding anniversary. Turn around time was amazing since I also wanted several copies of the finished video. Also, I finally took our VHS video of old 8mm family films for Richard to transfer to DVDs with a custom label for the DVD cover. Both Richard and Mary were so wonderful to work with as I called, consulted, and explained my needs. I highly recommend their services which come with that personal touch.

07/28/2011 Duplications
- Mike Regan from Scottsdale
Richard was able to transfer a very old religious LP (not avaiable on CD) to a CD delineated by track and made a beautiful color label identical to the jacket cover. The elder church member, who the copy was done for, was delighted to be able to once again hear her beloved songs.

07/25/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Teresa from Phoenix
Richard helped us transfer our home movies from JVC tapes onto CDs. It was an easy and pleasant experience working with the Lopezs. We are happy with our movies, and only wish we had known about Home Video Studio sooner. I would recommend this company to others!

07/18/2011 Duplications
- Jerald from Glendale, AZ
Fast service. Very Professional work. I would use again and would recommend to anyone.

07/18/2011 Video to DVD
- Kate from City
HVS transferred a VHS tape to DVD for me. The end product was great, and the turn-around time was very fast. Additionally, they were highly responsive and the entire transaction was done via email and mail. I highly recommend HVS!

07/13/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Debra from Phoenix
We are very pleased with the services we received. I would highly recommend Richard for VHS to DVD transfer. He's fast and reliable and has top-notch equipment that has allowed us to preserve our memories in a lasting, watchable format.

07/08/2011 Duplications
- Janean from Phoenix
Richard transferred a very old cassette tape to a CD; and then he made multiple copies for me, as well. The cassette was of my husband's grandfather and now ninety-three year-old father singing, so it has great sentimental value to our family. His work was excellent, professional, and he had my order ready before the projected pick-up date. I'm very pleased with Richard's work and with Home Video Studio!

07/06/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Lucia from Anthem
I had 7 rolls of old film from the 70's to transfer to DVD. They were a Mother's Day gift for my in-laws. Home Video Studio did the trasnfer a lot quicker than the estimated time I was given. The quality of the video was better than I thought they were going to be. Home Video Studio was very professional and great to work with. I would use them again in a heart beat. Thanks for preserving my husbands childhood memories!

06/09/2011 Duplications
- Roseann from Avondale
Richard and Mary, As I was looking for a company to transfer my VHS to DVDs, I wanted to make sure I did my homework. I came across your web page, after reading the testimonials I knew I found the right place. It was importanat to find the right place to handle them with care. My 20 year old son was only 7 months old when his father passed.Two of the VHS tapes that you transfered are the only videos of my then Husband holding our son. We have pictures but they are just a snap shot of that moment, a video can take you right back to that moment as if it were happening live..I watched them the other day only to cry with joy...There are NO words to express how THANKFUL I am for your service and professionalism. I most definately use your services again and I would like to Thank you so very much for handling some of my most precious memories with care..

05/26/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Team O'Neill, Inc. from Peoria
I went to Home Video Studio to transfer a Betacam tape to a DVD; the staff was fantastic! I had tried to get the video transferred from Wal-Mart prior to finding Home Video Studio and was very dissappointed, Home Video Studio was able to get me my video the next day since I had already waited so long due to an error from Wal-Mart. They were so nice, helpful and very efficient. The quality of video is great! I'm so happy I found them! Thanks!

05/22/2011 Photo Videos
- Terri from Peoria
We had Richard and Mary put our anniversary party pictures onto a DVD. We were also given a picture DVD as a gift that wasn't working and he was able to transfer it for us so that we could play it and keep it as a keep sake. The style and additional graphics they added was unique and we are very pleased. We will use their services again when the time arrives.

05/13/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Bob Riley from Goodyear
Dear Richard & Mary. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I felt you did an outstanding job at a reasonable price and in a timely manner. I was pleased with the outcome. I will certainly do business with you again in the future if the need arises. I will also recommend you to my friends and neighbors.

05/10/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Don Barnes from Phoenix
Richard, I recently turnedover to you my "treasure trove" of 8mm film dating from 1956 to to1973. You turned them in to CD discs that were every bit as good as I had hoped; Thank you for a job well done.

05/03/2011 Video Production
- Carmin Ford from Phoenix
Richard~ I cannot thank you enough for taking the memoires of my daughters life from birth to senior year and making it special - I cannot wait to show it at her graduation party which is only 22 days away as a surprise. I have watched it about 10x and I still cry. Thank you so much- You are amazing !

04/19/2011 Sports Scholalship
- Allan Deela from Waddell
I needed to transfer my sons wrestling video cassette to DVD for distribution to college coaches for recruitment purposes. Mr. Lopez stepped up and delivered within two days they were calling to say the DVDs were complete with editing, special features. My sons name and a picture of my son wrestling printed on the disc. The results were well above my expectations and worth every penny. I would recomend their service to anyone.

04/18/2011 Photo Videos
- Peony from Scottsdale
Richard did an excellent job with my pre-wedding photo montage. The slideshow came out better than I expected and I am excited to share it with our wedding guests. This slideshow will be played at the rehearsal dinner and great gift to give our parents and to keep as a momentum. He matched the photos perfectly to the music and used enough transitions to keep it interesting. Service was quick and after receiving the final product I noticed a typo. He quickly fixed and made right.

03/21/2011 Duplications
- kathleen leitzel from scottsdale
Last month I took 2 audio cassettes to be transferred to cd's.They were for my daughter's birthday but I took them at the last minute and didn't think they would be ready. But they were. What a great job Mr. Lopez did. They were over 25 years old and they sound wonderful. I will surely return when I need more things done. Thank you so much!

03/08/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- The Fenslers from Peoria
The Lopez's did a wonderful job of helping us to see our precious family videos again. Precious moments not left on a shelf but viewable at any time.

02/18/2011 Duplications

02/16/2011 Video to DVD
- Mairead Bertoli from Sun CIty West
Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did with my old tapes transferring them to DVD for me. We can now watch our old videos of our Family and Friends many of whom are now deceased. The job is very professional and your service is superb. I will be recommending you to my Friends and Neighbors.

01/24/2011 Duplications
- Carol from Peoria
Richard - Thanks so much for the CDs you created out of old cassette tapes of my family. You were able to clean up the tape which was originally recorded in the 1940's and included my grandma singing to my grandpa's fiddling, along with my uncles and mother playing and singing. What a family treasure! You were quick, and friendly, and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you!

01/17/2011 Duplications
- Liah Holtzman from Scottsdale, AZ
It is a pleasure for me to be able to save some songs from the 70's which were only on audio tapes. Having them converted to CD's by Home Video was quick and easy and high quality. Thanks.

01/17/2011 Duplications
- Bob George from Peoria
Dear Richard, What a pleasure to deal with someone who not only is a professional but really cares about the customer. The 35 year old cassette I sent to you was a musical "KISMET", that my deceased brother starred in 35 years ago for Scottsdale Chamber Opera. I have searched for this since Walter's death in a motorcycle accident, and finding it was truly a miracle after all these years. He has Daughters and Granddaughter who have never herad his amazing talent and thanks to you, that will no longer be the case. Your tireless efforts in making this cd for me will be continued blessing for me and all of Walter's family. Thank you so much for all of your efforts. Sincerely, Robert George

01/12/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Melissa Jennens from Phoenix
Richard digitized the 47-year-old wedding 8mm video of my parents, and six 30-year-old reel-to-reel tapes that my mother sent to my father while he was in the service. Since the passing of my mother, these were like gold to us to watch and listen to on Christmas Eve. Richard was able to do it before I left for Christmas, and I will definitely use him again.

01/11/2011 Video Services
- Susan from Phoenix
It was so wonderful on New Years Eve to be able to view all of the DVD's you created for us from our 20 year old VCR tapes! What a wonderful service you provide! Thanks for making us a priority even during the busy Christmas season. Keith & Susan

12/10/2010 Duplications
- John Garwick from Glendale
Thanks Richard for such fast service. I appreciate your ability and capability to help with so many media options. I would recommend your services to anyone I know. Sincerely, John Garwick

11/29/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Suzette from Glendale
I can't say enough good about Richard and Mary. My husband has gotten old VCR tapes from family members with home movies on them that you could barely make out the voices. Richard cleaned them up and copied them onto DVD's with the quality of the recording significantly improved. One of the tapes that I brought to Richard was completed in the same afternoon; he knew that my husband was anxious to get the finished copy. I hadn't requested that Richard rush the job! I will take all of my video needs to Richard and Mary.

11/20/2010 Duplications
- Charlene from Salome
Well I can't say enough good things about this studio. I needed help and they did it. I had an audio recording that broke at the end of the reel and I called, even before they were open, and got an answer that yes they could help. The service and communication was excellent and the product they created was exactly what I wanted. If you need help just give them a call and they can probably help you.

11/17/2010 Duplications
- Jerry Travis from Dun City West, AZ
I had a nearly incomprehensible autio tape 35 years old. I took it to Home Video and Richard cleaned it up and duped it on a cd. Now every word spoken is clear. Thanks for a wonderful job, Richard and Mary Lopez

11/17/2010 Video to DVD
- Judy Roberts from Glendale
This month Richard added photos to the family keepsake video he produced in June. It's even better and seeing Richard was like visiting an old friend. He makes the effort so easy and his ideas are GREAT! I'm also having him transfer old VCR exercise tapes to DVD!

11/12/2010 Video Services
- April from Phoenix
I used Home Video Studio to transform a video to dvd for work and was very happy with the company. They did my job in a timely manner and I would highly recommend them!

11/12/2010 Photo Videos
- Lorri Aspaas from Glendale
Hi Richard, we want to thank you for doing such a good job with our family's memories!! DVD turned out beautifully. I watched it alone that nite and cried and laughed and the music makes you want to get up and dance, my family will love it!! We will definitely recommend your company to friends and family. Thank you again, Dan and Lori Aspaas

11/08/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Susie Meese from Goodyear, AZ
After my Mother passed away in September 2010, I wanted to make a tribute video of my Mother's life to share at her memorial. I had a 16 year-old vhs video I had made elsewhere for my Mother's 60th Birthday that I not only had Richard convert to dvd, but also added an additional 10 minutes of pictures and music in digital format. Richard did a wonderful job converting an old vhs and made it flow beautifully in to the more recent pictures and music. He took a great deal of time to understand exactly how I wanted the dvd to flow and I couldn't have asked for better results to celebrate my Mother's life. Beautiful quaility and genuine caring went into my project.

11/01/2010 Duplications
- Diane from Phoenix
I had a reel to reel tape of my senior recital that was 40 years ago. I searched all over Phoenix to find someone who could convert it to a CD. I was told that it could not be done. Richard told it would not be a problem and has converted this tape and two cassette tapes for me. He was professional, fast and affordable. I am very impressed with the outcome. I highly recommend Home Video Studio.

10/01/2010 Video to DVD
- David M. Shapera from El Mirage
I am very grateful for the work performed by the Lopez's in converting my LP to CD. This LP is rare and I wanted to send copies to family members back East. Very quick, professional, and reasonably priced services will keep us coming back. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

09/23/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Tom H. from Peoria
I had 50+ rolls of 8 mm film transfered to disc. Richard was very professional and had the work done before the date he quoted. Its so great to have saved all the childhood memories and be able to give them to others in the family. THANKS! Tom

09/06/2010 Video to DVD
- Rustom from Glendale
I just had some cassettes converted to CDs, and I was happy with the services. I can now listen to my collection on the go. Thanks Richard.

09/01/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- TJ from Avondale
A pleasure to work with and a fine product they produce. I have already returned to do repeat business and am looking forward to the results since we are going a little more creative this time. Richard and Mary, THANKS for the GREAT job!

08/18/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Pamela from Cave Creek
I recently had several old movies transferred with these folks. I was extremely impressed with their knowledge of the how to do this stuff! My videos turned out great! I am excited about transferring many more VHS and cassette tapes! They are very reasonably priced too! I highly recommend them! Sincerely Pamela,

08/14/2010 Video to DVD
- Russell P from Surprise
This is my second testimonial. Richard & Mary just finished coverting my old (1961 - 1970) 35mm slides to DVD and CD format, which I wasn't sure it could be done. I had over 400 slides for this project. I had forgotten about some of the pictures I took and now they are with me forever. Again, Richard and Mary were great to work with and I can't thank them enough.

08/03/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Leslie Steffes from Glendale
Richard transformed old Beta and VHS "dust-catchers" into beautiful family memories for us. What a joy to see our toddler again! Thank you Richard for very high quality work and for delivering the final product to us ahead of time. It was a pleasure doing business with someone who is caring and professional! Leslie

08/02/2010 Video to DVD
- Judy R from Glendale AZ
Thanks to Richard, this Xmas will be so very special for our family. I brought old VCR tapes and tons of photos and he worked MAGIC into transforming them to a 'surprise' keepsake DVD for my son and brother. Richard even used music I suggested for each person. He was thoughtful and caring of my wishes and the end product is excellent. I plan to visit him again with more photos and ideas!!

07/29/2010 Video Services
- Tony A. from Glendale
An excellent service by the Lopez family. They certainly epitomize customer service. A simple transfer of PAL to NTSC so I could reach back in time to our forces in England with depictions of the everyday life of the Army Air Corps in England. Thanks for your speed, ease in transaction, and overall genuineness.

07/22/2010 Video to DVD
- Adriana A. from Peoria
I was absolutely pleased with the services provided by Richard at Home Video Studio. I needed my VHS transferred to digital files and I needed it done quickly - Richard readily and efficiently made sure to cater to my requests. I have already referred others to Home Video Studio and will continue to use their services in the future.

06/28/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Russell P. from Surprise
Richard was great to work with. I had old super 8 movies with no sound from the late 60's and early 70's transferred to DVD format which turned out great. My kids really enjoyed showing them to their kids, which to me completes the circle. Memories forever! Thanks Richard.

06/22/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Tim Mickelsen from Glendale
Friendly, efficient, quality and a good price, I got everything I want from a business.

06/21/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Lori from Litchfield Park
We were so blessed by Home Video Studio. Preserving our memories was so important and they handled us with the utmost care. Their quality was FANTASTIC and we enjoy rewatching first Christmas', and other important milestones. Great service and quality workmanship! We felt they cared about our family history as much as we did! Highly recommended!!!

06/08/2010 Duplications
- Linda P. from Phoenix
After years of wanting to have several personal cassette tapes transferred to CD-Rom, I finally found Richard and Mary's business. These tapes held very high sentimental value for me and after entrusting them to Richard I was so very pleased to have them completed much sooner than the estimated date. The quality of the recordings and the visual presentation were superior to what I had expected. I will definitely return to Richard & Mary for future services and would gladly refer friends!

05/23/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Amy from Peoria
Richard and Mary's rates were very reasonable and when Richard found out that I was dropping the video off on our actual Anniversary, he found time to get it transferred to DVD that same day at no extra charge. The level of service was unexpected and much appreciated!

05/20/2010 Video Editing
- Marilyn O from Goodyear
I am extremely pleased with the editing provided by Home Video Studio.Richard was extremely committed to providing me with the best service possible. I noticed that if he felt something could be just a bit better, he would willingly take the time to make sure the final take was as best as it could be. I am extremely satisfied with the result and would recommend highly the services of Home video Studio under the direction of Richard and Mary Lopez.

05/13/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Jim Schwalenberg from Anthem
We're talking about a wedding from 43 years ago. A great job. A wonderful memory. The added music made the 8mm movie seem more alive. Thank you for the memories.

03/27/2010 Video to DVD
- Mary Kay H from Glendale
I was so excited to get back the DVD that I had taken in to be copied from an old 8mm film. Both my kids recently moved out, so the empty nest thing was getting to me. I loved the DVD which had videos of both my kids when they were much younger! I was impressed with how quickly it was done and the follow up on details. Thank you!

03/27/2010 Video to DVD
- Mickey from Phoenix
When our daughter-in-law mentioned that the only thing she wanted for Christmas was to get some old family tapes reformatted onto DVD, I started wondering where to find such a service. Then I spotted Home Video Studio's add in the Saguaro Gold Magazine. I contacted Richard and the rest is history. I have been very pleased with his professional demeanor, quick service and pleasing results. I am a repeat customer and already have plans to return again.

03/27/2010 Video Services
- Stacy M. from Peoria
Overall very pleasant person to work with. I had a vhs tape of my sister's birthday fixed and transferred to dvd and couldn't have asked for better quality. Gave them the tape on a Saturday and it was ready to be picked up on Monday! I'm 100% satisfied and will definitely recommend! b(^_^)d 2 thumbs up! Thanks!!!

03/23/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Carol from Phoenix
Richard did a great job transferring my home movies to DVD's. He worked with me on editing the movies and putting things in the exact order I wanted them. I have referred several of my friends to him. Thank Richard!

03/09/2010 Video Services
- Ed from Peoria
Richard transferred family memories from VHS to DVDs on very short notice. The DVDs were completed in a most professional manner and delivered when promised. Our family is most appreciative and recommends his services to one and all.

02/07/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Edwin from Phoenix
Richard was a joy to do business with in converting some old 8 mm home movies to VHS tape. He was pleasant, flexible and timely and I like the results.

02/01/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Tiffany from Sierra Vista
Richard was very quick to answer my emails. I needed an old VHS home video of my grandparent's wedding transferred to DVD before my grandfather's memorial service a week later. Richard had it finished and sent to me in no time. My family is really going to appreciate having a DVD copy of their own.

12/13/2009 Video to DVD
- Kim Thomas from Glendale
I was more than a "day late and a dollar" short on a promise to transfer a video of our family reunion. When I got around to working with the tape it was broken! Within 15 minutes of sending an email Richard called me. (I guess it pays to sign Desperate in Glendale.) The tape was sent to him that day and within a week I had a finished product in my hand. Talk about saving the day! I have passed on the contact information for Richard's company to other friends as well as people I work with, telling them what a great job Richard does.

11/27/2009 Home Movie Transfer
- Suzanne from Phoenix
I am looking for MORE stuff to transfer! Richard did such a fabulous job transferring an old VHS tape of a very special old family movie to DVD and making 5 copies so that I can give them as Christmas gifts to the family. He made a cute, themed label too! He is a breath of that old-fashioned service and interest that is just so rare nowadays... I can't say enough good things about this place. You can trust them to get what you want done, quickly, completely, and caringly.

11/20/2009 Home Movie Transfer
- Matt P from Tempe
I had Richard transfer all of our old family videos onto DVD for my wife's birthday. They were all in tape formats that we haven't had the equipment to watch for several years. It was a bit of a drive from Tempe to get to the studio, but it has proved to be more than worth the effort. Of course, I didn't think of the project until just a few days before the birthday, but Richard was very accomodating and completed the project quickly and very professionally. It was definately worth it. It is a gift our whole family has been enjoying ever since.

11/17/2009 Video Production
- Peggy Long from Peoria
You're the BEST!! My dad Dr. Kermit Long recently passed away. I asked a friend to find me a person who could make a DVD of his Celebration Service. A random shot of using Richard and Mary. They were so professional and compassionate at a very emotional time for our family. I have used them for puttimg my Dad's sermons on CD's to save for grand children and dear friends. I would HIGHLY reccomend these folks for any of your electronic needs you might have. So Richard and Mary there is more work coming your way as I just found a big box of Dad's other sermons that have to be saved on CD's. A true jpoy working with each of you Peggy Long

10/01/2009 Home Movie Transfer
- Alison T. from Glendale
I saw an ad in the Saguaro Gold Magazine for 100 feet FREE home movie transfer and I was hooked! I had 12 little rolls of film that are now on DVD thanks to Home Video Studio! I highly recommend this company for any video needs that anyone may have. Thank you very much!!!!!

09/28/2009 Video Services
- Barbara from Glendale
I needed three 8 millimeter cassette tapes transfered to Dvd for my sons birthday party and could not find anyone to transfer my tapes in time for the party. I called Home Video Studio and spoke to Richard and explained my problem. He immediately took my concern seriously and offered a solution. Long story short, he was able to complete the job the next day! Richard, thank you very much! The party was a successes.

09/17/2009 Photo Videos
- Diane from Phoenix
I was amazed how someone could take a box of pictures and transform them into a master piece video! One of my biggest fears was organizing all of the pictures, however, with Richard's help we made that part of it seem very simple and fun! I will be recommending Home Video Studio to everyone that I know. Keep up the good work guys!!!

06/06/2009 Photo Videos
- Dailyn E. from Glendale
My experience with this company was great. The Memory Keepsake I ordered was everything I expected. I would not hesitate to order from this company again. They made me feel that their company really wanted to please the customer. Thank you so much!

06/02/2009 Duplications
- John Smith from Phoenix
This company is the best I have seen, they did great work!

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