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Director/Producer(s): Joe Yurick
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My Press Releases:
Date: 01/25/2013

Title: "Studio Owners of the Month"

Press Release body:
Home Video Studio, an award-winning local business in Columbia, Maryland is owned and operated by Joe and Anna Yurick. Home Video Studio has been honored by being named, Studio Owner of the Month for the month of January 2013.

Joe came to Home Video Studio with a corporate background and prior military experience; in fact he worked in various positions at Honeywell for twenty-three years. Anna, on the other hand, came to Home Video Studio with a much more hands on background in people skills. With experience in real estate as well as retail her methods of improving quality and output have more to do with good old customer service. People respond to the competence and professionalism I portray, says Anna.

After four and a half years in their business, the Yuricks are going strong in their studio. They have, indeed, turned a passion into a profession and are making money with video. They have also learned a lot about video, about people, about business and about life. They have learned so much. They have now been honored by being named, Studio Owner of the Month for this first month of 2013.

When asked about their biggest challenges: My biggest obstacle was challenging myself to get out of my comfort zone, laughs Joe. Ive learned that to accomplish things on your own you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Anna offers: Plus you constantly need to be planning for the future of your business. Always being mindful of where new customers will come from. You almost need to be in two places at once  taking care of the present but always having your eyes on the horizon.

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