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Arthur Zepeda takes the 2014 "Hanley" for:
Best Studio Promo/Trailer

Best Use of Home Movie Transfer

Best Use of Titles

Best Mixed Photo Video Keepsake

Best Memorial Video

Director/Producer(s): Arthur Zepeda
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Are you looking for quality Video Services in Visalia, California? Look no further than Home Video Studio for all your video service needs. We transfer old film, 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, Super 8 sound and 16mm sound. Home Video Studio uses state-of-the-art digital frame by frame transfer. Our home movie transfers are of the highest digital quality you can get. Now you can also get your home movie transfers on Gold archive DVD's.

Visalia, California - Videos / Portfolio

Here are some of our videos that we have put up for you to look at.

Videos we have produced at our studio

- Arthur Zepeda Productions intro logo
Arthur Zepeda Productions intro logo

- El Diamanté HS Marching Band Seniors ~ Class of 2017
El Diamanté HS Marching Band Seniors ~ Class of 2017 A four journey in a high school marching band.

- Art’s Hanley Nominated, DDP Video Production 101 Class Submission.
While in Orlando Florida, at the 16th Annual Home Video Studio Getaway, I attended Frank Rohmer's Video Production 101 class. One of the things we had to do was produce a video. This video received a nomination for a Hanley as well!

- Photo Video Keepsake - Home Video Studio-Visalia - a match made in heaven 2.0 2016 Hanley Award Winning Video!
Nick & Vanessa Aleman's Wedding Highlight Video This video won a Hanley for "Cut and Paste Award for Best Editing" at the 2016 Home Video Studio Hanley Awards in Orlando, Florida!

- DVA is available in Visalia!
Video-to-Cloud – Digital Video Archive - DVA The New Way to Watch, Organize, Edit, View, Share and Preserve Your Memories! In the beginning was 8mm and 16mm film. Then came VHS, Beta, 8mm, Mini DV, and other video tape formats. DVDs were next, and we really liked them because they were slim and cool and gave us more control with features like menus and submenus and chapters. DVDs have been the state-of-the-art for more than ten years in the video and home movie transfer industry. In fact, Home Video Studio still transfers video to DVDs for our customers who request that service. But there’s a new kid in town – The DVA – the Digital Video Archive – Video in the Cloud. DVA is the latest technology and it is fast becoming the media of choice. These days we most often transfer everyone’s old VHS, BetaMAX, 8mm and Mini DV tapes to DVAs rather than DVDs. Here’s why: DVA is cloud-based. Your memories are safely archived - never again vulnerable to the elements, breakage, or being lost. Each of your old videos (your old memories) are transferred to new DVAs and uploaded to Digital Video Archive. You can then view, organize and edit your old memories. View your family videos on any computer, iPad, Tablet, Smartphone or Smart TV. Invite your friends and family to view! Our sharing capability is private and by invitation only – very family friendly. Add, change and re-title chapter markers online. Organize your new DVAs into albums (we call them Archives). You can also easily edit your videos. Memories, videos and DVA… they are one and the same! Never worry about the legacy of your family again. “Hey You…Get on to Our Cloud”™

- Home Video Studio film transfer vs Competition
Home Video Studio's Film Transfer Department has taken a big step forward in providing High Definition home movie transfer! We are proud to announce the arrival of our new MWA-Nova FlashscanHD for 8mm, Super-8 and Super-8 sound home movie transfer. Now you can have your film digitized and put on a DVD or a hard drive knowing it's being processed with the state of the art in sound and silent film transfer! With a completely digital path and the highest quality capturing codec (Apple pro-res 422) your home movies, even in Standard Definition, will look fantastic. And, if you want High Definition to a Blu-Ray DVD we can provide that in a 1280X720 resolution as well! Another great feature of the Flashscan is its sprocketless transport and laser frame alignment. What does that mean to you? It means no jerky film movement because of damaged sprocket holes. It means you see 100% of the frame even if the film has shrunk. Contact our Home Video Studio in Visalia today and ask about Home Movies on HD Blu-Ray DVD!

- Excalibur Mobile Detail Promo Video
This is a video I produced for Excalibur Mobile Detail in Visalia, Ca.

- Raiders for Life Boosters Tulare/Kings 25th Annual Kick Off Barbeque
This is a video I made for the Raiders for Life Boosters of Tulare/Kings Counties Annual Kick Off BBQ in 2015.

- Introducing Digital Video Archive! Video to DVA!
DVA for: Smartphone & Video Files DVA for: Film, Videotape & DVDs DVA for: Video Producers & Editors Upload your video - smartphone, tablet, computer, DVDs, videotapes, 8mm & 16mm film. Edit, enhance, organize and create! Find your audience. Invite friends and family. Share your videos and creations. Copy the special moments of your family and friends' lives and add them to your own DVA Archive.

- BPE Blues
Just about any man over 60 will recognize this symptom and maybe laugh about it.

- Home Video Studio in Visalia - Voicemail Greeting Announcement
Home Video Studio in Visalia, California is proud to announce that their voicemail greetings are now being voiced by Visalia's own, Casandra Castaneda! We are very happy Casandra took some time from her summer break from Eckerd College to do this for us! Music by John Woodward

- Anatomy of a Recording Session - Home Video Studio-Visalia
Starring Casandra Castaneda.

- What Can Home Video Studio Do For You?

- HVS Visalia Promo Video

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