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Director/Producer(s): Joseph and Wendy Rodriguez
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Are you looking for quality Video Services in Colorado Springs, Colorado? Look no further than Home Video Studio for all your video service needs. We transfer old film, 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, Super 8 sound and 16mm sound. Home Video Studio uses state-of-the-art digital frame by frame transfer. Our home movie transfers are of the highest digital quality you can get. Now you can also get your home movie transfers on Gold archive DVD's.

Colorado Springs, Colorado - Video Services Testimonials

Thank you for choosing Home Video Studio for all your video production needs. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate your comments.
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Video Services Testimonials from our valued customers:

11/20/2015 Photo Videos
- Beverly Lenz from Palm Desert
Abundant thanks, Joe, for the outstanding job done for the video pictorial for my husband's Celebration of Life. The music and photos were done in such a fashion that it represented a beautiful live well-lived. It touched everyone deeply--There wasn't a dry eye in the room!

06/11/2015 Audio Tape Transfer
- Bill from Palm Springs
Joe, thank you so much for the quick turn around in getting my old cassette tape rehearsal tracks transferred to a CD. It turned out great and saved me lots of time and money not having to have them done from scratch.

05/27/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Robin from Palm Springs
Joseph, Thanks so much for making my son's 40th birthday even more memorable! After finding an 8mm video from 1975, you did an outstanding job turning it into a DVD as well as putting it online. You took a memory from 40 years ago and made it present to us today. That was awesome. Everyone loved it!!! I can hardly wait to begin our next project together. I know it will be outstanding. Thanks again! Robin

05/26/2015 Video to DVD
- Bobb from La Quinta
Home video, Joseph and Wendy were awesome to work with!! Great work, very professional, and got my work done in a very timely manner!! I would highly recommend them for your video duplication and transfers!! Great job!!

03/17/2015 35mm slide transfer
- Gene from Palm Desert
We handed Home Video Studio a host of different formats ranging from stereo slides, 16 and 8mm, regular slides, etc… and everything was perfect. My kids are so happy I have done this. Excellent job. Thanks

01/07/2015 Video to DVD
- Debbie from Palm Springs
Joe thank you again for fixing the little mix up. My son Anthony & I watched the other DVD and laughed & laughed. You truly do make wishes come true. So many family member are in heaven so it was so nice to see them again. Sincerely, Debbie

10/27/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Chris A from Palm Springs
Joe, Thank you for your production of my "past memories". Whatever you did, I was floored that this over 30 year old film was brought to life, by you. I have been "holding on" to those irreplaceable 8mm films which I took of my kids all those years ago. I just never felt comfortable sending these precious memories to an unknown mail address to be treated properly and returned safe and sound. After speaking with you, I KNEW my treasured memories would be safe in your hands. My intuition was correct. Wonderful Results. As I now look thru all of your services (there are many!) YOU will be the first I call for any other video production, transfer, videography or whatever might come up. Thank you again.

09/24/2013 Video Services
- Mary Banks from Indio
Thanks to Joe and his grest service I was able to transfer my wedding VHS to CD and a VHS we had when I daughter was 13 signing and dancing to CD. Now I can give them to our grandson to keep forever and enjoy. His work is great and prices are reasonable.

09/03/2013 Video Production
- Kathi from Palm Desert
I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful gift you helped me create for my husband's 50th birthday. He was absolutely overwhelmed with not only the gesture, but the creativity involved. It was a memorable moment watching him view it for the first time. Tears flowing, he said it was the best present he had ever received. Thank you. I must say that going into this adventure I was extremely nervous. Your calm demeanor and professionalism certainly helped me feel more than comfortable. I actually found myself enjoying the process, especially with your encouragement. You were there when you said you would be there, you brought what you said you would bring, and the filming proceeded like clockwork - even in 110 degrees!!! I would definitely recommend you and your company wholeheartedly. The final product you produced was worth millions! Thanks, Kathi

04/29/2013 Video to DVD
- Diane A. from Newberg, Oregon
My daughter and I have to think Joe for the great (emergency) service he provided while we were on vacation! My daughter had a college project that involved a video clip and he was able to take several hours of VHS tape (and one tape was broken via a faulty player) and transfer it to DVD for her. Not only that, he spent time giving her a lesson on transferring the footage she needed from DVD to a file that was compatible with her computer. This example of great customer service at the last minute was so impressive and appreciated! Thanks, Joe! You'll be happy to know that the project was a success and was turned in on time. :-)

04/10/2013 Video Services
- Kathleen G. from Rancho Mirage
My experience with Home Video Studio was a very pleasant one. Joseph was cordial and professional, and took time to explain my options. The work was completed in a reasonable time, and the results are just what I hoped for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this business. Five stars for Home Video Studio.

04/10/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Tony L. from Rancho Mirage
Thank you very much for the fine work you did in transferring my old Super 8 movie film into a DVD format. The film was over forty years old and I had low expectations as to the quality of the final product. The finished DVD exceeded my expectations. The quality is excellent and the background music provides an added feature. Thanks also for doing all this work for a very reasonable price.

04/07/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Kathy from La Quintz
Just wanted to say thank you Joe for a fabulous job on transferring my ddaughters wedding from VHS to DVD. She has since passed on from breast cancer and we will always been indebted to you for saving those memories for us. Thank you so much. Kathy

01/07/2013 Video Services
- Arlene Kukowski from La Quinta CA
Joe, thank you so much for putting together the DVD for my husbands 80th birthday party. Needless to say it was enjoyed by all leaving them without words. There are always little things one wishes they would have done differently but I must say, just doing it and seeing the reaction on everyone's face is worth it. Thanks again for your help. Arlene

12/15/2012 Photo Videos
- Jennie k from La Quinta
Joe- I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did. You took all the photos we had of our grandmother that just passed and put them on a DVD with a memorable song that was special to our family. Watching the video brings tears to my eyes and all the memories come alive over again. Thank you for such a special keepsake that our family can cherish forever! You're amazing!

02/17/2011 Home Movie Transfer
- Kathy from La Quinta
Joe, Thanks for helping me create a Christmas gift that will last forever! The DVDs we created from thirty year old 8mm movies and about 40 hours of VHS tapes are awesome. The time and effort to insert chapter headings and make "surgical cuts" really enhanced the final product. My adult kids were surprised and thrilled to have their own copies of years of family memories, and we all enjoyed spending Christmas weekend together re-living happy times.

11/04/2010 Video Services
- Marissa from Laguna Beach
Thanks for the great work you did for our company video! Looking forward to using your serviecs again. Cheers, Marissa & Andrew Bohemiarts

10/03/2010 Photo Videos
- Lynne from Palm Springs
Joe and Wendy, Thanks so much for an amazing DVD created from over eighty years of our family photos. Who would have thought that the end result sarted from a larg box of loose photos on a shelf. I was so proud to play a part in the goings on, and being able to give all of my siblings a copy of your fabulously produced end result, was worth everything! I so look forward to our next project.

09/27/2010 Video Production
- Douglas Lennard from Rancho Mirage
Carrying the wishes of a client from concept to packaged product is an exacting process which demands patience, finely-tuned and coordinated team effort, creativity, technical skill and artistic talent! Joe Rodriquez, video producer at Home Video Studio, reflected these characteristics throughout the course of our work on the development of an instructional video. Thanks to Joe Rodriquez, my goal has been realized! What might have easily turned out to be stress-laden venture of unimagined duress has evolved into a rewarding adventure of unforeseen pleasure. Joe has documented for me the tangible proof of my goal in a perfectly fantastic package!

09/12/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Frank from Palm Springs
Thanks so much Home Video Studio! The high level of service and end product was a great value for the price. I look forward to working with you again and am happy to recommend you to everyone for their video needs.

07/25/2010 Video Editing
- Bibi from Palm Springs
I Joseph: First I would like to thank you for the wonderful Memorial Video Montage you made for me. was an extremely emotional and sad for me to focus on and I believe that working with the images of the deceased Is not easy for everyone. On the top of all it was Africa culture and language I feel that the fact you took the time to work with by arranging them in chronological order, including the music and pictures, to, preserve the good memories of my Mother that we will cherish for years to come, gave me an opportunity to get to know how professional and Sensitive person you are. You really meet my need and wishes, and maximizing the quality this I will most certainly recommend you to friends. Thank you again for the professional and friendly service you provided and your time spent working to produce a wonderful reminder I can't thank you enough. Yours gratefully, Bibi

07/20/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- TIm Altman from Seattle
1000% satisfied! I went to Home Video Studio for help... My folks just celebrated 50 years of marriage and I wanted to do something special for them. My folks had boxes of reel to reel tapes, old video along with tons of pictures they probably did not know existed. With the help from Joe, not only did he put together the most incredible DVD for us, but now I met a new friend as well. The pride of ownership and attention to detail shows in his work. I will continue to refer anyone I can to HVS and will cherish the memories. Thank you again Joe for making our special occasion a huge success! Kind regards, Tim Altman Son of former City of Palm Desert City, Manager Bruce Altman

07/16/2010 Photo Videos
- Ray Trim from Palm Springs
I've never written a testimonial but was compelled to do so here. However, I can not possibly capture my experience in this brief text box. What I can do is tell you that Joe was absolutely outstanding in every way. I was on a bit of a deadline and he was able to get the project turned around in short order -- while, at the same time, "listening" to my ideas and vision for the video. Joe also incorporated his own creative ideas and the end result was truly wonderful. I am very please, to say the least, and would highly recommend Joe & Wendy to any friend or family member. Thanks!

06/19/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Scott Brennan from Riverside
The impeccable service by Joseph and Wendy Rodriguez are to be applauded. I had personally transferred 8mm reels to VCR tape about a decade ago, and haven't been able to find that master in my possession. I dug out the orginal reels with a mere hope they could be restored. Most of them were between 40 and 50 years old. Wow! They came out to perfection! I couldn't be happier. Now they are digitized and I have back ups everywhere. This is a terrific service, no hype and very reasonable pricing. This business should be "shouted from the house tops." Thanks Joseph and Wendy. I'll be back.

04/01/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Floyd W. from La Quinta
Joe digitized, and preserved on DVDs, over four hours of 8mm family movies taken between 1939 and 1965. These were films we had not viewed in 25 years or more. They were perishing in an old suitcase in our garage. We feared that these very old original kodachrome movies had perished beyond recovery. Now those fading memories are restored and preserved for the future. We are delighted with the result. Working with Joe, on this project, was real pleasure. Now our grandchildren can share these memories.

03/10/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Alicia Rios from Thousand Palms
I will forever be thankful for a beautiful wedding video. I never thought it could be possible to edit the poor quality old video we had and even add pictures to it! Thanks for a beautiful memory!

02/02/2010 Duplications
- Walt& Kathy Boom from Sun City Palm Desert
Thank you so much for the quick service on our order. We had no idea what was on the 8 reels of 8mm film we gave you to transfer on to DVD. What a surprise to find video of our wedding 31 years ago that we didn't know existed. Also to find video of our parents who have passed on was priceless. Thank you again for the wonderful memories.

01/25/2010 Duplications
- Robert Russo from La Quinta
I've retained Home Video Studio for a variety of projects, includilng, most recently, duplication of DVDs. You can count on Joe Rodriguez for fast, friendly and quality service as a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend them for all your home video needs.

01/05/2010 Home Movie Transfer
- Herb Engelhardt from Palm Desert
Prior to the holiday season I viewed my old home movies which I had transferred to VCR about 15 years ago. I was shocked to see how badly they had deteriorated. I gathered all my movies, and brought them to Home Video Studio for transfer to DVD .I was amazed at the result! All movies were nearly restored to their original state( some were 55years old)! I highly recommend Home Video Studio for all difficult and routine video services.

01/04/2010 Photo Videos
- Allyson Tayson from indio
I came up with a last minute idea to do a video letter for my daughter"s 18th birthday. i found Joe in the phone book, gathered my pictures, and a song and took it to him. He had everything done very quickly. I loved the results. My daughter loved her gift. Everyone loved it. I think her grandmas are still watching it over and over!

01/04/2010 Video Editing
- Debbie from Cathedral City
I have worked with Joe and Wendy for two years now. They take my home videos for the year, edit them and put them on a DVD for my family. They are honest and professional. They also go out of their way to deliver the DVD when needed. I am very happy with their services and would recommend them to others.

12/21/2009 Home Movie Transfer
- Bob Gross from Rancho Mirage
Can't thank you enough for preserving our family memories! The DVD of our home movies turned out MUCH better than I had hoped and the entire family was overjoyed at seeing the results, many of which hadn't been viewed for 25 years. THANK YOU!!!!

12/09/2009 Video Services
I was so happy to meet such an honest and reliable man!! Joe has gone over and above my expatiations. I had quite a few BETA and VHS tapes that I thought for sure I would never be able to view again and Joe was able to transfer these to DVD's and add some music and I can't wait to show them at our holiday xmas event!! Joe even picked up and delivered my order at my office. A+ for convenience and A+ for efficiency!! Thank you for making my childhood memories alive again!

08/03/2009 Video to DVD
- The Sandies from Cathedral City
Joe & Wendy created a dvd for a Celelbration of Life service for Kellie Greene, a popular jazz pianist. It was fabulous!!! The accolades are pouring in! We asked for a classy creation and that's exactly what we got!! The thoughtfulness and skill they utilized in creating this dvd is surpassed by no one. We will recommend them forever to everyone who'll listen. They captured all of the important memories and made a video story that knocked the socks off of everyone who knew Kellie Greene. Kudos to Joe & Wendy Rodriguez...the very best artisans we could have found!! The Sandies

05/09/2009 Home Movie Transfer
- Denise Armstrong from Yucca Valley
5/18/09 is the first time I ever held a camcorder, it was for my nephews service's, I found Home Video Studio's online and I contact them about transfering ,copying and of course fixing this very special event for me. I sent them the tape and let me tell you guys out there he and his wife done a WONDERFUL Job in preseving this memory. They made it better then I could even image It is beautiful. I will recommend Home Video Studio to everyone that need this kind of service. Again please let me thank Home Video Studio for all there help. Thank you Denise Armstrong

05/07/2009 Video Editing
- Justin O Smith from California
I found using Home Video Studio in Indio offered me a quicker turnaround time with the video editing and format transfer than if I had chosen to have it done in a bigger city. I didn't mind mailing the material to them from Los Angeles. After taking various factors into consideration, I got a quicker turnaround time from a country service provider. A more personalized service, inclusive of mailing time, than had I had it done in the city. They did extras for me you wouldn't always normally get.

04/09/2009 Video Production
- Loretta Horther from Bermuda Dunes
Home Video Studio created for my family and me one of the most special CD's that we have in our possession. I had taped my Mom cooking some of her Hungarian specialties while she was alive. And although my video-taping was rather amateur, Joseph was able to turn it into a most spectacular production. I was able to get the CD's off to my family and important friends on the anniversary of my Mom's death. You cannot believe the response! Joseph took a tender time in our lives and created a memory of Mom we can enjoy for years to come. Joseph's heart shows in this production. It is probably one of the most important projects I have ever done. Thank you Joseph. You are professional, loving, and creative. You gave to us a living memorial of our fabulous Mom. Thanks! Lorie Horther

12/16/2008 Home Movie Transfer
- Marilyn Forney from Palm Desert
I had a set of 3 family videos, which were over 20 years old.. Joseph and Wendy transferred these videos to dvds in a very professional and first class manners and now I will have my memories in all their origianl content for years to come. Their finished product, including cases, dvd covers and opening presentation on the dvds is exceptional. Their service, even their delivery to me, was a great experience, I am grateful to have found them.

12/10/2008 Photo Videos
- Donna,Goralski from Hemet
My children and family want to thank you for all the work you did to create such a memorable photo video. This was especially made for their father who is ill. The video is astonishing and beyond what I ever expected, my children and I are grateful for , the amazing talent and time put into this video. My kids enjoyed it they cried, they laughed. This is a wonderful gift to give, I highly recommend Joe and Wendy for their kindness and heart they put into their work for others. Thank You! Joe and Wendy

11/26/2008 Photo Videos
- Cindy Walters from Hemet
Joseph and Wendy created a spetcular photo video for my Son's birthday who is very ill. They took photos from many family occasions and in a very SHORT time created a master piece. The music that they attached to the photos was very moving and fit the photos so well. Watching my son watching this video is something I will never forget. Joseph and Wendy exceeded all expections of a beautiful and unforgetable CD. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to create a video or have movies put on a CD, Thank you both sooooooooo much Cindy Walters (re: Todd Goralski)

10/03/2008 Photo Videos
- Eva Babic from La Quinta
I have been the happy reciepent of 2 of the videos that Joe and Wendy have done. My daughter and son in-law had them done for me, and I couldn't have been happier to recieve them and to review them. The first was of a cruise that I shared with 12 of my family that took place from Athens to Rome and throught the Gteek Islands. It was a wonderful time, but being able to relive some of those special moments on a DVD are especially great. The second DVD was just done of old photos of myself from my life of 70 years. It was played at my 70th. birthday party, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the content and display of the photos, as well as with the music that was use behind the photos. It was all very special, and I will cherish both of these DVD's for many years to come. I would highly recommend Joe and Wende to anyone who wants a professional, caring and very personalized transfer of photos or whatever media, to a DVD for their use and enjoyment. Good job, and many thanks Joe and Wende. Eva Babic and family.

10/02/2008 Photo Videos
- Carol & Joe De Marco from Indo
My husband and I have had the opportunity to share in two very special events with our families over the past year. Last October a family trip from Athens Greece to Rome Italy, and most recently a 70th birthday celebration for our mother. Joe and Wendy Rodriguez created a combination video of photos, video and sound tracks from our Athens to Rome adventure. This was such an amaizing job of collective sights and places of this "once-in-a-lifetime" trip with our family that our mother planed and provided us. The video that they produced will be treasured and viewed by all of us for years to come. The special gift that they produced for us for our mother's 70th birthday photos depicted the highlights of her life and family events. It was so wonderfully created with a variety of photos and music that played for over 30 min. Even though most people at the party were friends of more recent years, they all laughed, cried and enjoyed the DVD so much, that they commented how it was the highlight of the party. We were so pleased to be able to give these gifts of love and adventure to our family members. We could not have asked for better service and personal care in the productions. Thank you Joe & Wendy!

09/09/2008 Video to DVD
- jocelyn from palm desert
What a wonderful memorial to my father and mother in a convenient well organized manner. Your personalness and caring was so meaningful for my brother and myself while we we going through the stages of grieving. I would recommend you both highly. Thanks to Paster Mark for the referral. Will hope to see you in church again. Thanks, Jocely Rue.

08/16/2008 Home Movie Transfer
- John and Roxi Scully from Rancho Mirage
Our family had a collection of, at least, 50 VHS and camcorder tapes taken over the past 20 years. The tapes were a collection of birthdays, soccer games, graduations, and numerous special events. Though the videos were shot by unprofessionals (my family!), we considered them to be priceless so it was important to have them transferred over to DVD by someone we could trust, so we could enjoy them for years to come. Joe and Wendy did an incredible job of sorting thru NUMEROUS hours of video and transferring over to DVD. The DVD's were packaged professionally and labled by subject and date (when they were able to find one! ). John and I were very pleased with the professional service and the overall cost, which we felt was very reasonable. My family has already enjoyed watching many of the DVD's and the memories that come with them. Thank you Joe and Wendy.

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