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Are you looking for quality Video Services in Bloomington, Minnesota? Look no further than Home Video Studio for all your video service needs. We transfer old film, 8mm, 16mm, Super 8, Super 8 sound and 16mm sound. Home Video Studio uses state-of-the-art digital frame by frame transfer. Our home movie transfers are of the highest digital quality you can get. Now you can also get your home movie transfers on Gold archive DVD's.

Bloomington, Minnesota - Video Services Testimonials

Thank you for choosing Home Video Studio for all your video production needs. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and appreciate your comments.
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Video Services Testimonials from our valued customers:

08/25/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Pam Pontzer from Hastings
Chris and Michelle are professional, timely, and extremely adept at handling all things video. I had old family movie tapes transferred to DVD's and a flash drive. The quality is excellent and I could not be more pleased. I highly recommend thier services.

08/15/2017 Video to DVD
- Diane Jacobs from Maple Grove
My experience working with Chris and the Home Video Studio was amazing. We were on a short time frame to put to put together video clips for my daughter who was competing at Miss USA. Chris worked diligently with me to make sure this came together and was done professionally. I also had him compile all of my home tapes to DVD as well and trust me it took a lot of organizing and the final result was the best I could have asked for. Wonderful, caring people with great attention to detail!!

07/20/2017 Video Editing
- Rachel from Apple Valley
Thanks so much again for producing a wonderful, memorable video for my mom's 70th birthday! I couldn't have asked for more. I wish you the best & will definitely recommend you in the future. Thanks again!

04/30/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Tom from Burnsville
Just got done watching the Film to DVD transfer you did for me, and I couldn't be more impressed! The picture and audio quality is fabulous! better than I could've imagined. I was concerned that the first few feet of the film wouldn't be very good due to the existing damage, but it looks fantastic! Thank you again for helping preserve this one-of-a-kind historical, industrial 16mm film!

02/17/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Denise from Bloomington
I called Chris to ask if he could convert my super8 films from the 1970's and 1980's to DVD format and he said that was one of his company's specialties. I told him that I also had a VHS tape that was very dark and almost unwatchable that had been converted in the 1990's from 16mm film and asked if he could convert it to DVD so it would be better and he said any DVD he produced would not be much better than the VHS tape. Luckily, I still had the 16mm film and I brought it to him with my super 8 films for conversion. Wow! The DVD he produced from my 16mm film from the 1940's and 1950's was truly amazing! It was almost as if it was filmed recently. I could recognize the people and places and the color was life-like, not all red like the VHS from the 1990's conversion. The DVD of the super8 films was also great! I also asked Chris to make me digital copies of my films. When I have time, I plan to make some clips from them using Movie Maker. It is nice to have both DVD and digital copies of my family memories. My next project will be to look for all the VHS tapes I made years ago so I can bring them to Chris for conversion to DVD and digital format.

06/16/2016 Video to DVD
- Ron Everist from Burnsville
Chris was able to accommodate our schedule and completed the project on the promised date. He made a DVD on the first visit that I could review and test and then completed the balance of the order in a timely manner. We have known Chris and Michelle through our church for a number of years and they are easy to work with. When another project comes up they will be first to be considered and we would highly recommend them.

05/31/2016 Video Services
- Bridget Jacobs from Miss Minnesota
I really appreciate you going the extra mile to make sure I met my deadline for Miss USA. We couldn't have done it without you!! Beyond the pageant, my family is also now able to enjoy all our old memories together. I will forever cherish these DVD's. Thank you so much - Bridget - Miss Minnesota USA 2016 PS- Now that you've seen my entire childhood, you have to watch Miss USA!!!

03/11/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Cande from Eden Prairie
Suddenly, 2 members of my family passed away, totaling 3 gone from my family of 5. The home movies Dad took in the late 50's and early 60's became precious...oh, so precious. I took the box of films to Chris and Michelle - I had no idea what I had or if they were in shape to convert to DVD. Well, C&M knew! They guided me through the process and produced some tear-filled evenings watching my oh-so-young Mom, Dad, and us kids!! C&M delivered on schedule, quickly responded to my request for a second copy so I could send to my brother for Christmas. Yes, I highly recommend Chris and Michelle for their expertise and warm customer service!

02/15/2016 Video Services
- Sheryl Vanderpol from Plymouth
Thank you for your great service and information. Having used other companies in the past, and never getting them converted in a way I can use, I was thrilled with your excellant work. I will definitely use you for future projects.

09/07/2014 Video Services
- Dewey from none
Michelle & Chris, Thank you for converting my tapes into Windows Movie Maker compatible files. It is so nice to be able to speak to real people for this type of work than sending things into a black hole, with hopes that you might get your originals back and possibly a working digital file. Then sure they come back but the digital file isn’t compatible with what you want to do. I appreciate too that you did the work while I was in town and invested the time to clean it up somewhat. Chris thanks to for explaining how to upload to You Tube. Uploaded my first video last Friday, an Anniversary video for my wife Susan and she watched it this AM in Paris. How fabulous is that. THANKS!

04/22/2014 Video to DVD
- Molly Johnson from Edina
Chris & Michelle are quite a team. From when I walked in and was greeted, to sitting down and explaining exactly what I wanted, they really did a great job! I really appreciated that they didn't pressure me into anything I didn't need and told me exactly what it would cost. It fit my budget and now I can share this with my whole family!! Thanks for saving my memories!

01/03/2014 Video to DVD
- Clare Henjum from California
Finding Michelle Moen and Home Video Studio was fantastic luck! I was contacting companies from my home in California, trying to find someone who could help us do a fast rush to convert tapes to DVD for my Uncle who lives in Chaska. My Aunt had just passed, and we wanted to play her beautiful music performances at the service. Michelle was so very nice to talk to, during a very difficult time, and offered to work on the weekend to get it done. Then, when my Uncle couldn't make it back to pick it up, he was surprised and deeply grateful when Michelle delivered the tapes herself! The tapes are great! Ms. Moen's extraordinary kindness and professionalism are a rare gift, and so we give the highest recommendation to this company!

06/09/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Warren Kelly from Edina
For a number of years I have been searching for a company that could make a DVD of some old special 8mm movies, 1950 vintage, that would be as clear and bright as they were when I used to run them on my projector. Everybody I went to produced washed out fuzzy DVDs. It was depressing looking at them. The film was in good condition so I new it wasn't the fault of the film. Then I heard of Home Video Studio. The DVDs they did for me were as good or better than the actual movies. It was enjoyable watching them. They were superb! I have more movies to put on DVDs and they will get all my business from now on.

06/08/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Dave Roesler from Bloomington
I highly recommend Home Video Studio for their home video transfer to DVD services. I needed to get years of VHS video tapes of my children converted to DVD. Chris and Michelle did an excellent job and produced a very professional looking DVD set for me.

05/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer
- Marc Wilson from Bloomington
I had been talking with my dad for a year about getting my Grandparent's movies put on DVD. He said he already had a VHS of them and was in no hurry. I saw the quality of the VHS and knew who could do a better job. My dad and I tried to watch the films and put them in chronological order but had a hard time making out faces, so it was difficult. He had over 1500 feet of film. After I picked up the DVDs, I went home and started watching them right away. I knew it would be better than what my dad had, but the quality astounded me! The movies had color and faces again. I got to see relatives that I have never met, as well as see what my grandparents were like in their younger years. It was absolutely fantastic! My aunt also had some of my other grandfather's movies transferred and gave them as a gift to her siblings. Everyone loves it. I have VHS tapes in my basement that need transferring in the near future and I know just who to take them to. Fabulous quality, fabulous pricing, fabulous service! Thanks so much Chris and Michelle!

12/20/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Judy Jaskowiak from Bloomington
I am extremely pleased with your transfer of all of my 8mm movies that my father took from 1936 - the 1950's. You must have had to really work to make some of them even appear! They encompass my life since my birth! 1939! Plus so many of my and my families daily activities on the lake & in school. It's amazing for me to see now and to see my mother & father as they were when they were young! What a gift! You did an amazing job with all of these!

09/17/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Kathy Peterson from Eden Prairie
Chris and Michelle Moen completely came to my rescue ! I had over 28 vhs and 8mm tapes that I obviously had not watched in years. The time had come when I wanted to watch all these great memorable moments, however they all had to be converted before I could even begin to view them. I did quite a bit of research on various companies that deal with home video transfer and Home Video Studio came shining through. Not only are their prices really competitive, they are also very timely in the turn around of your projects and the reproduction was awesome quality. They just seem to add that special "personal touch" any time I spoke with them and they just seemed very client oriented. When I received my dvds back, I sat down to watch them immediately and determined that utilizing Home Video Studio was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They do a GREAT job and I highly recommend them to any and all of my friends ! You won't go wrong with Chris and Michelle !! Give them a try, you'll be so thankful you did !

07/05/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Kara from Eden Prairie
We transferred several reels of 8MM tapes... they were 50+ years old and brittle, but the videos turned out great! Editing the resulting footage digitally, I could tell a big difference in the quality we got vs. the quality we would have gotten by using another company with a less sophisticated process. I was even able to pull off a frame of the video and print a 5x7 of that frame because it was so clear! Chris and Michelle were very easy to work with, and patient with our many calls and questions. Thanks much, Chris and Michelle, for helping to digitize and preserve our family memories!

05/15/2012 Home Movie Transfer
- Janet Schultz from Hastings
I just picked up my grocery bag full of tapes today that Chris and Michelle transferred to DVD. I am playing one right now and am so happy to see our family memories come back to life. I am currently watching my now 19-year-old daughter play in her first snowfall when she was 1 1/2 years old. I couldn't be happier. Chris and Michelle are wonderful. Their work is superb and they are genuine in making one feel that the tapes they take into their care are as precious to them as they are to you. I plan on taking my late father's gazillion slides to Michelle and Chris as well so my family can enjoy them again. The stuff that's hidden away in boxes is now like finding a buried treasure.

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