There May Still be Time for Video Gifts!

Home Video Studio -            December 2015- Issue 89


We are part of America's largest video production services network with studios located in the United States, Canada and Sweden, and are dedicated to remaining the leading provider of video production, post-production, DVD and digital content services in the global marketplace.
Videotapes to DVD Transfer

Did you know that videotapes only have a shelf life of about 10 years? Many can deteriorate over time and the images on them can be lost forever. Safeguard these videos by transferring the information to a more long- lasting DVD. Don't gamble with your priceless, one-of-a-kind tapes. Transfer your video to DVD by calling Home Video Studio today!

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There May Still be Time for Video Gifts!

We have some good news! Because we're your local video provider there's a darn good chance we can still get some types of video or photo projects done for Christmas! But call or drop by today - do not delay!

Christmas and video is like turkey and stuffing. Or, if you have a sweet tooth, hot chocolate and peppermint sticks. The joy of family and friends gathered together around the tree is even better when you share warm memories and record new ones!

Do you need some ideas to make this the best Christmas ever? Here are a few:

  • Tape to DVD transfers. This is a great gift idea! Your video tapes (VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Mini DV, Mini disc, Beta, even foreign conversions) combined onto a convenient, attractive and durable Platinum Archival DVD.
  • A "through the years" montage - what we call a PhotoVideo Keepsake - is a one-of-a-kind gift. Imagine grandparents, parents and children enjoying what would surely be the centerpiece of your occasion.
  • Do you have boxes or carousels of precious 35mm slides stored in your closet or attic? We love slides and the memories they hold! We transfer any format and we realize there's a lot of your life and memories preserved on them - so bring them in today!
  • Don't forget copies of your DVD gifts! They're so convenient for last second gifts! Plus, we can make an attractive label.
  • Not sure? We offer attractive Gift Certificates as well! A welcome stocking stuffer.
Don't wait! Call us today!

This is also the perfect time to bring in your projects that you won't need until after the Holidays. We hired some really good elves this season and we'd like to keep them busy, even after the holidays. Come by today and we can most likely save you some money with our Elf Employment discount.

And remember…we live in a wonderful age of digital media. Being able to capture quality video and photos and share them instantly has changed the way we live. Most likely everything you will shoot during the holidays is a "click" or a "crash" (or a splash) away from being gone - because the digital age can be a dangerous age for your memories. Let us show you the ways we have to help you keep them safe for generations to come. Be a saver of your family archives!

Finally, we want to wish you and yours a most blessed Holiday Season! We are in the business of families and treasured memories and this time of year sums up what we're all about. We thank you for your support this past year and look forward to seeing you in the coming year!

There still may be time! Don't miss giving the best gift possible for the Holidays, the gift of precious video memories. Call today!

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