Back to School is Photo and Video Time

Home Video Studio -            August 2014- Issue 72


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Back to School is Photo and Video Time

Back to school time has its own special flavor. The wistfulness of a warm summer ending dovetails into the excitement of new friends, new teachers and new adventures. Each new grade level marks how quickly time passes. Yes, this time of year has become a sentimental favorite and the perfect setting for family video projects of all kinds. That’s why many back to school traditions have become popular.

What school day memories are you making that you can document with your still camera or your video camera to be enjoyed in the years to come? Here are a few suggestions for back to school traditions:

  • Photos & video – Taking photos and/or video is, of course, a classic tradition for back to school. But rather than just randomly shooting why not think creatively about what will make a good PhotoVideo Keepsake? Have your child hold a chalkboard with his/her new grade on it. Or think of another prop that serves as a visual time stamp. Another clever idea is to have your child pose in the very same spot every year. Imagine the fun of seeing them grow for twelve years (or more) sitting on the same swing? Or standing by the same tree? And don’t forget that friends are a big part of school. Take yearly photos and videos at the bus stop.
  • Family Movie Night – Before the hustle and bustle of the school year pulls everyone in different directions have a family backyard movie night. Set up lawn chairs or have the kids make cars out of cardboard boxes for a drive-in feel. Set up a big screen and enjoy the old memories of your family. Whether you have old tape formats or old 8mm movies we specialize in Video to DVD transfer and 8mm and 16mm film transfer to DVD. This is sure to become a favorite back to school tradition.
  • School Year’s Eve – Mark the “out with the old grade” and “in with the new grade” with a School Year’s Eve party. Invite friends, put up decorations, have plenty of treats, maybe even have a DJ. Be sure to take lots of video, and when it’s over let us make a FamilyTime Video™ complete with titles, effects, or most anything you can imagine. Think of the joy of watching “School Year’s Eve – 2014” as your child goes off to college in 2023!
  • First Day of School Interview – The world changes so quickly. Children grow so quickly. Why not interview your child on their first day of school. Ask them about their classes and teachers. Ask about their friends. What did they learn about the world around them? What do they think about some current events? Then bring them to us for some light editing. Let us put all of your children’s interviews together. Or let us compile the years together.

If there’s ever an occasion to document the kids it's during back to school time. Call us today!

In light of our back to school focus this month here is an everyday schoolroom occurrence turned viral. Kids can teach adults as well. Click here!

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