Video: Dedicated to the One You Love

Home Video Studio -            May 2014- Issue 69


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The next time you are in the market for video production services look no further than Home Video Studio. Our owners are professional videographers and editors. We can shoot your personal or corporate event using the latest state-of-the-art camera and production equipment.

Home Video Studio specializes in events like parties, sports, trainings, business meetings and company promotions. If you are looking for quality and affordability, turn to Home Video Studio. We will turn your video production project into a work of art!

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Video: Dedicated to the One You Love

Is there someone in your life that you respect and admire so much that words alone aren't enough? If you ever wanted to pay tribute to that someone now is the time and video is the way to do it. There are several occasions this time of year where a video tribute is a perfect way to honor someone, living or departed, be it for Memorial Day, Father's Day, Graduation Day, or a wedding anniversary. There may also be birthdays or retirements in the near future where such a gift of love or adoration would be the centerpiece of the occasion.

We have many services you can utilize to recognize a loved one, from a custom biography called a LifeTIME Video to a simple PhotoVideo Keepsake montage. Did you know we can also do Video Prints where we grab still shots from video? What about simply editing together choice video clips of your subject? Do you want your video to be funny? Solemn? Inspiring? All of the above? You can! You're the producer!

When words alone fail there is likely to be many elements to pay tribute to a special person in your possession or available. What kind of media do you have? What can be easily obtained? Here is a list of some media that makes for a lasting tribute to anyone you want to honor. And the best part is you can use a few or all of them, depending on what you have, what you want, and how much time you have.

Photos - Pictures are usually the dominant media of any tribute. Whether a simple PhotoVideo Keepsake montage or a more complex presentation there's something about a photo that captures moments and emotions like nothing else. We have the best equipment and expertise to ensure your photos, whether prints or digital, will look the best they can.

Video - Old videos and home movies mixed in with photos will bring life and depth to your project. Imagine video of Mom dancing to Madonna in the mid-eighties. Or 8mm movies of Grandpa returning from Viet Nam.

Interviews - On-camera interviews are a great way to include friends, family members, or anyone who tells a good story. We can shoot the interviews for you or you can do them yourself and bring them to us. Heck, if the interviewees are far away you can even record them on Skype.

Audio - Did you know we can transfer audio from cassettes, reel-to-reel, and even old wire recordings? If part of your subject's life is available only on audio we can transfer it and find a way to mix it in.

Music - Music is the magic in video. As emotional shorthand it sets the mood, the time, and the place.

Titles - Whether it's dates, people, or places - whether ornate or simple - titles tell a lot in a video tribute.

Voiceover - Using first person voiceover narrative in a video production is a very personal way to get a message across.

Pictures, videos, home movies, audio recordings - all these wonderful resources are waiting and just need your imagination. With a professional production available at a reasonable price why not take advantage of today's technology to create a one-of-a-kind gift dedicated to the one you love? We have the equipment, experience, and creativity to make it the very best.

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