Video LifeSTORIES TM - "Everyone has a story to tell"

Home Video Studio -            May 2013- Issue 58


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Video Lifestories ™ - Everyone has a Story to Tell

The elders of most cultures are revered because of their life experiences and the insight they can pass down to future generations. Why not produce a video memoir of your family's elders?

Home Video Studio's Lifestories involves interviewing seniors about their past. These questions and answers are edited with music, photos, video and film highlighting this person's background.

Copies of your valued relative's life story could be made for family and friends to keep. Lifestories are a great way to preserve memories of an elderly loved one. Schedule one today.

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Video LifeSTORIES TM - "Everyone has a story to tell"

"Who will accurately describe our lives if we do not do it ourselves?" - Faye Moskowitz

"Mom, how did you meet Dad?" "Grandpa, what was your very first job?" "Grandma, what did you do all day without the internet?!" As children or grandchildren these are big questions and the answers may help us find our own place in life. Nothing is more precious than the insight, the humor, the inspiration and the advice of our wise elders. Yet time often passes without giving them a proper forum to hand down this treasure. At Home Video Studio we believe "Everyone has a story to tell" and they should tell it!

Video LifeSTORIES™ is a specialty of ours and is a way to honor our senior friends or family members and let them enrich our lives as well. LifeSTORIES™ is a simple interview, done in our studio or remotely, where we get the best video and audio of your subject that is available, knowing this will be viewed for generations to come. First we get all the video components set. That's things like the lighting, framing, background, etc. Then comes a very important part - the audio quality. Since your subjects' answers to the questions are vitally important we pay strict attention to this. Once all the video stuff is set we begin a very informal interview with prepared questions like the ones above and others like it:

  • "Were you in the military?"
  • "What was your first pet?"
  • "Tell me about your first car."
  • "Where did you go on your first date?"
As people relax and the memories begin the magic starts. Stories are told in a first-person recounting by the subjects themselves. How valuable are these "boots-on-the-ground" memoirs? These Video LifeSTORIES™ convey not just the facts but what your loved ones felt. How precious is this? Don't let the course of life rob you and them of this privilege.

After the interview portion we will do a little simple editing and your Video LifeSTORIES™ is complete. Of course, like all of our products, we can design a beautiful DVD label and case wrap if you'd like. And don't forget all the copies your family is going to need!

When we're finished what will you have? You'll have:

An enjoyable life-affirming event - The whole process, accommodated by our experience and professionalism, will be touching and powerful.

A legacy - You and your subject will have created a personal video memoir that will inspire and bring joy to others for generations to come.

A treasure - This may be your last opportunity to capture this precious material

Perspective - Your loved one may think they lived a very "normal" life in a very normal time. A Video LifeSTORIES™ may reveal to all what an extraordinary life was truly lived.

Advice - Video LifeSTORIES™ document wisdom on many subjects from dating to historical events. It may be perfect for young people with "ears to hear"!

Already shot some video of an elderly loved one? Just need editing? Remember, we can edit it to your liking.

As Memorial Day approaches why not take the time to think of someone who "Has a story to tell"? What could be a more honoring and long-lasting tribute? Call us today and lets get started.

Here's the old "talking TV screen" routine that takes a fun turn with a delightful and talented couple! Click here!

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