HVS: A Spring of Unique Video Ideas

Home Video Studio -            April 2013- Issue 57


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HVS: A Spring of Unique Video Ideas

It's April! After a long march through March it's time to put a little "spring" in your step in order to prepare for graduations, Mother's Day, anniversaries and all of your summer activities. There are many special occasions on the horizon - don't get caught flat footed! Call us today and let's get started. Here are just a few video ideas for the red (or shall we say green) letter days that are soon to be upon us:

Graduation - "We'll remember always, graduation day..."

  • A "Birth to Graduation" PhotoVideo Keepsake is very popular this time of year - and with good reason. What a centerpiece for your grad's special day! Imagine a powerful and totally personalized DVD complete with pictures, videos and special songs. What better way to say, "We love you and we're so proud of you!" Most graduation gifts come and go, but this heartfelt tribute will last a lifetime.
  • Will you record all the pomp and circumstance of the ceremony? What about your grad walking across the stage to receive their diploma? This is the culmination of many years' hard work. How are you documenting it? Camcorder? Still camera? Smart phone? Call us to get it transferred right away for safety, (Archival Platinum is scratch proof and is rated to last one hundred years) for convenience, (just pop it in a DVD player to watch anytime) and for attractiveness. (we are able to provide a nice DVD label and a beautiful case wrap) And the best part? You can make copies galore for all your family and friends!
  • What about the celebration afterward? Proud friends and relatives make for some great video memories. There will be speeches, well-wishes, advice, laughter and maybe even a few proud tears. Why not edit the best parts of the day into a DVD that will keep the memories alive for a lifetime?
Mother's Day - "M is for the many things she gave me..."
  • Mom has always found special ways to say "I love you" and now you can repay her in a way that's unique and powerful. A PhotoVideo Keepsake of images and music will make her day a masterpiece! Unique. Personal. Powerful. And it lasts a lifetime.
  • Love and appreciation brings out the creative soul in all of us. How about a special video just for mom? Write a poem and record it. Get the family together and just pass around the microphone. Do anything that's on your heart. A few simple edits and additions in the studio will make it really special.
  • What about all those videos that are laying around on old formats like VHS, 8mm and mini DV's? Why not organize them into a beautiful DVD album that is both attractive and convenient. Plus our Plantinum Archival DVD's are rated to last one hundred years.
Anniversary - "I'd love you all over again..."
  • Is your wedding still on tape? What if it was lost or damaged? You need to call us today and get it transferred for safekeeping - and have to play on your anniversary!
  • A PhotoVideo Keepsake will make for a winning anniversary. A moving tribute to your beloved with the message that "You're Still the One" is some powerful love potion.
  • Don't forget, we can edit some existing footage you might have of your wedding day, your honeymoon trip, the proposal location or whatever your special place may be. A little imagination and a little editing will make a classic video!
Now is the time to start planning the video for your family reunions and vacations too! Before long we'll be saying "bye" to April and summer will be around the corner. Call and let's get started today!

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