March Madness Scholarship Videos Highlight Mad Skills

Home Video Studio -            March 2013- Issue 56


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Sports Scholarship Videos

Is your child an exceptional athlete? Do you have the pictures to prove it? We can turn your child's sports highlights into a slick, professional Sports Scholarship video. Coaches and athletic directors will take notice when you send them this video showing your student athlete in motion.

In the competitive world of college and professional sports, you need to market your son or daughter's athletic abilities. Sports Scholarship videos are an excellent way to showcase their talents to recruiters. This video may be the deciding factor as to whether your child gets college scholarship money or not.

Parents don't delay! Contact us today to make a Sports Scholarship video.

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March Madness Scholarship Videos Highlight Mad Skills

The NCAA College Basketball Tournament is arguably the "crown jewel" of all college sports. It features the best of the best that collegiate athletics has to offer. Even the casual fan is swept up in its drama, destiny and, once in a while, an unlikely Cinderella story. That's why its called March Madness!

Did you know that most of the athletes you will see attend college on scholarship? Do you have a student athlete who is gifted in any sport? Are you aware that more and more coaches depend on video to begin the scholarship selection process? Scholarship videos are a specialty at Home Video Studio. The action and excitement of athletics is the stuff of great video and we have the experience, equipment and expertise to present your child's talent on a silver platter.

In a world of college athletics vying for scholarship money may be one of the biggest competitions your student athlete may face. And like any champion they need an edge! Here are a few tips we have found in our experience of producing Sports Scholarship Videos:

  • Coaches use DVDs to evaluate skills that can help their team win. Make it easy for them!! Your video should be clear and of good quality.
  • A Sports Scholarship video is not unlike a resume. It needs to be concise and portray a candidate's abilities quickly.
  • One of the first things, if not the first thing a coach needs to see is the athlete's information, including name, school, position, uniform colors, jersey number and current grade level. And don't forget your contact information! What if the coach wants to offer a full ride scholarship and can't call you?!
  • Don't forget sports statistics and academic statistics such as awards, accomplishments, planned college major, SAT or ACT scores, etc.
  • You might include references from coaches and teachers or expert evaluations from scouts or other respected figures.
  • Use your best highlights first. And use highlight tools like arrows, mattes, etc to isolate the athlete. Never repeat a play or show it from a different angle - no matter how good it was!
  • Make sure player is presented as well-rounded. Not just all offense or all defense, for example.
  • Most coaches like to see, besides a highlight DVD, a whole game. Put one or two whole games, edited down to just sports action (eliminate time outs, cheerleader routines, etc) after the highlight section, or better yet, consider a separate disc for the whole game(s).
  • Finally, don't forget the packaging. A book is judged by its cover! The greatest Sports Scholarship video in the world might be passed over if the packaging isn't appealing.
Just like a sports competition you may only get one chance in the Sports Scholarship arena. Make sure you do it right! As you can see, there's a lot that goes into a Sports Scholarship video. We daresay more than you may feel comfortable doing yourself! That's why we're here. We are able to provide all the above necessities to present your student athlete in their most favorable light - from shooting your athlete in action to using your video to edit or any step along the way. Call us today!

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