Spotlight on Arts, Music & Entertainment Video

Home Video Studio -            February 2013- Issue 55


Your local Home Video Studio is part of the world's leading international video production services franchise. We have studios located in the United States, Canada and Sweden. Home Video Studio provides video production and post production services for consumers, businesses, schools, churches, and other organizations!
Video Editing

The affordability of consumer video camcorders has become so reasonable that almost every household and business has one. Hours and hours of video exists on a variety of formats.

Whether you have hard drive, mini-DVD, mini-DV, 8mm, VHS-C, VHS or Beta, Home Video Studio can edit your video into a professional value-added product. Our studios can even use special effects, include music and put in titles to add some extra touches to the video you bring in. Let us edit your video and turn it into a keepsake to remember!

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Spotlight on Arts, Music & Entertainment Video

You've heard the phrase your whole life: "Lights, camera, action!" Now it's personal as the audience hushes and the curtain rises. Weeks, if not months, of preparation boil down to this time and place. It's show time!

Maybe it's your child's school musical. Perhaps it's a grandchild's recital. Or a niece's ballet. Do you have the lead in a community theatre musical? One thing is sure, it's a once-in-a-lifetime event and we can help you document and archive it so that it's enjoyed for years to come.

Home Video Studio is unique in that we will gladly help you with your Arts, Music or Entertainment video from beginning to end or at any step along the way. Call us to find out how!

  • Professional videography. Do you want a professional shooting of the performance? We have the digital video equipment to give you the best picture possible. We have the audio equipment and expertise for the cleanest sound. And we have the experience to capture the ever-changing action and scenery of the most elaborate of performances.
  • Editing. Maybe you have a performance on tape and need professional editing. Do you have several performances that you've taped over the years and want to bundle them together into one DVD? This where the magic is made! We use the best editing software available. Special effects? Titles? Menus? Would you like stills and action shots? Your imagination is the limit in the editing phase!
  • Duplication. Of course after the practicing is done, the performance is captured and/or the editing is finalized you'll need copies for everyone. And we can help you present it on a silver platter incorporating beautiful photographs, artwork or whatever you want - all on a Platinum 100+ year rated DVD!
  • Scholarship. A scholarship audition video is specialized and must be tailored to a performer's stipulations. It may need to include a biography section, statistics, precise cuts or interviews. Needless to say, whatever your needs may be for a persuasive video showcase we have the knowledge, tools and experience to produce it.

Any performance, whether a show, a recital or a concert is hours in the making. Make sure that investment has a pay-off by documenting it and preserving it. Call us today!

Viral video of the Month

Here's an example of how a message, a camera and a little editing can make an impact. Nearly 10 million views and counting. Click here to watch!

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