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06/07/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I was so ecstatic to find this studio in Wentzville! I took some Super 8 home movies in and had them put on DVD's. They were so professional and helpful! I had no idea what was on the film so it was a nice surprise when I watched it! I cried! Thank you so much for the service and the wonderful memories! I will be bringing more in to have put on DVD's!

- Yvonne Gray from Montgomery City

05/30/2017 Video to DVD

And thank you for the ultra quick turnaround. We appreciate it very much. Watched the videos after we got them home and they look great. You do good work!

- Mike Kelly from St. Louis

05/16/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Had them transfer special family movies a couple times and have been thrilled each time!

- Julie Raine from Troy

04/11/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I brought video camera tapes and rolls of movie film to the Studio. They told me exactly what it would cost, accepted a coupon I got from Their Facebook page and made the process so easy. I have enjoyed watching my kids videos after years of sitting in a box. I pickup my movie film tomorrow and am excited to watch my childhood with my family. This is something I wish cherish forever.

- Jill Luetkenhaus from Wentzville

02/17/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I brought in over 700 slides to be transferred to DVD and several VHS tapes to be transferred to DVD. I also had multiple copies made for family members as a surprise! I was completely satisfied with my order! It was done very quick and great quality! I will be bringing more in once I go through them!

- Amy Arnold from New Florence

02/11/2017 Video to DVD

I brought in all my Hi8 tapes from when our kids were small and my wedding video and had them all converted to DVD. I used to do this myself but it would take forever and I don't want to have to keep up with the latest software. Having Home Video Studio take care of it for me was a huge relief and it made a great gift to my family.

- Robin Barton from Foristell

01/29/2017 Video to DVD

Mark and his team were so helpful I recently came across some 20 year old video recorder 8 mm tapes which I had no idea what was on any of them. It's been a blessing being able to view these DVD which hold memories of special families events as well as seeing individuals who are no longer with our family. I'm am so grateful these did not need to be tossed and could be viewed once again. I have a few more that I plan to bring to Home Video and I can't wait to see the memories that will be revealed thanks to their business.

- Jeanne Brandmeyer from Saint Charles

01/05/2017 Video to DVD

Great quality and was able to use it over the holidays definitely helps with the memories and easier to use the DVD versus the 8 mm tapes. Well use their services and future .

- William Wolfmeyer from Lake St Louis

01/03/2017 Video Services

I occasionally need soccer matches transferred from VHS to DVD and always receive the best results from the professional staff. I would recommend this company wholeheartedly.

- Thomas Welch from St. Peters

12/14/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I had a VHS home video that needed to be repaired. I took it to Home Video Studio. They repaired the tape and I also had it transferred to DVD. I was very pleased, they were So nice and easy to deal with. I would definitely recommend them!

- Diane from Bowling Green

12/06/2016 Video to DVD

I had 13 8mm tapes of video transferred to DVD as a family Christmas present. My girls and I couldn't wait to watch them, since most of them had my late husband and my girls father in them. Just to see him and hear his voice was very special to us. Thank you Home Video Studio for your service.

- Cheryl D from St. Peters

11/11/2016 Home Movie Transfer

You guys did a great job on the many items I brought it. Having more than 600 slides put on CDs is a great relief especially being able to get rid of 12 slide carousels. My kids will enjoy these forever. Thank you so much for the great job that you and your team did. I will be back when I finish sorting pictures. Thanks guys are great. Sincerely, Sandra Fischer

- Sandra Fischer from Wentzville

11/01/2016 Video to DVD

The fine folks a HVS Wentzville transferred some 8 mm to DVD for me. They did an excellent job. It project was a gift for my mother and she loved it! Keep up the great work HVS. You've earned a repeat customer.

- James Gallien from St. Louis

10/30/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I would like to thank Mark and his employees on the excellent job they did taking my reel to reel tapes to CDs.The CDs are great and I am enjoying listening to all of them.Thank you again Greg Gramlich

- Greg Gramlich from Wentzville , Mo 63385

10/04/2016 Home Movie Transfer


- Barb Booth from Wentzville

10/04/2016 Video to DVD

I just want to say THANK YOU for a job well done in repairing the 29 year old VHS tape of my wedding and putting it on DVD. The staff was very friendly, answering all of my questions on the phone prior to my arrival. The job was completed in a very timely fashion and the results are awesome. I couldn't be happier and I plan to bring in all of my VHS tapes in for conversion. You have a customer for life!

- Alone Hollingsworth from Wentzville

09/19/2016 Video to DVD

I'm so happy I found you guys! I love that my transfers are made right there! Everyone is very friendly and helpful! Also like that you always have specials for savings!

- Cindy Harrison from Lake Sherwood

08/12/2016 Video to DVD

I'm so happy I had this done! We had several videos we had made from when our kids were little as well as our wedding video that we would have never seen again. It's been very emotional to see people that are no longer with us as well as pets but I'm so glad to see them all again! Such a valuable piece of our history that we can now look at over and over again. Thanks so much Home Video Studio!

- Luanne from Andrewd

06/29/2016 Video to DVD

I was totally comfortable and confident in turning over my VHS tapes of family memories to the staff of Home Video Studio so that they could restore them on a DVD that we could finally watch again. I will be bringing many more for them to transfer to DVDs!! Also, the employees were very friendly and patient with all of my questions.

- Mary from OFallon

06/15/2016 Video to DVD

Great Company and Great Personnel. They converted over 45 video's to DVD's for me and they all turned out just great. I was extremely satisfied with their work and pleasant attitude.

- Ralph Leslie Coose from Troy

06/11/2016 Video to DVD

Wow! I thought my video memories were gone forever. Thank you for getting them back to me. Excellent service. Excellent price.

- Mary from St. Peters

05/31/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Love your work! I especially like all the friendly staff! I definely will bring in more videos to be transferred I feel safe that they are done right there on location. I definitely would recommend Home Video Studio.

- Cindy Harrison from Lake Sherwood

05/31/2016 Video to DVD

Wow! I thought my video memories were gone forever. Thank you for getting them back to me. Excellent service. Excellent price.

- Mary from St. Peters

05/06/2016 Video to DVD

I took in a few VHS tapes that I had from the late 80's, including a copy of our wedding, and they did a fantastic job transferring the videos to DVD's. They were very professional throughout the process and I strongly recommend Home Video Studio if you are thinking about having any of your old tapes converted.

- Mike P. from Ofallon, MO

04/30/2016 35mm slide transfer

I brought in some 50+ slides to Home Video Studio to be transferred on to CD. Doesn't sound like a big job but these slides were 45 years old and had not been stored properly. I lived on Guam, 1971/1972, and these photos were taken then of Guam's beautiful tropical sunsets and scenery. HVS cleaned each slide and restored them to the beauty of that time. Brought back many fond memories! Thank you so much!

- Ron Medley from

04/30/2016 Video Services

What can I say that has not already been said about HVS? The staff at HVS is amazing and helpful, the turnaround time is great, and the quality of their product is spot-on. The ability to save precious memories in DVD format is without a doubt worth every penny. If you have memories you want to keep, I highly recommend giving HVS your business!

- Ron Mackknight from Wentzville

03/18/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I am so happy I had all these old movies that I have not seen in 20+ years & now I can watch & share them with my family. They we're so helpful & I could not be happier. I will try & find more old family movies to get transferred over to a dvd. Thanks so much!!

- Kristin G. from Foristell

03/01/2016 Home Movie Transfer

What an awesome place. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. I had two rolls of 8 mm film not knowing what was even on it. They ran it thru a projector so I could see what was on it before they put it to a DVD. I am so glad I did this, what special memories I'll have forever.. Can't wait to take my videotapes and have them transfer them. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did!!!

- Vicky from Wentzville

02/29/2016 Video to DVD

I had Home Video Studio transfer a VHS cassette to DVD and I couldn't be more happier with the end result. I will recommend them to my friends and I look forward to giving them future business. Totally worth the drive! Thank you!!!!!

- Jason from Manchester

02/29/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with my home movies. Great staff and service. I felt good about leaving my video tapes with them and did not worry about them getting lost or damaged. I will be getting another pile ready for transfer soon.

- Julie from Wentzville

01/08/2016 Home Movie Transfer

I was extremely pleased and have recommended Home Video Studio to friends. The price, service and finished product could not have been better. Great choice for my VHS home movies to DVDs transfers. I had almost sixty tapes and had been putting it off and I'm glad I picked this company Mark

- Mark from Chesterfield, MO

02/16/2015 Video to DVD

AWESOME!!!!! Is the only thing I can say about Mark & Zack at Home Video Studio/ Wentzville, MO. I have done it all from old 8MM & SD & Video transfers. They have treated me like family and that's a great feeling when you are handing over precious films of family. Thank you Mark & Zack!!!!!

- Marsha Follett Pauly from Lake St. Louis

02/12/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had 7 x 50 ft 8mm rolls of film that are at least 45 years old. I didn't label them so I had no idea what was in them. I sent them in to see how the color would turn out because I have at least another 2,000 feet of film I want to transfer to DVD to give to my children for Christmas this year. This part I do have labeled so it will show in sequence. The quality of the transfer is far more than I anticipated based on the film age. Having this film put on DVD will give my family many great memories of growing up when I'm no longer here.

- Jim from St. Louis

08/14/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I am very impressed with the help Mark provided to me, and have our family VHS tapes transerred to DVD. The work is very nice and professional, as well as I appreciate the way he made scenes easily obtainable, so I can go right to shots I want to show my friends & family. I highly recommend the services of Home Video Studio, and know you will get a great product, at a great price. Sincerely, Richard R.

- Richard R. from Osage Beach, Mo.

07/28/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I was more than happy to drive an hour for great service. A true professional and friendly too! Great quality, great price. I will confidently recommend your services to anyone!

- Lisa from Edwardsville

07/02/2014 Photo Videos

We were very impressed with our products from Home Video Solutions in Wentzville. We recieved prompt service at a reasonable price. You can't put a pricetag on memories!

- Happy Customer from Wentzville

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