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04/27/2014 Photo Videos

My friend Dan from Home Video Studio made me the best birthday present EVER! OMG, he put together a photo montage video of me and my family of photographs he had from over the years. It was such a wonderful gift to receive! I will cherish it forever and show my children for years to come. I highly recommend Dan's services a photo montage makes a wonderful thoughtful gift that anyone who cherish.

- Kristy Ball from Pittstown

03/11/2014 Video Production

THANK YOU Dan and staff for the awesome business Spot Light Videos you made for me and our company! I was so happy with the process and final product. I was so nervous to do these videos for my company but you made me comfortable and it was so easy! I'm driving traffic to my website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google pages and I'm already receiving calls and emails from new potential customers!!! Thank you so much. I couldn't be happier : ) Kristy

- Kristy B from Scotch Plains

10/21/2013 Video Services

Dan allowed me to give my wife in her words " the greatest gift that I have ever given her", a set of DVDs from our wedding and honeymoon. We just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary, We hadn't viewed our wedding tape in close to those 10 years, and never looked at our honey tape, due to quality issues. I found out about Dan on a whim (and his wrapped van) at the Mall, I am so glad I did! Dan is super professional, patient, and friendly- I brought him 4 worn VHS tapes with the hope that he could at least make them salvageable. He exceeded my expectations! Not only that, but he went above and beyond to make sure I was totally satisfied with the finished product. He allowed me to sit with him (and Popcorn) while he converted a tape that I believed was a lost cause, while also explaining his process AND referring me as a graphic designer to a client/friend for potential job opportunities. Dan's work is A-1 Quality! The DVDs came out beautiful- over 8 hours of memories preserved. My wife couldn't be happier, which means I'm ecstatic! I have recommended Dan to my friends and family, and am sure to bring repeat business his way. I suggest you pay Dan Weiniger a visit- you won't be disappointed!

- Darrell B. from Piscataway

10/14/2013 Video Services

I am a repeat customer, ever since I found Dan and the Home Video Studio in 2011. I have already had him make DVDs of all of our old VHS home movies; the family enjoys them beyond words. This time I brought in another box of miscellanous VHS tapes I found that was lost in the bottom of a closet, including some holiday home videos and some TV specials I recorded years ago when my kids were young. The finished product is excellent. We look forward to watching these again and again, now that they have been digitized. If you have old tapes collecting dust because you no longer have a way to play them, you owe it to yourself to preserve those memories and have them converted to DVD. Dan is professional, courteous, customer focused and a pleasure to do business with. I give him 5-stars for customer service!

- Joe R. from Ringoes

06/24/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I brought 6 old family movie VCR tapes to Dan to get them converted for my wife's birthday. Not only was he able to turn them around very quickly, they came out great . . . my kids (now 22 & 25) & I gave them to her last night & she was thrilled beyond words. And we had a great time hanging out & watching them together . . . now I have to go find the rest of my tapes & get them to Dan . . . If you've been putting this off as I have, get those tapes out & bring them to Dan - you won't be sorry!!! Bill O.

- Bill O. from Cranford

04/24/2013 Photo Videos

I gave Dan over 500 family photos in no specific order and basically with no instruction. Dan created a video of these photos showing the growth of my family, inserting both black and white with color images which brought back such great memories. I will definitely recommend Dan to my friends, family and business associates. He did a great job. Helen Helen M. Sorrentino, HR Practices LLC 908-272-1004

- Helen Sorrentino from Cranford

04/24/2013 Video Services

Dan truly loves what he does and it shows in the quality of his work. I've used Dan personally for converting VHS tapes to DVD and he offers a high quality product at a great price. He offers a broad range of services and makes sure the customer is 100% satisfied with the end result

- Ron Bansky from Westfield, NJ

04/24/2013 Photo Videos

What do you give an elderly couple for a gift when their house is full of ....stuff? My husband put together a hundred photos from his parents' life and their favorite songs and gave it to Dan Weiniger to create a photo montage set to music. It was the best gift they ever received and the most memorable. Everyone who watched it was deeply moved; some cried. Dan did an expert job of fading in and out of the photos, and the clarity of the scanned photos was even better than the originals. We plan to create more of these gifts in the future for other family members. I highly recommend Dan to create beautiful videos.

- Sharon Goldner from Westfield

12/16/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Strapped for a holiday gift idea for my husband, I saw an advertisement for Home Video Studio and thought how great it would be to copy our wedding VCR tape to DVD. We don't even own a VCR player anymore. Dan was able to help me and the turn around time was incredible. Can't wait to watch the video and others during Christmas week.

- Allison from Mountainside

10/10/2012 Video Production

Dan helped me out in a pinch with a clients' video. I couldn't have done it without him. He did a great job and was a real lifesaver!

- donna from Westfield

08/20/2012 Video Production

My beloved Chris passed away recently. His brother provided Daniel with pictures, home videos and things about Chris and his life. Dan put together a wonderful video of Chris' life and all that he was. What a wonderful memorial to Chris and a true treasure for all of us to keep. Thank you Dan!!!

- Peggy Fontayne from North Brunswicak

06/23/2012 Photo Videos

I asked Dan to help me out with creating a video for our awards ceremony at school. He brought it altogether for me in no time at all and at the last minute! He really saved me.

- Wendy Hahn from Westfield

06/17/2012 Video to DVD

I am a teacher in Westfield, and usually around this time I scramble around last minute trying to put together a DVD for each of my students as an end-of-the-year gift. Not this year! When I heard about Home Video Studios from a colleague I immediately e-mailed Dan about my project. He got right back to me and even stopped by my classroom to finalize details. I had just recently purchased an iflip video camera and was apprehensive about using it correctly-Dan helped me out on all fronts. The day after giving him my video, I had a bag of 23 DVDs delivered to my classroom- complete with a picture of my class on the disc itself. I told Dan, "I hope you don't mind when you get an e-mail from me EVERY year around this time!" I would recommend Home Video Studios to all my friends, colleagues, and family members. Thanks!!

- Stacey McDermott from Westfield

05/16/2012 Video Production

Dan scanned photos and digital pictures and with music I picked put together a video keepsake for my 25th wedding anniversary GREAT JOB!

- Dan R from North Plainfield

04/06/2012 Home Movie Transfer

One day I had some down time, hand nothing to do so I decided to watch my Bar Mitzvah video. (Im 30 plus now so it was a long time ago) I inserted the tape, and nothing! Just a static picture. I had no idea what happened, so I brought the tape to Dan Weiniger from home video Studio whom came highly recommended to me. He said, Lewis VHS tapes are made from magnetic media and as time passes the image will start to fade What he was basically telling was that the quality of the image you see on VHS or any other magnetic media is not permanent.  This was something I never knew before. I was upset that my bar mitzvah video was gone, but I was happy because Dan successfully converted all of my other precious memories to DVD. I highly recommend Dan to anyone who needs to transfer their precious videos to DVD.

- Lewis Roth from Elizabeth

04/02/2012 Video Editing

Last year I went to Dan to edit a demo reel, and he was prompt and responsive and did a terrific job. When I had to edit a new project, there was no question as to who I was going to have do itDan Weiniger. I went back to him, and again, I was not disappointed. He is a great editor, and he is great to do business with. When I need another project taken care of, I already know who Ill be going back to.

- Richard from Livingston

03/17/2012 Video Production

The quality of the production that your company did for my business was top notch. The personal service that you provide made getting my business's message out on YouTube a painless experience. Thanks again Dan!

- Doug from Scotch Plains

01/07/2012 Photo Videos

Hi Dan. Thank you soooo much for the Amazing video of my father-in-law. It was a huge hit. My husband, mother-in-law and family were very touched by the video. It brought us all to tears (in a good way). The song and the video went perfect together. You are sooooo talented and such a nice person to do business with. Much thanks--The Consales Family

- Jackie from Westfield

01/01/2012 Home Movie Transfer

We had Dan transfer all our home movies from VHS to DVD. He was so easy to work with and extremely responsive. I look forward to watching the DVDs with our family!

- Jenn from Westfield

01/01/2012 Home Movie Transfer

My Dad is no longer with us, but his Super 8 movies are. Dan Weiniger at Home Video Studio did a fantastic job transferring them over to DVD's. It was easy, pleasant and quick! Over the Holidays our whole family got together and watched them again and again. Thanks Dan... for making this one of our best Christmas's ever!

- Albert from Westfield

12/21/2011 Video Services

I asked Dan to take very old, but important Betamax videos and turn them into DVD's. They are wonderful and they will be a great Christmas Present. After my intial inquiry Dan got back to me immediately and had the videos transfered within a couple of days. I thought his prices were excellent. Thanks Dan!

- Jeanette from Westfield

12/15/2011 Home Movie Transfer

If you have old 8mm family movies deteriorating away in the closet, you owe it to yourself and your family to put them on DVD now, before it is too late. I brought Dan 20 years worth of celluloid from the 50's, 60's and 70's that I no longer had a way to view or enjoy. He and his tech had a monumental task but did an absolutely FABULOUS job of digitizing them, color balancing, adding music and putting them on a set of archival DVDs that I can now play over and over as easy as watching TV. When Dan says that he strives for 100% customer satsifaction he really means it. The opportunity for my children and my neices/nephews to see their parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents having fun from more than a half century ago is PRICELESS. If you have any doubt call Dan, talk with him, ask questions. I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with his professionalism and the quality of what you will get for your money. I rate this A++. Thanks Dan for helping my family preserve 4 generations of great memories!!

- Joe from Hunterdon

11/30/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I wanted to switch over my wedding and home videos for the longest time and didn't know where to turn. Once I met Dan I was so thrilled with his professionalism, pricing and fast turnaround. My family and I have been enjoying the videos! Thanks Dan

- Kristy from Scotch Plains

11/30/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Our old VCR home movies were sitting in boxes for years. I brought them to Dan in time to get the new DVDs back by Thanksgiving. It provided so much intertainment for the whole family and proved to be a good investment. Then I went to my closets and looked for more recordings to transfer! Thank you for your good service!

- Sharon Goldner from Westfield, NJ 07090

10/29/2011 Home Movie Transfer

We just watched our home movies dating back to 1954. Dan did a fantastic job. The music was great and enhanced the old movies so we good see and enjoy them.I can't wait to have. "Movie day" with my cousins!! THANK YOU Soooooo much

- Susan M from Westtown

10/23/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with the work you did and the amount of time you did it. Thank you so much!

- Joe C. from Belleville

09/28/2011 Home Movie Transfer

It's such a sense of relief to have finally transferred these old 8mm tapes to DVD before the quality deteriorated! Dan made the process so easy. It wasn't easy to hand over these one-of-a-kind movies, but Dan is such a professional, I was confident the film was in good hands. I'll be back with more.

- Mary from Westfield

08/23/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I had a year's worth of home videos on a format I could no longer view. Dan saved me by transferring them to great DVDs--he is quick, personable & professional. What a wonderful service to help people maintain their memories! Thanks!!

- Ruth from Westfield

08/18/2011 Video to DVD

Dan and his professional crew of videographers filmed my band in action. We perform for the JCC day camp every Friday, for over 700 people each week. Dan and his crew not only captured the energy and essence of our concerts, but was able to edit the footage PERFECTLY into a concise and powerful mini-documentary. Whether it is your wedding, bar mitzvah, or business promotion-- I am confident in Dan's ability to understand your objectives, and create a video product that hits a home run every time!

- Mike of the Shabbatones from Scotch Plains

07/30/2011 Video Editing

In an emergency I needed to get a reel together for a particular audition. I found Dan's website randomly through google...and God am I grateful! Not only did he extend his studio time for me, but did such a thorough and meticulous job, up to every second of footage - just the way I had it in my mind. He edited my work better than I had expected everything to go, and added his own artistic opinion and detail to it. Hands down the best and most honest editing facility on this side of New Jersey...I am so grateful to Home Video Studio's services of being there in my hour of need. You really saved the day. Thank you Dan! You are awesome :).

- Sara Intesar from Green Brooke

07/26/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Dan was quick to get back to me and provided great and speedy service. I would use him again, for sure!

- Amy Norton from Westfield

07/10/2011 Duplications

AWESOME! I had given up on trying to transfer my own VHS tapes to DVDs using store bought VHS/DVD recorder combos, so I figured I would give a professional a try to see if the results were any better. If found Dan on the internet and gave him several 25+ year old VHS tapes to transfer for me. Not only were his prices reasonable, and saved me hours of time trying to do the duplications myself, but he exceeded expectations by turning around the entire job in less than a week. My wife and I put one on the DVDs on for our kids I to watch tonight. OMG -- we were howling for hours. Not only were we both skinny with dark hair back then, but everything seemed so, so hokey. The fashions, the cars, the hair styles.... our kids were screaming with laughter seeing these priceless images. I will be bringing Dan the rest of our old home video library to preserve for us on DVD. These will make a wonder Christmas surprise for the entire family. Dan's the man!! Thanks for a wonderful product.

- Joe R. from Ringoes

06/17/2011 Home Movie Transfer

After almost viewing all of our family videos, I can say that I am so grateful for any taping that I did of my girls. We had so many laughs as our memories were shown in front of us. There is no greater mother daughter moment than watching your child's birth with her and then every month there after. Priceless stuff! My only regret is not running the camera more. Thank you, Dan for your great service - it was easy and extremely affordable - how do you put a price on watching your life in front of your eyes?

- Nancy from Flemington

05/23/2011 Photo Videos

I am so pleased with my experience with Home Video Studio. I now have priceless photos forever saved on a disk. Also, Dan demonstrated compassion and excellent customer service to take it upon himself to also make a DVD of the photos to music. This was above and beyond requested services. I am overly pleased with both products as well as the timeliness of service. I recommend these services to anyone looking for efficent and quality preservation of memories. Thank you!

- Tara from Westfield

04/10/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you thamk you thank you! some very old home videos are now being enjoyed on a dvd. Its a great feeling to have protected some treasured memories.

- pat /maxwell from westfield

04/06/2011 Video Services

Dan Weiniger is fabulous. He took a boring 45 min. 70th Birthday Party VHS tape and transformed it into a 15 min. plus enjoyable 90th Birthday Party DVD. Top quality, reasonable and accommodating. What else can anyone ask for? I'll be back! Thanks a mil!

- Lydia Semanyshyn from Maplewood, NJ

03/21/2011 Video to DVD

I brought Dan a stack of tapes from our wedding, taken by high school kids that we knew and invited for just that purpose. Neither of us had great expectations, particularly me, if the expectation was that I was going to edit them. I found Dan on the internet and dumped the tapes on him with no idea what to expect. Dan did an outstanding job stitching hours of video into something we can actually watch! He made amateur video into a professional presentation. Suggestion: hire kids to take video of your wedding and bring them to Dan. Spend money saved on honeymoon.

- Marcus from Hoboken

02/05/2011 Video Editing

Dan Weiniger is a great editor and a pleasure to work with. I had him edit together a demo reel, and he was patient, precise, and reasonably priced and would not let me leave until he was as happy as I was of the product. He has a great eye for what looks good, and I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone needing video editing services.

- Richard from Flemington

02/03/2011 Sports Scholalship

We are thrilled with the sports highlights DVD that Dan created. We brought Dan game footage in a variety of formats, from numerous sources. He patiently sorted through them and figured out a way to put the clips together. The end product is terrific: creative, slick and professional. A fantastic memory of our son's soccer career and a great college recruitment DVD. We highly recommend Dan- a great guy to work with and his prices are absolutely reasonable and fair. Thanks again Dan. Rob is getting a lot of great feedback from family and friends too.

- Jan Haddad from Clark

01/29/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Wow! What a stroke of luck it was finding Dan. I gave up trying to transfer my old 8mms and other tapes onto the computer with Radio Shack thingeys. I just dumped TONS of footage at his studio thinking this will cost me dearly, it will be a bit messed up, etc. but what else can I do? Lo and behold, I got a call WAY before the due date and it was all done PERFECTLY AND FOR A REASONABLE FEE! This stuff included precious video of my daughter's adoption. I am so lucky. Thank you so much Dan! I can't believe I waited all these years to transfer the tapes. You made it so quick and easy and now we just get to enjoy!!!

- Charlene from Fanwood

12/21/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Fast service, good price and great results! DVD's came out perfect!

- Patrick from Dunellen

12/15/2010 Video to DVD

I called up Dan to see if I could have an old VHS tape from 1987 reproduced to DVD as a gift to all my family members for the holidays. He was extremely helpful and had it read the next day! I recommend his services for all you video needs.

- Laura Denner from Westfield

12/15/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Dan...Thank you so much for the wonderful job of trranferring our family memories from VHS to DVD. Along with the quality being excellent, I received it sooner than expected and the price was fair. I'll definitely recommend your services to my family and friends. Thanks again.

- Maureen from Clark

12/12/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Dan has taken our library of home video and has preserved them to withstand the test of time. Our VHS tapes were starting to deteriorate and Dan helped us with transferring them to DVD. He then assisted us with making copies for our entire family as a Christmas gift. Dan completed the work promptly and we will be returning to him for other home video projects in the future.

- Ryan Munson from Westfield

12/04/2010 Video to DVD

Dan Wieniger and Home Video Studio were just what we needed for our project. Dan was very reliable and easy to work with and he accommodated us on all our questions and requests. Being on a time crunch, we asked for an expedited delivery and Dan easily finished and delivered it well within the desired time frame along with provided us with the extras we asked for. I would highly recommend Dan and his studio for all your video and production needs for business and personal use. Wayne Yarusi, President, WA Building Movers & Contractors Inc.

- Wayne Yarusi from Westfield

11/30/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Dan, We wish to thank you for a very professional transfer from our 1970's 8mm home movies to DVD format. The original movies were dark and we were concerned that nothing could be done to enhance these precious memories of our children growing up. Your expertise in this field and turn-around time were greatly appreciated. The kids will, I am certain, enjoy this special present come Christmas. Thanks again for a job very well done!!

- Ed from Westfield

11/27/2010 Sports Scholalship

We are very happy with the product and service that we received on our daughter's dance DVD. Dan was very responsive, considered all our needs when making the DVD and was very efficient. We were traveling during the process which could have hindered progress, but Dan adapted to our availability and produced a great product. I will recommend him to friends and family, and he will be working on some home movie tranfer for us soon! Thanks again dan!!

- Barb from Flemington

11/23/2010 Duplications

Dan, I needed tapes duplicated in a different format, over night and you had it done in a matter of hours, even with a weekend trip ahead of you. I appreciate you taking the job and delivering. Thanks again and I'll recommend my friends. darren

- darren from linden nj

11/18/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Dan did a great job transferring ourr home videos to DVD. The DVDs were labeled and easy to identify. I would definitely use him again. The turnaround time was great as well.

- Christine from Westfield, NJ

10/27/2010 Duplications

I couldn't be more pleased with the work Dan did in transfering two family documentaries from VHS to DVD. And now I have enough copies for all family members. Dan's prices were reasonable and his service very quick and efficient. We are now planning more "projects" for Dan.

- Valerie Busby from Pawling, NY

10/22/2010 Sports Scholalship

Dan was terrific in putting together a video to use with college coaches. He was very responsive, provided a terrific product with a very fast turnaround (which we needed), and was fair in his pricing. A great experience. Thanks Dan!.

- Tim Heine from Westfield

10/06/2010 Video to DVD

Dan's services are top notch! If your lookig for fair price, and a quick turn around time Home Video Studio is the place to go. Dan is a pleasure to work with and the end product was exactly what I was looking for.

- Thomas Monaco from Piscataway

08/30/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Dan did a great job transferring our home movies to DVD! THe original footage was not good but Dan managed to capture all the footage AND sound! He was very professional and delivered the final DVD on time for my surprise birthday present! We were thrilled to see our children as babies with their grandparents and great-grandparents. By far, the BEST birthday present I have ever received! Thanks Home Video Studio and Dan!

- Sim and Janet Hitzel from Westfield

08/10/2010 Video Services

Dan shot and edited a video of the Camp Yachad Shabbat experience, featuring "The Shabbatones". Dan was really able to capture the energy, excitement and wonderful chaos of "Rockin' Shabbat". Nice work, Dan!

- Mie Goldstein from Scotch Plains

07/23/2010 Video to DVD

Dan has produced some amazing dvd's of my kids' school activities: sports, theater, classroom activities, etc. The quality is excellent and the turn-around time from filming to viewing at home is remarkable. Clearly, Dan has an expertise in this area and he enjoys creating fond memories.

- Tony Prieto from Westfield

07/22/2010 Video to DVD

Dan did a fabulous job on capturing an interview with my uncle. The sound was great and the picture quality was outstanding. I would definitely use his services again. Thanks Dan! Steve

- Steve H from Westfield

07/22/2010 Video Services

I am a trustee of one of the largest and best Table Tennis clubs in the country, The New Jersey Table Tennis Club. Over the last few years Dan has done several videos and photo-montages for us. They have always been fun, well done, well edited and produced with with a minimum of fuss. I would highly recommend Dan Weiniger for all your video production requirements.

- Daniel Guttman from Westfield, NJ

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Greatest Gift Ever - Home Video Studio, Photo Video Montage

My friend Dan from HVS made me the best birthday present EVER! OMG, he put together a photo montage video of me and my family of photographs he had from over the years. It was such a wonderful gift to receive! I will cherish it forever and show my children for years to come. I highly recommend Dan's services for this wonderful thoughtful gift that anyone would cherish.

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