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12/30/2014 Video Services

I would like to recommend Enrique at Home Video Studio He helped to preserve my husband's very old records and reel-to-reel tape so that I could have special CDs for my children and grandchildren. Now they can hear their dad and grandpa way back when. This was such a priceless gift. My parents' 50th Anniversary DVD was a priceless gift to give his children and grandchildren thanks to the efforts of Enrique who compiled and edited the videos. I cherish the memory of our engagement, bridal shower, and wedding that Enrique worked on for me and my children. I especially was touched by the music he used to make it more personal. The DVD of my husband and me BC (before children) keeps alive the memory of our early years and the powerful love we shared. Thanks to Enrique I can have many joyful memories of US. I don't have to dig through slides or photo albums any more. Barbara Alaimo

- Barbara Alaimo from Kingsburg

11/15/2013 Video to DVD

I lost my husband to a drunk driver in October of 2011. I didn't realize until this tragedy how quickly you lose the ability to recall one's voice and how important that is. I had Enrique at Home Video Studio transfer all of our video onto dvd and feel wonderful that those memories that included his voice will be preserved. I also had him transfer all of our film (pictures) onto cd (over 1400 pictures) and that is fabulous. Well worth the investment! I would recommend to everyone to have your video and pictures put on discs as the ability to safely store them and protect them from damage, including fire, is much easier when they're on discs.

- Nancy from Clovis

08/19/2013 Home Movie Transfer

We just watched both discs today and love em'. I'll be sending you 17 tapes shortly!

- Tom from Hermosa Beach

06/24/2011 Photo Videos

I was so impressed with the job Josh and Enrique did on my daughters graduation video, so much joy and a little tears too. Thank you both very much!

- Diane from Sanger

06/22/2011 Photo Videos

Enrique made two amazing videos, one was for my dads 60th birthday which was awesome & a tear jerker till this day. Last weekend he we watched the the video he made for my sister-in-laws graduation party. It was a tear jerker for us all. I'd recommend Enrique's work for photo videos.

- Maricela from Reedley

09/29/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I gave my sister a copy of a home video she had made when we were younger for her birthday. I had it edited and Enrique added a menu at the beginning, music, and sound effects. He did a great job, and she loved it! I couldn't have asked for it to turn out any better.

- Camille from

06/21/2010 Home Movie Transfer

"Beautiful! Wonderful! Great job. Great job with the music, too. Thanks!" That's what I wrote Enrique when I turned up some old home movies of the ancestral village and needed a rush job to have them for an anniversary party.

- Scott from Fresno

06/13/2009 Home Movie Transfer

Enrique converted our old family videos (16 mm and 8 mm film reels) to DVDs. He did a great job, and he artistically created menus so we can easily jump to the clips we want. Having everything on DVD sure beats having old deteriorating reels in a dusty box!

- D & J from Fowler

06/09/2009 Home Movie Transfer

Enrique took our vacation pictures and videos and put a highlight video together that we could send to our close friends and family. We were very happy with it and would recommend him to everyone!

- Ana Contreras from Dinuba

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