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09/17/2015 Home Movie Transfer

In the past, I had home videos transferred to DVD - Leika did an amazing job. She has also duplicated a home movie on a DVD so I had extra copies to share. The final version on the DVD had great picture quality. I've been back and forth with several video to DVD projects, and DVD to DVD projects. I am actually checking in with Leika today for another project. She provides prompt service and produces a great final product.

- Linda S. from Agoura Hills, CA

11/26/2013 Video to DVD

Hubby's 56th birthday was coming up and I wanted to surprise him with a DVD copy of his family movies that he had in VHS format. Called Costco and was told there would be a 3-4 WEEK turnaround! WTF??!! So I accessed my cerebral cortex and went online to search for a place that would do the transfer in much shorter turnaround. Some places quoted as high as $50 with a week or longer. THEN I found Leika Nakamura. She was professional, kind and best of all, the charge for a single DVD transfer was under $20 after her courtesy discount. Bottom line, within 48 hours and ready for his birthday tomorrow, I have in my hot little hands a beautiful DVD copy of the home movies his dad took and just in time for his son to watch them with us as he is visiting this weekend! WOO HOO! THANK YOU LEIKA!!! All future business is coming to YOU! Superlative customer service, ample parking and the young ladies that serve as the receptionists in the shared office space are so courteous and welcoming, you'd have to be desperate for mediocrity NOT to go to Leika!!!

- Caitlin A. from Fillmore

10/18/2013 Photo Videos

I've Been to several places that do video services but products are usually so so or just ok,Thank you Leila for a very good job you have done. Truly professional. The whole family are enjoying looking back on all places that we have visited. Again Leila, from the bottom of my. Heart thank you. You are the best. I will continue to use her service again, again and again. God bless. Tony

- Antonio Galian from Buena Park

08/01/2013 Video Services

My wife and I are so pleased with the audio cassette transfers to CD that Leika did for us. Leika provided timely and excellent service at a very reasonable cost. We would definitely recommend her services to our friends and family.

- Gary from Westlake Village

07/02/2013 Video Editing

If you have any old VHS or Snapshot Photos that need to be saved for all time. Please call my friend Leika Nakamura at Home Video Studio. She is Amazing! She put together this video for my 25th Wedding Anniversary Client. It was so much fun to hear all the laughter and sigh's while everyone watched the video. :-) So Much Fun.

- Jimmy O from Simi Valley

10/21/2012 Video Services

We were very impress and satisfied with Leika Nakamura's professional work. We will continue to use her service in the future. Thank very much.

- The Medina's from Simi Valley

03/07/2010 Video Production

I'm very impressed with Leika Nakamura's assistance and will definitely use her any time for Video Production, Transfer, the whole works. Dick Heatherton Author Speaker Trainer

- Dick Heatherton from Marina del Rey

Digital Video Archive & DVA Explainer Video

Home Video Studio can transfer your old videotapes, 8mm film and DVDs to to DVA - The Digital Video Archive Cloud! Watch on your memories on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV! Instantly share your video with anyone in the world for free!

Website Specials

It's Back! Our Annual End of the Year Sale! Save up to 50% starting on Tuesday, December 26. This is our biggest sale of the year! We’re finishing up our 26th year in business and we want to celebrate by saving your memories and helping you save money at the same time. It’s our gift to you this Holiday Season! Here’s how it works. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Save 40% on Video Tape & DVDs to DVAs – The Digital Video Archive Cloud! View, edit and share your video via Computer, Smartphone, Ipad & Smart TV.

Save 35% on Film Transfer (Super 8mm, 8mm & 16mm) to DVD & DVA!

Save 50% on Photo Video Keepsakes.

Save 50% on Photos & Negatives to a digital file.

Save 30% on Sports Scholarship & Highlights Videos.

Save 50% on 35mm Slide transfer to Archival DVDs!

Save 50% on DVD and CD Duplication.

Save 35% on Video Tape to DVD.

Save 25% on Audio Cassette & Quarter inch Audio Transfer to CD/MP3.

Save 30% on Video Editing (Entire Editing job- estimated - must be prepaid).

Save 35% on Record Transfer to CD.

Call 1-800-660-8273 and place your order between Tuesday, December 26 and Sunday, December 31, 4:00 pm. You can also email us at

You can also go to and place your order any time day or night. Use offer Code HVS777 for film transfer. Call for other offer codes.

You can give us as many tapes, film, movies, DVDs, 35mm slides, photos, audio cassettes, quarter-inch audio reels as you want.


We had a HUGE response last year and we expect an even bigger turnout this year! This sale absolutely ends at 4:00 pm on Sunday, December 31, 4:00 pm. This offer does not apply to current orders already in our studio or completed work. All orders must be pre-paid (as usual). Call us 1-800-660-8273 or go online and place your order. All Major Credit Cards Accepted! Ask for Robert, Heath or Bob.

We want to wish all of you a Happy Holiday and A Happy New Year!

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We can transfer your old home movies 8mm, 16mm, VHS, Mini DV and other videotapes to DVDs and the DVA - Digital Video Archive Cloud. Share this and receive a 10% discount!

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