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10/10/2017 Home Movie Transfer

We watched the home movies over Thanksgiving weekend. My family and I were extremely pleased with the results and quality of your work, and the soundtrack was an added bonus.

- L. Hanson from Ottawa

10/10/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Hi, We watched the home movies over Thanksgiving weekend. My family and I were extremely pleased with the results and quality of your work, and the soundtrack was an added bonus.

- D Hardware from

09/05/2017 Video to DVD

HVS transferred some VHS tapes from some dance recitals that took place 35 years ago. The transfer to DVD and MP4 were clear, both visually and audibly – I couldn’t believe it after all these years. Thank you for helping me to share these memories of some of the best times of my life with former students and teachers. Great job on the packaging too! We will cherish these forever.

- Mara from Ottawa

07/27/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I had 23 precious family tapes of my children from 1980s - 8 MM format - and David transferred them accurately and efficiently within 10 days. I was very pleased with the quality and timeliness. I will be returning to have some more tapes digitized in next year before the old Bell and Howell from the 1960s fades away.

- Ian Lee from Ottawa

07/19/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with the final product. Given the fact that you were working with some 8mm film that dated back to 1961. Seeing family, relatives and friends come to life again is a wonderful thing. Loved ones never really go away, the memories are always with us. But to have those memories come alive before our eyes adds to the moment. Thank you for restoring and preserving cherished memories that likely would have been lost. I would certainly recommend Home Video Studio. Your professionalism, skill and customer relations are highly regarded.

- Les Bowie from Ottawa

06/15/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I asked David to transfer my old home videos to DVD and USB drive which he did as promised within a one week time frame. I was pleasantly surprised to find the DVD's all nicely packaged up in a memories keepsake album. I am very satisfied with the quality of product and service that I received and would definitely recommend Home Video Studio.

- Kerri from Carp

06/12/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Hi have been very impressed by David. He seems very passionnate and he works fast and well. I hired his services to transfer videos from VHS to a hard drive and the quality is top notch. Thank you David. I will definitely come back in the future.

- Philippe from Gatineau

05/07/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I had a bunch of my grandparents old family films lying around the house and wanted to get them transferred over to a DVD so my grandmother could see her late husband again. I had a bit of a deadline, needing to get them shipped back to BC by April 27th, and asked David to get them done in only 10 days, and he was able to deliver! My whole family is thrilled to see themselves younger again, and all the memories it brought back. The quality of the film was not the best, being shot by an armature, but they turned out and we were all satisfied with the results. 10/10 I would recommend Home Video Studio to friends in the future.

- Rhea from Ottawa

04/17/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I am very happy to have found your company here in Ottawa that does video transfers. You transferred my old Super 8 films and VHS tapes to DVD back in 2013 and I was thrilled with the results. I again used your service to have more home videos transferred to DVD in 2017. All of these old home movies were saved before the tapes became unusable. Thank you! I also appreciate the fact that the DVDs are contained in one case. I have been recommending you to everyone I know.

- Louise from Gatineau

04/04/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I am so very pleased with the service. Not only are my old Super 8 movies (over 40 years old) now on a DVD but also on a stick. I am so happy I found this place. I definitely recommend 'Home video studio'.

- Lee Anne from Mardi

03/14/2017 Home Movie Transfer

I am super happy with the service! Very professional! The quality of the old home movies is surprisingly good. I will definitely recommend this studio to my friends.

- Anna Podlesna from Ottawa

03/13/2017 Video to DVD

Thank you to David, wonderful memories for our family to view, we cried!!

- Nadine from Stittsville

03/02/2017 Home Movie Transfer

David did a great job and I am 100% satisfied with the end product. These home movies were over 40 years old and I am now able to edit them into short quality videos that can be played on my iPad. FANTASTIC !

- Michel Bourdon from Orléans

01/23/2017 Video to DVD

Such a pleasure to do business with. Great communication and professional quality in converting our old tapes to DVD. David was able to preserve our family memories. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio.

- Dave Sim from Manotick

01/13/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Great service. Efficient, timely and friendly. No complaints.

- Chris Dos Santos from Ottawa

01/12/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you Home Video Studio for making our 2016 Christmas family get together a truly memorable one… The smiles on the faces, the laughter and the few tears shed, as our extended family gathered around our HD TV to watch our 50-plus year old 8 mm home movies come to live once again. With our old 8 mm projector out of commission for many years, these wonderful memories were confined to boxes in our hallway closet. Converting our old movies to DVDs is something my wife and I talked about for many years, but like many things, we just never got around to it. Well, this year we did it and sure happy we did. Even though the image quality on our original movies was not great to start with, we were pleasantly surprised with the end result, even when viewed on our big screen TV. Being able to navigate through the various chapters of the DVD is real plus. Another plus is the music sound bed that you incorporated into the DVD. A really nice added touch. Thanks again and looking forward to dealing with you again… we have many small format VHS tapes that will need to be transferred to DVD. Jacques

- Jacques Cantin from Aylmer

01/05/2017 Home Movie Transfer

The week before Christmas I decided it would be a great surprise to be able to show our family old videos we had taken when they were children. Of course, at that late date I could not find anywhere to have my 8 mm converted to DVD without at least a 5-6 week turn around. I found Home VIdeo Studio on-line and David was able to convert six tapes to videos in plenty of time for us to show them on Christmas Day. Thank you for bringing back all of our memories for us - it was a wonderful surprise. I will be having more tapes converted very soon. I have already recommended Home Video Studio to many friends and I know they will be as satisfied as we are.

- Lynn Barton from Kanata

01/02/2017 Home Movie Transfer

Converting our old 8 mm films to digital was a great gift idea and your conversion service was excellent. My siblings and I doubted we could get much usable material from such scratchy originals, but the videos you gave us are pleasant to watch. The ones with color seem to have retained their true colors. You provided the files on time and on budget and you were pleasant to do business with. What follows are a few quotes to show the impact these videos have had on my family... “Outstanding. Thanks for a fabulous memento. Really appreciated and a nice surprise and an over the top piece of history to keep forever.” “That is the most AMAZING video! I had no idea it existed- ... Amazing to see our parents so young! ... --- - - was really in shape...and affectionate .... And all the families together. ... WOW! Thank you for doing this and sending it.” “This footage is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sending it to us. To see everyone at that age is remarkable. “ “- - - forwarded me the video you made and I just wanted to thank you so much for sending that to him. We all had a really crappy week and this just totally made him light right up! I know you spoke with him after he viewed it, but wasn't sure if he told you just how much this really made his day!” ”Thanks for that treat. That was a great gift. ... Amazing to see one’s parents alive when they were young. A first for me. ... thanks for doing this”

- Jay Kassirer from Ottawa

12/17/2016 Video Services

David did an amazing job transferring some very old 35mm movie footage that would have been lost forever. His service was professional and the quality is surprising. The next time we need services such as these we will gladly seek out David's services.

- Sherman Neil from Manotick

12/12/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks David for the great work you did on our VHS to DVD transfer. Quality is great and completed in a timely matter just as you promised. So many laughs and fond memories enjoyed by us all. Can's wait to watch over the holiday season with the family. Will certainly recommend your services. Thanks again Shirley

- Shirley Oesterle from Carletoon Place

12/10/2016 Video to DVD

I am very happy with the service and quality of the VHS tapes I had transferred to DVD's. David Gardner was very flexible, friendly and quick to have the tapes done and ready to be picked up. I am recommending this service to friends, or anyone who needs to bring the memories into this decade. We will be sharing them with our family at Christmas and I know it will be so enjoyable. I look forward to have slides transferred in the future. I did read the reviews before I placed my order, seems everyone is happy with their experience. Thanks again!

- E. Sunny Beamish from Orleans

12/06/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We had a number of Super 8 films of our children from the 1980’s that we rarely watched because of the hassle of getting out the projector and screen. Then our projector broke so we decided to have the films transferred to DVD so we did not lose these memories. I was so glad to have found David and his services. He did a great job in a very timely manner and we now can enjoy these treasures again without all the hassle. We have now decided to have the 8mm films we have dating back to the 1940’s also transferred. Thanks David.

- Lynda from Ottawa

11/02/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We recently had 10 VHS tapes that we wanted converted to DVD format. These tapes are over 20 years old and needed to be transferred to preserve quality before serious deterioration could occur. David was most pleasant to deal with and created a family memories 10 dvd collection . At the beginning of each dvd is a scene selection option with thumbnail photos wich saves time when searching . The quality is very good and will return for another transfer, this time for 8mm and super 8 film onto DVD format.A+

- René from Embrun

09/12/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Hello David! Thank so much for your excellent service! It was fast and professional. I will be back for all my souvenirs. And I recommend you without hesitation!! Thank you again!

- Annie from Gatineau

08/29/2016 Video Production

I wanted to thank you for how our video turned out. It looked fantastic and you made our vision come to life exactly like we planned. A lot of compliments were flying around about the quality and professionalism of the video. Thank again!

- Tracy and Nick from Ottawa

08/16/2016 Video to DVD

Just had 22 tapes transferred to DVD. Fantastic service!! Recommending 110%

- Cindy from Ottawa

07/16/2016 Home Movie Transfer

David did a fantastic job on our over 40-year old 8mm home movies. I am so glad to know that I now have these on a permanent format - and the quality is amazing! In addition, he completed the conversion ahead of schedule! David responded to my many queries and concerns incredibly quickly, which is rare these days. Sadly, I don't have any more film to convert but I will emphatically recommend David to anyone who needs video production services. We are truly lucky to have him in the Ottawa area. Thank you David!

- Steve P from Kanata

06/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer

The quality of your work is unsurpassed. I was under a tight deadline to have the movie transfers done for my Mother-in-laws birthday party. You came through quickly and the whole process was seamless. Everyone at the party was surprised, delighted and captivated by the movies and by the fact you are easily accessible to them if they want to do the same thing. Thank You

- Darren H from Almonte On

05/16/2016 Home Movie Transfer

David, just a quick note to let you know how pleased we are with your recent transfer of over 3 hours of 8mm film. I had previously tried to transfer it myself through a projector box configuration but the results were not satisfactory. Even though my footage dates back to 1956, the colour and clarity is remarkable. I was not even sure if my old film could be safely transported through a projector anymore though I'm sure your sprocketless technology helped. I took your transferred files and edited period music over the silent video and now have a priceless heirloom to be enjoyed by future generations, Thanks again,

- Mike P. from Orleans

05/12/2016 Home Movie Transfer

We had 22 Hi8 camcorder tapes spanning 1990 to 2007 showing the events of our family as they grew. After less than two weeks they were all expertly transferred to DVD. It is so great to be able to show these more easily to family and relive all the fun moments the kids' childhood. With a new grandson, it will be fun to show him what daddy was like as a kid!

- Andrew from Ottawa

04/26/2016 Home Movie Transfer

Only great things to day about David's services. We had all my father's 8mm home movies transferred to digital files. We were very pleased with the speed and quality of the service--great colour, no scratches or dust in the scans, and all the options for file formats were carefully explained. When my 91 year old mother saw one of the video files of one of the family weddings shot in the 1960s that she had not seen in decades, she watched it through four times in a row!

- Howard Sandler from Ottawa

04/06/2016 Home Movie Transfer

David did a great job of transferring my father's 8 mm film to DVD . The quality and service was very good - I would definitively recommend this company to those wishing do preserve their precious memories.

- Denise from Ottawa

03/11/2016 Home Movie Transfer

1200 feet of Super 8 film lay neglected in my basement after my projector failed 5 years ago and chewed up the first 4 feet. I recently dusted off the remainder and had it transferred to HD Blu Ray disk by Home Video Studio. The service I received was first class. My disk was ready exactly when promised and the quality of the picture on my tv was superb. The music added a new dimension and made a pleasant change from the sound of a whirring projector. The memories came flooding back from that Blu Ray including some I had all but forgotten about. I was able to relive a big chunk of my life in just 52 minutes and I couldn't put a price on how good that made me feel. As such I was so glad I finally dug the reels out and took them to Home Video Studio. I would certainly recommend anybody else to do the same.

- Martyn from Ottawa

02/28/2016 Video to DVD

You did such a beautiful job with the DVDs, I'm blown away by the presentation and the quality! We can't thank you enough for the wonderful job. I will definitely refer people to you if any family or friends are looking to convert their tapes.

- Christina from Ottawa

02/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer

My family and I were extremely pleased with the work that Home Video Studio provided us. We had several films and VHS videos, taken through 1960 to 1990, converted into DVDs and the quality was simply amazing! We were able to watch special moments that we thought were lost and teach our kids about their family history. Needless to say, the viewing was nostalgic. Thank you Home Video Studio for your quality work. We plan on having more films and videos converted to uncover the mystery of our family past!

- Nadine from Orleans

02/14/2016 Video to DVD

David , gave great service , and I would recommend his work

- Julie Spencer from Richmond

12/30/2015 Video to DVD

Did a great job transferring to DVD for Christmas and it was one of the best gift for Christmas. David is prompt, keeps the deadlines he promises and very knowledgeable. So happy with his work and highly recommend him! I am going back to get more items converted. Great job and thank you!

- Maz Karimjee from Ottawa

12/30/2015 Home Movie Transfer

David Thank-you very much for the quality work received in converting 8mm family films to dvd. The dvds were the best Christmas gifts ever I am being told. The added sound was a nice touch as well. I will certainly recommend your services to anyone looking for converting old memories to new found discoveries. All the best.

- Mark Smith from Chalk River

12/03/2015 Home Movie Transfer

David. Thank you for a fantastic job you did coverting the family 8mm silent movies to a disc (music for sound track is a nice touch). The feedback has been all positive from my family members. Regards Michael

- Michael from Totonto

12/03/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Another happy customer! Had a DVD made of about 10 8mm reels from 1958-9 for Xmas. Very pleased with the Home Video Studio for polite, professional, time sensitive service. This time I asked for custom music for 3 of the reels which cost more. I previewed it - and I'm very pleased. Thankyou.

- Jane from Nepean

11/30/2015 Video Services

Thanks David. Your service was excellent, prompt and high quality. Cheers, Paul

- Paul from Kingston

11/29/2015 Video to DVD

Many moons ago before I got married and started a family I got a high 8 video camera which documented our lives for 12 or so years before it died. After that I went digital so the tapes got stored away. Without the Hi-8 they couldn't be viewed. It was always a nagging worry that if something were to happen to these tapes the loss would be irretrievable and besides they should be viewed! For Christmas this year I thought I would surprise the family with a digital transfer. That's where homevideostudio came in. I brought in the big box of Hi-8 tapes and a few older VHS tapes and left it with him. In short order I got an email they were ready. The DVD's were beautifully packaged and labeled in a wonderful "memories" case. I just sneak viewed a few of them (Christmas hasn't come yet) and they are outstanding! As good as the original source. What an enormous sense of relief that our memories are now not only permanently safe but wonderfully presented. I would highly highly recommend that everybody with tapes a) save them and b) get homevideostudio to do it. You will be very very happy! Thanks David.

- Daryl from Kanata

06/22/2015 Home Movie Transfer

We recently had our 8mm home movie tapes transferred to DVD and to a hard drive. It was great to be able to watch the movies again and we found the picture quality to be excellent. The service was great and the project was completed even faster than promised. I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone looking to have their videos transferred.

- Rudy from Ottawa

06/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I was very pleased with the transfer from 8mm to DVD that David did for me. It was done quickly, and the music enhanced it. I was afraid the colours would be washed out, but they were more vibrant than the original. So pleased with the excellent work. My family laughed and cried watching us in the 1950's!

- Jane from Nepean

05/13/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had several 1960s era home movies stored in my basement on old projector reels that had not been viewed for years. Home Video Studios transferred those movies for me into digital files that I could download and easily view/edit. They were a real hit at our last family get-together. The work was completed on time and the end-product was just what I wanted.

- Penny from Ottawa

05/04/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I was very happy with the quality of the 8mm film transfer. The time it took to complete the transfer was also very reasonable. Thank you!

- Josh from Ottawa

03/02/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I had a shoe box full of my Dad's old 8mm film, plus some 8mm sound film from the 80's transferred to DVD.. The transaction with Home Video Studios was straightforward and clear, the price was reasonable and the product was delivered on time. (a few days before, actually) I was very happy with the results and would not hesitate to refer friends and family to David.

- John E from Ottawa

01/26/2015 Video to DVD

I'm so happy we got our camcorder tapes into DVD's - It was easy I simply dropped them off and one week later they were ready and in a nice 'Family Memories' holder. I brought them to my Mom for her 86th birthday and she said it was the best gift ever as she was able to relive those special moments. Totally worth it.

- LIse from Stittsville

01/25/2015 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio took my old films and transferred them onto DVD beautifully. Their service was fast and extremely professional. David is very pleasant to deal with. I am definitely going to use them again and highly recommend this company for any audio visual needs

- Karen from Greely

01/11/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I am very satisfied with the transferring of my super 8mm home movies to digital media ( both DVD and memory stick) by David Gardner at Home Video Studio in Kanata. My movies spanned 20 years from 1967 to 87 when my family was growing up and contained many memorial moments, vacation trips, activities, etc. I met with David before giving him my films and was very impressed by both his substantial technical background in engineering and the professional quality of his studio. I would not hesitate to recommend him to friends and neighbours who may have need of such services.

- Jim McEwan from Stittsville

01/06/2015 Home Movie Transfer

I presented David with quite a challenge a few weeks before Christmas. I dropped off numerous trays of slides and several reels of film that I'd thought were lost years ago. My wish was to have them transformed into a form of media that we could easily watch. Sensing how busy he was, I didn't press to have them ready before Christmas. To my surprise, David called on Christmas Eve to let me know my order was ready to pick up! I must say I was truly impressed with David's professionalism and quality of the files I received - and so quickly!! I would definitely recommend David's Home Video Studio for any of your projects. You will be amazed :)

- Dianne McDonald from Greely

01/02/2015 Video to DVD

I would highly recommend Home Video Studio to my friends and family. Having our old home movies on a format that we can now enjoy is priceless. The videos were completed before the expected date (in time for Christmas) and the professionalism and service was exceptional.

- Dianne from Pakenham

12/19/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Hi David Thanks for a job well done. I am thrilled to have been granted this access to my long-forgotten childhood courtesy of the 8 mm transfer you undertook.You performed the work professionally, competently and in timely fashion. I am looking so forward to sharing this time capsule with my sisters at Christmas!

- Susan from Ottawa

12/16/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with the results of the transfer of 40 year old 8mm movies to DVDs.

- Marilyn from Oxford Mills

12/15/2014 Home Movie Transfer

David did a great job transferring my 8mm film to DVD! A perfect Christmas gift for my family.

- Megan from Ottawa

12/15/2014 Home Movie Transfer

My husband had been looking for some time for a company to convert old super-8 films that were give to him by his mom who passed away over 20 years ago. Over the years they were very damaged from not being stored properly. He found Home Video Studio on the internet. I brought the films in and knowing how damaged they were, I wasn't expecting too much. Took them less than two weeks to complete. We are very happy with what they were able to salvage. I would not hesitate to hire them again for other projects I have with protecting old photo's and I would recommend this company to anyone looking to have their photo's or films brought back to life. The smile on my husbands face is priceless. Thank you so much.

- Carol Lafontaine from Gatineau, Quebec

12/15/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you David, The reproduction of my 8mm reels to DVD was absolutely excellent! My children had not seen these beautiful takes since they themselves were just children!! What a great Christmas gift.................................

- Neil P. from Pickering

11/22/2014 Video to DVD

Great services, super quick turn around, easy to contact and accessible hours. Overall very satisfied.

- Gesa from Ottawa

11/21/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for the great job that you and Home Video Studio did sorting out my various old format videos. I found your services very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future. Thanks!

- Partick Smith from Ottawa

11/14/2014 Video Services

It was pleasure doing business with you and I was very satisfied with your service. I would definitely use your service a for future video needs. I highly recommend your service. Thank you.

- Adill hissan from Ottawa

11/04/2014 Video to DVD

I was searching for a video service that could convert my collection of Super Hi-8 videotapes to DVD. It was a sizeable undertaking - comprising a total of 33 (2 hour) tapes - fifteen years of treasured family memories. Quite by accident I discovered Home Video Studio in Kanata, and what a pleasant surprise it turned out to be. David understood immediately how valuable and precious the tapes were, and undertook to convert them for me. He did an outstanding job - converting, burning, labeling and packaging. I couldn't have been happier. I would strongly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone - for any video project you might have. Great service, great value!

- Henry Brodmann from Kanata

10/16/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I would like to thank you very much for the great work you did in transferring my old 8 mm film to DVD. The quality is exceptional, the service was very speedy and the price is extremely reasonable. Viewing the video was the high lite of our Thanksgiving gathering. Well done!

- David Buckley from Ottawa

09/29/2014 Home Movie Transfer

David,I would to thank you for the excellent job you have done on converting my old 8mm home movie (i.e., a family movie of the '60) to a file on a DVD. Not only I can now see this movie (that I have not seen for years) and share it with my family members, but I can also include it in a new movie I am now producing with iMovie. The work you have done was very professional and done on time. You really understand my needs. Thanks!

- Louise from Orleans

09/12/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I'm just now working on a second set of films to have you transfer onto DVD. I'm very pleased with the first set. Despite the age of the films, the technical quality is remarkably good. Money well-spent.

- Joseph M. H. Frenken from Nepean

09/12/2014 Photo Videos

David I would like to thank you for the excellent video you made for my Brother's 60th Birthday Party. It captured him right from Baby stage to 60 years old. The video was a real party hit. We had it playing throughout his surprise party, so as you may guess, lots of laughs Thanks Again

- Patsy Curran from Ottawa

08/12/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I have had a great experience with Home Video Studio. I have been cleaning out my Mother's Condo when I came across some old 8mm film. Wondering what was on them, I went on line and found Home Video Studio. One quick trip there and in a few days, I received an email and picked up my new DVD. After inviting my 2 brothers over to view this we were extremely excited to see video of ourselves from over 45 years ago. We are getting ready to show my mother who is 82 now. She will love it. Thanks Again David you made 3 men very happy.

- Scott Lee from Ottawa

08/07/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I was very pleased and relieved to find out my old VHS tapes were still in good shape and could be successfully copied to DVD. David was very easy to with with and provided a top notch product which I will cherish for many years to come. These tapes of children growing up are very precious to me and right from the start I felt they were in capable hands with David's company. Would definitely recommend Home Video Studio

- Lisa from Ottawa

08/05/2014 Home Movie Transfer

We had been talking about transferring our home VHS movies for awhile but it's one of those things that keeps getting pushed to the bottom of the priority pile until one of our VHS tapes broke. We were heart broken and decided that we had better get the others transferred before it happened again. Well not only did David transfer all our movies to a wonder DVD set, he fixed and transferred our broken tape. We are so happy with the results we are telling everyone we know that they have to do the same thing. These memories are irreplaceable and we couldn't be happier knowing that our memories have been saved! Thank you David!

- Gilles Vanasse from Ottawa

07/24/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I had discovered a couple of old 8mm video tapes a while back as we were clearing out Mum and Dad's house to move them from the family farm back in 2009. The tapes sat by my computer at home for 5 years before I finally got around to doing something with them. The trigger was that I had become a member of a Business Breakfast Club - David Gardner was already a member of the group and talked with great enthusiasm about the services he provides. With no idea of the content of the tapes, I decided to ask David to help unlock these treasures and get them transferred to digital format for me. What a treasure ! There were video clips from the 1950's, 60's and 70's - all of family members. One special segment from 1959 captured a family gathering at the same farm mentioned above where I would eventually grow up, with all the grandparents, aunts / uncles, and cousins from my Dad's side of the family in attendance at a mini family reunion. I wasn't born yet, and my grandmother would pass away a few years later, so I never got to meet her. To see her on video was incredible - and as far as I know, it's the only piece of video ever recorded of her. I've since posted that segment of video to Facebook in a group I've set up for that part of my family tree, and the response has been tremendous. Lots of tears, lots of memories. Thanks to David for unlocking these treasures. I would not hesitate to use his services again.

- Adrian from Ottawa

06/19/2014 Home Movie Transfer

From the time I contacted David the transfer of my 1991 VHS to DVD was seamless making the transaction a rewarding experience! Now the family can relive the past vacation over and over...Definitely recommend the services of Home Video Studio.

- John from Metcalfe

06/05/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I had some 8mm home movies that I took in 1966 & I gave it to David to transfer it to DVD I am very pleased with the quality & service that I got from David.

- Merrill Smith from Carleton Place

06/04/2014 Video to DVD

Thanks to the Video Services, I was able to preserve a TV interview dating back some twelve years, which turned out to be an unbelievable testimony of what I wanted to do and was able to accomplish during these years. Dealing with David was easy and straightforward, and the final product is nothing short of professional.

- François from Ottawa

05/02/2014 Video to DVD

I certainly will not hesitate referring other people to you. I was very pleased with your work, and the price was right.

- Bill from Ottawa

04/18/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I needed a DVD made for my Mother's memorial service. It was a time sensitive issue, and my DVD was completed in just a few days. I was happy to have an area where I was by myself to view the finished product as this was an emotional time. The DVD was perfect, and my family was very moved and impressed. I have used David's services before, for copying, and will use them in the future, as I have dozens of old photos to scan for my family. The price is very reasonable and I was happy with the end product.

- Beth Sharp from Kanata

03/28/2014 Duplications

Accessibility and speed was crucial as we had a tight timeline to transfer old wedding cassettes to CD. I was very pleased with how quickly our email request was responded to, phone call returned, the work was done & the results were excellent. Will most definitely use this company for future projects.

- Nancy Killam from Orleans

03/26/2014 Video to DVD

We had a home made VHS slideshow that was made 18 years ago for my in-laws anniversary. David created DVD copies with attractive labels in nice neat cases. It is so great to be able to see the slideshow again, thank you David!

- Lynn from Ottawa

03/25/2014 Home Movie Transfer

A superb job and exactly to my specifications. You managed to take a 40-year old, spliced up, Super-8 MM film and convert it into a seamless, high-resolution MP4 video. Everyone loved the video. Worth every penny.

- Guy Paquette from Ottawa

03/13/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I am delighted with the service that was provided to transfer thousands of feet of home movies to DVD with copies made for the family members. Most of these films were over 50 years od and we had never seen many of them. I would recommend this service to everyone trying to save their family history. Janice Bull

- Janice Bull from Fort McMurray

03/11/2014 Home Movie Transfer

We had over 60 tapes that needed to be transferred, going back as far as 1992. I initially asked David yo transfer 6-8 tapes, and I was really impressed by the speed and quality of his work. A nice touch was the labelling and CD case in which they were placed. I have since returned and had all 60 tapes copied, and I was extremely happy with the outcome.

- Carl J from Ottawa

03/10/2014 Video to DVD

I had five VHS tapes that I hadn't viewed for 20 yrs and was procrastinating looking for someone to transfer them to DVD. I was really nervous to send them out to a franchise operation where I was just a number in case they were lost or damaged. These tapes were priceless family movies that could never be replaced. I found Home Video Studio through google and gave them a call. The personal and friendly response I received reassured me my tapes would be in safe hands to be transferred. Within a few days they called me back to pick them up. They are very nicely put together, titled and with excellent quality. I am so happy to have these now safe for future viewing and safekeeping. I sincerely say thank you for the personal care of such an important piece of my family history and I have, and will definitely recommend Home Video Studio to all my family and friends.

- Victoria CAmpbell from Ottawa

02/19/2014 Home Movie Transfer

When I was hoping to view my cherished family videos that were on out-dated VHS formats, I discovered Homevideo and found David. His store was located a long way from our house in Ottawa and when I mentioned that I would have to go elsewhere he offered me free pick-up and delivery. Together with his clear communication of all the prices and possibilities, I am happy to recommend every aspect of his service. We are now watching valued memories in a format that we can access and I have a contact in the video world that is trustworthy and talented.

- Sarah W. from Ottawa

02/05/2014 Home Movie Transfer

This is the second time that I used Home Video Studio and I am very satisfied with the service I would highly recommend Dave & his Home Video Studio to anybody. I value Dave's professionalism and quality of work done. I will use his service in the future

- Jan from Kanata

01/28/2014 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much David for creating such a wonderful DVD of our childhood memories. We retrieved a few 8mm home movie reels from our parents’ basement where they had been for many years. I was concerned that because of the age of the reels, we wouldn’t be able to have them transferred to the new format. We are all absolutely thrilled with quality and the composition of the DVD. I will definitely be using Home Video Homes services again.

- Karen from Carp

01/03/2014 Home Movie Transfer

I had several Super 8 films transferred to DVD and I'm very happy with the quality and service provided. All of the films were separated into chapters which was nice and David put music in the background since they were silent films. The price was very reasonable as well in comparison to others in my area. I highly recommend Home Video Studio to anyone interested in getting transfers done.

- Genevieve Lafontaine from Ottawa

01/03/2014 Photo Videos

Dear David: The transfer of my parents' 50th Anniversary slide presentation to DVD is spectacular. The quality of your production is perfect. My family and siblings were delighted and will cherish the family memories reproduced in the DVD. Many thanks.

- Bruce & Louise from Ottawa, ON

01/02/2014 Video to DVD

I think that the gift of the family memories DVDs was the best gift for Christmas this year! My husband was thrilled and so surprised that I had been able to organize this. Especially since we had been talking about doing this for years! I was impressed by how easy it was to have the videos copied onto DVDs. You were extremely helpful and you worked within my timelines. The quality of the DVDs is phenomenal and we spent several happy hours reminiscing while we watched the DVDs. We definitely will use your services again! It was very easy and convenient!

- Maryke DeWolf from Greely

01/02/2014 Video to DVD

Our entire family enjoyed viewing the cds, thanks again, it was really worthwhile to get it done. Happy New Year.

- Carol Hunter from Ottawa

12/30/2013 Video to DVD

I wanted to thank you so much for our beautiful videos you transfered for us. I had them made for my16 year old daughter who thought it was the best Christmas gift ever!!! Both girls have been watching them for hours and the memories you have made possible for us was perfect. I can't thank you enough for having them ready in time for Christmas. Thanks again

- Anne Wilson from Barrhaven

12/30/2013 Video to DVD

Thank you very much for the videos you transferred for us from VHS cassettes to DVDs. We had them as a special gift this Christmas. It made our Christmas especially memorable to see our precious family memories again.

- M. Babiak from ottawa

12/27/2013 Video to DVD

I just used Home Video Studio to transfer our many VHS-C and mini DVDs to DVDs. I am thrilled with the quality of the DVDs and their professional look. The service and turn-around time was great. I would definitely use this service again. Thank you!

- Noelle McCabe from Ottawa

12/27/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I was very satisfied with your recent work in transferring home movies from VHS tape to a professional looking DVD set. many thanks

- Howard B. from Kanata

12/22/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Home Video Studio recently transferred 12, 8mm films on to DVD for our family. These films are 54 years old. We were not expecting great results but, were very pleasantly surprised to see how clear and bright they turned out. We have more films to be transferred and will definitely return to this company and have them complete the balance of our home videos. Highly recommend them.

- G. Brooman from Ottawa

12/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

For years I had a number of 8mm video tape from when the children were small and I finally got around to getting them transferred. Four business days after I dropped off my tapes I picked up my DVDs neatly packaged in a labeled case. I am very pleased with the results of the transfer. Each DVD has a scene index and it very easy to jump to the parts I want to see. In addition to DVDs for me and my wife, I got a set made for each of my children. They will be surprised and pleased with this gift on Christmas morning. HVS is highly recommended.

- Chris Askin from Ottawa

12/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

We were very pleased with the work that was done by home video studio. We have, and will continue to recommend services to our friends and family. We have certainly received a cherished memory.

- Holly Lytle from Nepean

12/15/2013 Home Movie Transfer

David has with limited instructions, done a wonderful job converting a collection of scenes from Super8 film my father took in the middle 80's. Appropriate music was added along with an index to the various scenes. The resulting product and the experience of using David's service were excellent, I highly recommend him. Sincerely, Robin

- Robin from Kanata

12/12/2013 Home Movie Transfer

My husband and I would like to thank you for your attention to detail in providing us with a valued DVD of a very old home movie on an 8mm reel - of our dear friends wedding some 57 years ago. We appreciate that this is a very busy time of year - but when we advised you that we would need this DVD a week prior to Christmas which would allow our friends to take it with them to their daughter's home in Oakville, you were agreeable to comply. We watched it before giving it to our friends and in our opinion it was excellent. Thank you for your promptness and caring.

- Lyle and Shirley G. from Smiths Falls

12/06/2013 Home Movie Transfer

David did a great job in finding the audio portion I was looking for and transferred it to digital media nicely. Thank you for doing a great job!

- Wayne Duford from Kanata

11/11/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I recently had David transfer some old 8 mm movies as well as treasured old audiotapes to DVD/CD and am very pleased with the quality. Years ago I had copied the 8 mm tapes to VHS but over time they have become worn or the tracking had gone awry. I was worried that all of my old recordings would be lost. However, I was able to gather up all of the originals and just hand them over to David who recorded them to DVD/CD and then labelled them neatly for storage. I was also able to copy them all to my external hard drive for even safer storage. Thank you very much David! There will be more to come.

- Joan from Nepean

10/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Home video studio did a great job transferring my Super 8 movies into a digital form. Out of sheer curiosity I made a serious attempt to do the same using my D600 Nikon. I recorded the projected movie with my Nikon and although the recording itself was well focused with correct white balance and exposure ,the final outcome did not match the quality of David's transfer. I highly recommend his services and will certainly use Home Video Studio in the future.. Some services are best left to the professionals.

- Jerry from Ottawa

10/23/2013 Video Services

This was the first time that I ever used Home Video Studio. They did a great job, on time and at the quoted rate. It was an old reel to reel recording from 1961 and David did a fine job transferring it to a labelled CD. I will certainly be using them in the future. Thanks again for saving this old family recording...great job.

- Mick Armitage from Ottawa

09/24/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you so much for the fine work you did on the 8 mm conversion to DVD. We had a bit of fun transferring to get it onto a stick for our photo-frame. We ran the results for the 3-hour reception and it was such a success, we may even need to have copies made. We'll be in touch.

- Fran from Ottawa

09/14/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I had many years of old 8mm films that I feared were probably too old to revive. I found Dave on line and took them out to him. What a wonderful job he did! We had a movie night at the cottage and we all just loved seeing the "old times" come to life again. I now have many slides to be transferred and will once again be going to see Dave. You absolutely cannot go wrong picking Dave and I recommend him highly.

- Nancy from Ottawa

09/13/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I used Home Video Studio to transfer some 25-year-old Video 8 tapes to DVD, rescuing the footage on them before the tapes started to crumble. The footage was of a four-month sailing voyage from Victoria, BC, to the South Pacific, so it's pretty precious to me. I'd already tried to do the transfer at home, but my own Video 8 machine turned out to have problems. I tried asking Costco Photo Service if they could transfer Video 8, but they couldn't tell me if the subcontractor they use could manage this. David at Home Video Studio did a beautiful transfer of the tapes to DVD, creating very helpful chapter divisions in the footage and giving me nicely printed DVD copies. His price was also a lot better than Costco's. I will definitely rely on his services again.

- Steven Woodward from Ottawa

08/12/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Had a family reunion and last minute found an old 1987 Christmas video and found Dave's website online. With only 1 week before the reunion Dave was able to transfer this VHS onto a DVD. He provided me with great service and in such a short time. I would recommend him to anyone who has old VHS tapes they want to have made into DVD's.

- Susan from Ottawa

07/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

We were delighted recently with the results of a video transfer of a 30-year old super 8 movie of a family visit to Europe. We had tried other video transfer services and their result came nowhere close to the quality of the work done by David Gardner at Home Video Studio. We will most certainly have David transfer more of our family memories from film to DVD.

- Peter Higgins from Kanata

07/14/2013 Video Services

Thanks again David. We are very pleased with the results. I am very impresses that you were able to convert our 56 tapes so quickly. I love the chapters (approx 36 per tape) concept - it make it much easier to find segment that I am looking for. I am confident that you will do a great job on my next order - 8MM film.

- Carl Drodge from Ottawa

06/25/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Years of of VHS video archiving has built up, and I began my search for a reputable company to archive priceless family footage to DVD. I met with David Gardner and discussed my archiving needs. He was very professional and the results were way above my expectations. If you or somebody are in need of of preserving your priceless treasurers to DVD this is the company to deal with. You simply will not be disappointed!!

- Darryl Burwash from Nepean

06/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I was really pleased not only with the quality of the work provided (transer of 8mm to DVD) but also with the professional way that my DVDs were packaged and titled. It was also great to find a local Ottawa company which ensured my precious priceless videos didn't get lost in transit. The work was done in a most timely manner and done for me as promised. I would certainly use the services of Home Video Studios again.

- Ernie from Ottawa

06/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

My experience was with Dave was about as perfect as it could be. Swift, courteous, and a job well done. I would not hesitate in an instant to recommend him to anyone.

- Mike from Stittsville

05/30/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks David for a job well done. I especially enjoyed the fact that I was able to get the 8mm movies in the digital format I needed for editing, and, that I could bring the movies to you and get them back myself. No third party transportation involved, and the risk of loosing 40 years old memories. Twenty years ago I had those movies transferred to video cassettes. What an improvement using the latest technology. Thanks again.

- Marc Rioux from Ottawa

05/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I first heard about David through my daughter's dance studio and found that he did a fabulous job with the filming of her recital. This prompted me to check his company further and to finally ask him to transfer some very old movies my parents had on the old 8mm films. His service was excellent and very timely. I look forward to using his services once again this year at my daughter's dance recital.

- Christianne from Carp

05/16/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I highly recommend the services of this firm. The quality of VHS to DVD is fantastic. Good value, friendliness and professionalism were all top notch!

- Denyse from Dunrobin

05/12/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks for your fine work on transferring my VCR tape to a DVD . It was a 26 year old tape of my past career in arctic flying and research . The tape was somewhat faded but showed very nicely on the DVD . Thanks for your help in restoring those old memories .

- Bill Webb from Ottawa

05/01/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I don't have anything but fabulous things to say about Home Video Studio! When an old home video belonging to my family from 1986 broke, I was devastated...I frantically started researching who could repair the tape for me, in hopes that all of my precious memories weren't lost forever. I came across Home Video Studio, and contacted David Gardner right away - who in turn responded to me just as quickly. He not only fixed my tape, he transferred it to DVD for me (at a great price), and it was shipped back to my house within days. I will definitely go back to David to transfer the rest of my home videos - excellent service!

- Samira from Kingston, Ontario

04/30/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Thanks very much for your services last week. I was particularly impressed with the quality of the DVD considering you were working with a reel that was 40 years old! We were very happy with your service, turnaround time, and of course the final product. We will be using your services again in the near future and recommend you for anyone needing transfer services.

- Andrew from Ottawa

04/26/2013 Video Services

I was very happy with the quality work I received from David at Home Video Studio. I had piles of photographs transferred to digital for my father's 80th birthday. The final product was personalized, finished on time, and looked great. Thanks again.

- Eric McKeown from Kanata

04/14/2013 Video Services

David - Thank you for the careful attention to detail taken when transferring our video from VHS/Beta to DVD. The material is important to us and we are grateful for the professional service you provided. Richard

- Richard from Pembroke

04/08/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Very great service and awesome quality! Very friendly people and was done quite quickly!

- Taylor from Ottawa

04/05/2013 Video Services

Quick and professional service with no fuss. Thanks!

- Kerri from Ottawa

04/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I am pleased with the results I got from having Home Video Studio convert two 8mm films from 1942 into a CD. David, the owner and operator of the company is friendly, organized, and professional. The CD from film is clear, has good colour, is no longer jumpy, and of is course more available and easier to watch than the old film. I look forward to see the work he does when I bring him my favourite slides to be converted into some CDs.

- Priscilla Smith from Ottawa

04/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer

Hi David, thanks for the great service, the Video transfer we did for my wife's 50th birthday party was a great hit, and made the night. Thanks so much, I will see you for the next occasion.

- Geraint Jones from Ottawa

03/08/2013 Home Movie Transfer

David did a great job of transferring and organizing old film and videos onto DVDs. Excellent service and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his work.

- Joan Tod from Ottawa

02/26/2013 Video Production

David Gardner did an excellent job on a DVD of recording my memories and photos. Very professional.Thank you.

- Reg Redknap from Ottawa

02/18/2013 Video to DVD

My hat is off to David Gardner for the excellent video transfer he made from a Betacam SP tape. This is not your average format, and few companies have the equipment do the job. What is more David turned the job around quickly, provided excellent customer service, and offered a reasonable price for his services. I highly recommend Home Video Studio for your video needs. I will definitely call on David in the future!

- Jason Schiedel from Port Elgin

02/05/2013 Duplications

I recently used the services of Home Video Services to transfer auto cassettes of my eldery father to cd. This project demanded extreme care to ensure the aged cassettes were transfered with quality. I can say without a doubt that the service provided was of the highest quality, and that my expectations were far exceeded. Two thumbs up!! Michael N

- Michael from Ottawa

02/03/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I was very impressed with David of how he took my old16 ml films from the 1940's ,50's & 60's and transferred them over to DVD, especially with such short notice before Christmas. His work was excellent and my family enjoyed the movies very much. I would not hesitate in recommending David's business to anyone who is looking for quick, professional & friendly service. Thanks David

- Chris Mallon from Ottawa

01/18/2013 Home Movie Transfer

I can say, without doubt, that the quality of the service and product that I received from Home Video Studio was of the highest calibre. Home Video Studio managed to complete my request without any problems even though I had provided a tight and somewhat hopeful deadline (because I had procrastinated). When my parents saw the video of their wedding on their anniversary, enhanced from the 8mm film they had originally recorded it on, I knew the effort was worth it. I definitely recommended this service and will gladly return with future projects.

- Chris Tang from Ottawa

01/17/2013 Home Movie Transfer

David was very friendly and accomodating and did such a terrific job transforming our family memories into such an easy to view format. On top of that, the DVDs were presented in a neat case and each one was labelled. Very professional. Thanks so much David.

- Christine from Ottawa

01/07/2013 Duplications

David, thanks for taking our old VHS tapes and transferring them to DVD, especially with short notice before Christmas. The VHS tapes were 28 years old and still looked excellent when you finished. My family had a fun Christmas eve watching these DVD's. The best Christmas Eve ever. Thks again Joanne.

- Joanne MacDonald from CARLETON PLACE

01/07/2013 Video to DVD

We had old an VHS tape copied to DVD's. The work was completed professionally, over Christmas, and in time for a birthday. Quite an achievemnt!

- Arnie from Kanata

12/31/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I surprised my wife this Chrismas by having David transfer our old 8mm home videos to DVD. I quickly learned that it was the best gift I've ever given her. We both enjoyed watching the videos with our children and sharing the laughs as they watched themselves as babies and toddlers. The price for video transfer was the best that I found in Ottawa and the quality and professionalism was as expected. They also delivered the finished product in time for Christmas despite receiving the 8mm tapes at the last minute. I'd recommend Home Video Studio to anyone.

- Scott from Ottawa

12/30/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I am so pleased with the videos that you made for my family. Now we can have memories to shows our children and grand children. It was done so professionally and so fast that I never worried for Christmas! It literally brought tears to the whole family's eyes, Christmas morning! Thank you

- Sarah from Orleans

12/30/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Just a little note to say I am very pleased with the DVD that you made from all my mother's home movies. We gave the DVD to her for Christmas and couldn't get over how much she remembered from such a long time ago. She was quite pleased!!!! The quality was quite good considering the shape and age of some of the reels. I really like the music you chose as well, especially for the German post war footage. I have already recommended you to a friend of mine. Thanks again.

- Peggy from Stittsville

12/28/2012 Home Movie Transfer

David did an excellent job, transferring our parent's 8mm movies to DVD. This was a Christmas present for them and everyone was very impressed! The turn around time was also very quick! Thanks David

- Mark from Kanata

12/22/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Converting some of our 43 yr. old super 8 videos to a dvd was a wonderful decision. Not only for the memories, but for the possibilities it opened. I am now able to incorporate segments of the videos into other presentations. It is something our whole family will cherish. Home Video Studio did a great job on the conversion and I look forward to dealing with them again in the future.

- Laura from Ottawa

12/19/2012 Home Movie Transfer

David transferred all of my family videos onto DVD and this was done very quickly and efficiently. I really enjoyed my experience and I will be recommending his services to anyone requiring this type of service. Thanks again David!

- Marc Bouris from Ottawa

11/11/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Great digital copy of my family's 8mm home movies. Can't wait till Xmas to share with the family. The only thing I missed when watching is the sound of the movie projector. Great service and turn around time! Thanks Dave.

- Kim-Jaye from Clarence Creek

10/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer

Excellent job transferring 15 year old VHS tape to DVD. I will recommend you to my colleagues.

- George from Kanata

10/01/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I recently went to the home video studio to have two VHS tapes of vacations I previously had taken transferred over to DVD's. David was able to complete this work in quick order and the outcome was excellent. We are enjoying watching the two DVD's of these vacations which we have not been able to enjoy in some time. I would highly recommend this studio to anyone wanting to update old videos. Thank you so much. Sincerely, N. Herbst, Kanata

- N. Herbst from Kanata

09/28/2012 Home Movie Transfer

What a great job! As a family we stayed up way too late last night reliving old memories of when the children were little. I am so glad I transferred those memories from the old VHS-C tapes - they have been locked away in a drawer for years and for sure would have been lost over time - I don't even own a VHS tape player or the adapter to watch them. The DVD's were very nicely labelled and organized - Thank you so much - my wife and I could not be happier with your work!

- Eric Dewhirst from Ottawa

09/17/2012 Video Services



09/10/2012 Video to DVD

I felt confident leaving my precious VHS home movies with Dave. Within one week, I was enjoying then all over again on my big screen TV through DVD. Good quality and everything intact. I will definitely go back to Dave for further projects.

- Dan from Gatineau

09/07/2012 Home Movie Transfer

After trying all of the 'big name' options and being disappointed with the services offered, I called David. He was able to do exactly what I needed at a very competitive rate, with wonderful customer service and a superb finished result. I will most certainly be dusting off the old VHS home videos and bringing them in. Thank you!

- Jaime from Ottawa

09/05/2012 Home Movie Transfer

David saved our old VHS family tapes! Amazing quality DVD's capturing everything.

- Doug from Kanata

08/16/2012 Home Movie Transfer

David at Home Video Studio did a great job of transferring a VHS tape to DVD.

- Frank from Ottawa

08/14/2012 Video to DVD

Thank you to David for transferring my 8mm tapes to raw digital files. Even when we encountered a problem with the sound, David was most helpful and took the time to redo the sound codec. Due to his diligence and customer service I am now able to enjoy the digital movies of my families past.

- Don Bakich from Gatineau

08/12/2012 Home Movie Transfer

We are delighted with the camcorder video transfer service provided by Home Video Studio. David was very helpful, and provided excellent recommendations throughout the contract. We recommend Home Video Studio for their high quality and prompt service, and we will use Davids services in the future.

- Dianne & Kevin from Kanata

07/10/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I was very pleased with the service provided by Home Video Studio! David was reliable and very helpful in answering questions I had at any time. The entire process which involved close to 40 tapes worth of footage was complete in 2 weeks and delivered directly to my office! I am very happy to have found a service of such quality close to my home and I will definitely be choosing Home Video Studio in the future!

- Kaitlin from Ottawa

06/27/2012 Home Movie Transfer

thank you David ..we got the video yesterday...Karen and I would like to thank you for the terrific job you did on the brings back a lot of memories for us and we appreciate your work on this treasure...we highly recommend your professionalism throughout and have no hesitation in referring your work to others...sincerely, Mike and Karen

- Mike and Karen from Belleville

05/25/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I am so happy that Dave transferred all my home videos that were on VHS to DVD. Now those precious memories can be enjoyed for generations to come. What is the lifespan of a VHS? I didn't want to find out the hard way! I even had a 40 year old reel to reel that Dave transferred to CD....discovering a hidden trac of my Dad (long deceased) paying piano, that I didn't even know existed! Thank you Dave. I highly recommend your service. Impressive equipment, professional and friendly service!

- Debbie Coderre from Orleans

05/08/2012 Video to DVD

I was truly amazed at the quality of the video Dave has done for me, with all the old VHS video's i have brought to him. Dave was very professional in the way he explained to us how the process would go, and the amount of time it would take. I would highly recommend him fo family and friends, in which I did bring in a friend of mine who had reel to reel to be transferred, I would like to thank you Dave for the everlasting memories that you created for me and my family to cherish in years to come.

- Diane Lermay from Ottawa

04/10/2012 Photo Videos

It was my sister's wish to have a video of her life shown at her Celebration of Life service and reception. David did a beautiful job transferring to DVD some VHS footage that had originally been transferred from an old 8mm film to VHS several years ago. David then scanned in over 100 photos of my sister at various stages of her life, transferred some digital photos and added my sister's favourite music that we had provided to him on CDs. The end result was absolutely perfect and brought friends and family to tears.

- Babette De Sousa from Stittsville, ON

04/04/2012 Home Movie Transfer

David did a great job of transferring old 8 mm movie film as well as several VHS tapes, to DVD. Service was great, the product was professionally done and the price was reasonable. We'll be giving David more business and recommending his service to our friends. Sheryl

- Sheryl McKendry from Nepean

04/02/2012 Home Movie Transfer

I was very pleased with the transfer of 8mm tapes from my family video camera to MP4 files on a DVD. The sound and image are great and I never have to worry about loosing those memories! The price was the best I could find, and they delivered them to my door in Ottawa. Thanks so much!

- Ashley from Ottawa

12/28/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I had a number of 8mm tapes that I had been waiting to have transferred for a very long time. My kids loved to watch the home movies, to such a degree that the tapes had become damaged. At Christmas I finally got around to calling various stores to price out what it would cost to have the 8mm tapes transferred to DVD. One quote was upwards of $300 for four tape transfers. Discouraged, I googled this service locally, and was thrilled to find David's business. When I called to confirm his pricing, I couldn't believe how affordable it was. David repaired my tapes, and transferred them all within a week or so. I was thrilled! Not to mention, he packaged all the DVDs very nicely, and each DVD comes with a scene index for easy viewing. I would recommend this service without hesitation!

- Jenny from Kanata

12/28/2011 Video to DVD

I was really happy doing business with David. I found his services on line and he was quick to answer my request. The service was k professional and done in a timely fashion. I had a VHS tape of my son's wedding transferred to DVD. He can now show his two sons his wedding day,.I would definately recommend this service and it was easy to find off the Queenway coming from Alymer.Good luck with your business. Lois

- Lois Lapierre from Gatineau(Alymer)

12/16/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I received three reels of Super 8 film from my father-in-law with the intent on scanning them myself. The film kept breaking in any projector, so we could not view them anymore. After quickly realizing how daunting this task would be I gave the reels to David. His sprocketless film advancer was gentle on the film and the digital files are amazing to watch. His service is quick, professional and definitely worth every penny. If I find more of these reels I would give them to David to transfer in a second.

- Michael Barnes from Kanata

12/14/2011 Home Movie Transfer

It was great to get rid of the 2 shopping bags of my parents home movies. The service was quick and friendly. The set up is totally professional and reassuring, not a semi hobby scenario. We will be having our own movies done shortly

- muriel from lancaster

12/10/2011 Home Movie Transfer

My experience was excellent and I will be returning with more work for David.

- Sue M. from Eganville

11/16/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Excellent service and excellent product. Thanks so much for the quick turn around.

- Karen Demsys from Ottawa

11/15/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I was very fortunate to find David and have many years of 8mm, beta and vhs tapes transferred onto dvd. Now all my movies of my twins will be in a format that we can watch with family and friends, and be able to view for years to come. Great and friendly service. I highly recommend his work.

- Gayle D. from Ottawa

11/07/2011 Audio Tape Transfer

Excellent service which I would recommend to anyone. Video transfer was of a terrific quality. The ability to preserve cherished videos on DVD is priceless.

- Mark H from Orleans, Ontario

10/26/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I am over the moon with the DVD that was made from 8mm film reels, I had no idea what was on them dating back to 1950, The images of siblings with hula hoops, myself as a small child and the Queen's visit to our hometown in 1959 have been transformed into a lasting legacy...David did us proud and I even liked the music, Bravo! Just ordered 3 more for family members, very reasonable prices and quality work!

- Carol Lawrence-Morris from Ottawa

09/09/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I was very satisfied with the excellent service and high quality product on 2 projects. I had several VHS cassettes transferred to DVD. I was so pleased with the result that I returned to get 20 years worth of photographs compiled into a DVD with accompanying soundtrack. I highly recommend Mr Gardner's Home Video Studio's services.

- Chantal Whelan from Ottawa

08/04/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I met David at a Networking event and was impressed with the services he provided. On my 2nd trip and networking event I asked David to transfer 9 VHS tapes to DVD. Upon receiving them , myself and family members have enjoyed seeing some of the "baby " days of family members. Thank you for your great service, and providing some up to date memories.

- Linda MacDonald from Halifax

07/24/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I have 11 large reels of 8mm movies that my father took when I was a kid, and I had my first one transferred to a DVD several weeks ago. I'm hooked! And my friends loved seeing me as a youth. Irreplaceable and wonderful memories! The other ten reels will be heading off to Home Video Studio soon.

- Jay-Dee from Ottawa

07/16/2011 Home Movie Transfer

We are very pleased with the results. We'll be telling our friends about your services.

- Blair from Ottawa

06/22/2011 Home Movie Transfer

My wife and I just watched the home movies that we haven't been able to see for years and had some good laughs. We will be watching them again and sharing with family. Great job.

- Dan Read from Haliburton

06/13/2011 Home Movie Transfer

David did a great job of transferring '70 and 80's super 8 movie film to DVD. Service was great and the price was right.

- Sandro from Ottawa

05/18/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I am pleased with the excellent transfer of all my old 80's and 90's VHS tapes to DVD. I had a double set made as a gift for very little extra cost. Quick, knowledgeable, friendly service.

- Carol from Ottawa

04/22/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Very satisfied with the digital transfer of my regular 8, super 8 and super 8 with sound films and my 8mm video cassettes to .MOV files on my portable hard drive. The personal service was great!

- Barry King from Ottawa

03/28/2011 Video Services

Thanks David for the great job done! I was concerned our old 8mm films were too damaged and fragile for transfer to DVD however you were able to complete same without problem. I highly recommend David's service if you wish to preserve your family history like we did. Thanks again for a job well done (and on schedule).

- Janice from Orleans

03/20/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Great job! I had been lugging around a load of old 8 mm films for years, and no longer even had a projector to show them. Now I have them in digital format on my computer, and can enjoy them all over again. What's more, I can edit them at will, something that was dificult to do with the originals.

- Brian from Ottawa

02/18/2011 Home Movie Transfer

Very pleased with the transfer of old 8mm film from the 60's. Quality service and order ready when promised. Highly recommend this service if you have old films you wish to preserve.

- Rick from Ottawa

02/12/2011 Video to DVD

I am very pleased with the transfer of old VHS home movies to CD's. The service has been excellent in all respects - prompt, friendly and an excellent final product. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Home Video Studio for all your photo video needs. .

- A. Zekaoui from Ottawa

01/31/2011 Video to DVD

I was worried that an 8mm video was too damaged to rescue. Home video was able to produce a crystal clear DVD for me. Great work!

- Lew MacKenzie from Almonte

01/10/2011 Home Movie Transfer

I am very pleased with the transfer of old movies and VHS home movies to CD's. Thank you ever so much I would also like to recommend my brother and his wife.

- Phyllis Cable from Petawawa

01/10/2011 Home Movie Transfer

David did an excellent job of transferring my Super 8 films to DVD and hard drive. The service was professional and the the turn around time was amazingly short.

- Ramesh from Ottawa

11/15/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Dave, The service was great! Thanks so much for doing a wonderful job.

- Matthew from Ottawa

10/20/2010 Video Editing

I recently videotaped a friends Wedding and wanted to have it edited as well as have some digital pictures and titles added to make a DVD gift for the Bride and Groom. The final product was beautiful and exactly as I hoped it would be! Thank you David for all your help in creating this wonderful DVD memory for us!

- Tara Mamalis from Stittsville

10/18/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Great job David. The DVDs look very sharp and you exceeded my expectations. Thanks again.

- Steve from Ottawa

09/22/2010 Video Editing

Thanks David for making our video a dream come true!

- Doug & Sonya from Kanata

05/30/2010 Video Services

I am so happy with my DVD. The service at Home Video Studio was excellent. I would definitelty recommend Home Video Studio to all my family and friends!

- Carol Ann from Ottawa

05/12/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Just viewed family pictures you transfered from batamax to DVD and slides to CD. It was wonderful. I have not seen these pictures in over 30 years and was thrilled to find a photo of my son at 2 with his grandfather (my dad) - the only clear one in existence. I found many photos taken 40 years ago that brought back such wonderful memories. Thanks for the great job and for the memories David. I would not hesitate to refer your company to anyone needing these services and shall certainly use your service in the future. Thanks again, Debbie

- Debbie Kelly from Gloucester

04/29/2010 Home Movie Transfer

Thank you David for transferring my 45 years old 8 mm films to DVD at a very reasonable price. I am extremely satisfied with the way it turned out and could not ask for any better. I certainly would use your service again and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing video service.

- Pierre Dufresne from Embrun

04/28/2010 Home Movie Transfer

My family and I couldn't be happier with the results of David's work. We have over 30 DVD's to enjoy. They're all extremely well done with menus and great video and sound quality. We'd highly recommend his services to anyone interested in home movie transfers. He does great work! Thanks!!

- Jessie Collins from cornwall, Onatrio

04/26/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I am very happy with the work David did, transfering family VCR home videos to CD home videos. David took the time to help me sort through my videos and relabel them before he got started so it was easier for me to match up the VCR tape with the appropriate new CD. As well David re-did some labels for me which I really appreciated. I would reccomend the services of Home Video Studio. Thank you for your professional service, Debbie

- Debbie from Kanata

04/21/2010 Video to DVD

My thanks to David for a job well done, timely and priced reasonably. I am pleased to recommend Home Video Studio as a dependable enterprise when it comes to digital video work.

- John Guibord from Ottawa

03/03/2010 Video to DVD

Thanks for converting my tapes to DVD. Its a great value for money. I certainly wouldnt hesitate to recommend you to anyone.

- Hani Abdou from Stittsville

02/24/2010 Video to DVD

Thank you for the great job on putting the Beta tapes to DVD. The best price and service around.

- Chuck Burrows from Ottawa

02/08/2010 Home Movie Transfer

I just want to say thanks so much for the great job you did giving new life to my old home movie reels. I've been meaning to do this for many years and am so glad to have found Home Video Studio to handle this long anticipated project. I received great feedback from family members who received copies of your great work. I would definitely highly recommend your business to anyone. Sincerely, Charlene

- Charlene from Ottawa

02/05/2010 Home Movie Transfer

After researching various options for transferring 8 mm films to DVD, we chose Home Video Studio for several reasons including price, convenience, website recommendations and a willingness to pick up and deliver. We have not been disappointed! The service has been excellent in all respects - prompt, friendly and an excellent final product. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Home Video Studio for all your photo video needs.

- D. Lowdon from Ottawa

09/23/2009 Duplications

I had an important presentation to make and needed VHS videos copied to DVD in a rush. I found HVS situated over 100 km away.The job was very well done and most importanly ,quickly. Thank you MR Gardner

- Gilles Latrémouille, Psyt., MPNLP from Papineauville

09/03/2009 Duplications

After extensive searching for suitable video duplication services, I chose Home Video Studios to copy a VHS video to DVD because of price, proximity and responsiveness and was very satisfied. I have referred this firm to a lady on our street who has expressed interest in copying some movie material.

- Bert Treichel from Nepean Ont.

Home Video Studio

DVDs have been the state-of-the-art for more than ten years in the video and home movie transfer industry. In fact, Home Video Studio still transfers video to DVDs for our customers who request that service.

But there's a new kid in town - The DVA - the Home Video Studio - Video in the Cloud. DVA is the latest technology and it is fast becoming the media of choice. These days we most often transfer everyone's old VHS, BetaMAX, 8mm and Mini DV tapes to DVAs rather than DVDs.

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Want to build a successful video production services business and make a living shooting and editing video? We have a free podcast on how you can build your own profitable home video studio business. If you want to learn how to own and operate a successful video production company be sure and visit and request our information packet.

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Want to build a successful video production services business and make a living shooting and editing video? We have a free podcast on how you can build your own profitable home video studio business. If you want to learn how to own and operate a successful video production company be sure and visit and request our information packet.

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